I Am Dansmesyeux Riddle

Chapter 1

*ONE: The Rain*

A/N: I know I have a lot of stories but this idea seemed like it was worth trying. Let me know what you all think if anyone even tries to read this. Oh and maybe you can take the time to find out what the title (and name of the main character) means [it's French].

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Summary: Lord Voldemort never attacked the Potters and never met his downfall. Dark times have come and those in service to Voldemort are working hard just to survive. Their children don't know who to believe and how to react. Draco, Pansy, and Voldemort's own son…


The pale seven year-old, boy watched the pouring rain hit the room's only window, interested in it as if it was the first time he had seen water. His turquoise eyes (that were more blue than the greenish color that mixed with them) were fixed sadly on the small pond that flowed in from a small river. He blinked once and looked across the pond to the side that was lined with trees from the nearby forest. Trees surrounded the entire medieval castle that was built some where in a sparsely populated area of Wales.

Because he was the son of Lord Voldemort, he was forbidden to leave the manor at all. He had never once stepped foot outside to play or to breath fresh air. In truth he wasn't even supposed to go near the windows for safety reasons. Sure he was told over and over that most people didn't understand what their side was fighting for but he wasn't entirely sure he understood anything anymore.

He put his small hand up against the glass, longing to go outside, to visit the place where he had never been allowed to see. His hand slowly fell to his side, and he gave a little sniff.

The door in the corner opened and he felt a cold blast of wind hit him yet he didn't bother to turn around. "There you are, Dan. I didn't see you all day and I was worried," came a sweet voice behind him. He felt a hand being placed on his shoulder lightly; obviously the visitor hadn't wanted to startle the boy. Dansmesyeux Riddle looked up at the woman, Narcissa Malfoy. A smile (that she reserved for only him and her own son) showed her true beautiful features. Dan looked away from her and back at the rain as it came down heavier upon the window.

Narcissa followed his gaze and said gently, "You know you're not supposed to go near the windows, dear."

Dan sniffed again and said softly, "I know, ma'am."

She pulled him close and gave him a hug; one a mother would give her child. "It's okay to want something. You have to realize that it's only human to do so."

He accepted the hug and replied, "I know but I-I-" he broke off and Narcissa picked him up with both arms. Dan lay his head down on her shoulder and sighed to get his emotions under control but failed miserably. "I just wanted to see my father," Dan whispered, blinking away a few tears.

"You know that the Dark Lord is very busy man. He has his hands full taking care of us all and keeping the Ministry out of power. Not to mention that fool Albus Dumbledore," Narcissa told him.

"I know, Mrs. Malfoy," said Dan sadly. "But I just wish…that I could be-be well a regular kid."

She smiled at him again. "I know, I know. But remember to keep out of his study next time. Come on let's get you to the playroom."

Dan returned the smile when she mentioned the playroom. That meant that he would get to be with other kids his age, one of which happened to be a good friend, today. He didn't get to play often for he and the other children were expected to be mature and intelligent. And they were. Dan himself was the cleverest student that was taught in the private lessons that were held for him and the others.

The woman took his hand and led him through the halls of the manor. The walls were covered with many paintings of past wizards and witches and some extremely old paintings of wildlife were easy to find among them since they were Dan's favorite. He particularly liked the one with the raging waterfall and the fish that were trying to swim up it.

Narcissa pushed open a door and guided him inside. "Have fun and don't forget to get to have all your homework done before classes. Tomorrow is Monday after all and Professor Snape will be here," she said before leaving, the door closing behind her.

"Hello, Dan," greeted his best friend, Draco Malfoy. His gray eyes held a smirk of their held within and his skin was a little paler than Dan from lack of sunlight they both shared. The other children looked up and smiled but said nothing to him for they were all involved deeply in what they were doing.

Pansy Parkinson and her friend Blaise Zabini were giggling excitedly, about what Dan didn't know. The other girl, Violet Avery, was reading a book that was way too big for a six year-old in the corner, her shimmering violet eyes scanning the page quickly. Theodore Nott was playing a round of chess with Gregory Goyle, which, Dan thought, was an unfair game as Goyle wasn't all to intelligent, as Vincent Crabbe watched them.

Draco led him to a green couch where both boys sat down and stretched. "Want some?" Draco asked Dan, holding out a plate that had a few slice of pumpkin pie.

"Sure," accepted Dan, taking the plate. "How did you get this?"

"From Abby," answered Draco. Dan nodded. It was believable that the other seven year-old would use the manor's house-elf to sneak food in-between meals.

"Where were you at?" Draco inquired.

"I was in my father's study…looking out the window again," Dan admitted.

"You're not supposed to be in there!" exclaimed Draco.

"I know," muttered Dan.

"You still wanna go outside, huh?" Draco asked him. When Dan nodded Draco said, "I know how you feel. I wish I could go out too."

Dan looked down at the ground. A surge of guilty plagued him because he had forgotten that none of the other children had ever really been outside either. Only certain adults (Death Eaters) and his father were allowed out and into the nearest town (which was over twenty miles anyway).

It was because of the man that they called Dumbledore that he, his dad, and the
Death Eaters had to live in fear. All because he couldn't see that muggle-born wizards were not worthy to practice magic like pureblooded wizards were.

"I have an idea," Draco said evilly, a smile lighting his face.

"Lord help us," mumbled Dan as Draco leaned closer to whisper it into his ear.


"I can't believe we're doing this," said Dan.

"Shhhh!" Draco hissed. "You'll get us caught." They tip toes through the halls, trying to find the front door. Single floating torches lit the dark, empty halls. It was four hours passed dinner meaning that everyone in the castle was supposed to be asleep. A few seconds later pure luck brought them to a big oak door, leading outside.

Both of their eyes widened at seeing the massive door. At first glance it looked as though it was going to be impossible to open but then they saw that it was already partially open. Not striking the seven year olds as weird they pushed on it, careful not to let the door creak. The cold November air hit their mischievous faces and they slowly made their way outside.

The moonlight was the first thing that they noticed. Dan starred up into the sky, his bright eyes had grown to the size of dinner plates and his mouth was hanging open slightly. "Wow. The stars are nothing compared to what Uncle Severus taught us," Dan gasped. He was so fascinated by the different constellations and phase of the moon that he stood there as Draco wondered further away from the safety of the castle.

"Come on, Dan!" Draco called, bringing the black hair boy back to earth. Dan ran to his side starring about as if he were surrounded by an enemy. He inhaled and exhaled deeply, for once not taking in the smell of the castle but the free air of a normal wizard.

"This is so cool!" squealed Draco. "I never wanna go in!"

"I know!" Dan agreed. They wondered over to the pond and looked down at their reflections.

"Wow, Draco! You have a reflection!" Dan exclaimed.

"So?" Draco said, raising an eyebrow.

"You are human!" Dan finished with fake seriousness.

"Hey!" Draco laughed pushing his friend into the water. Dan gasped for air as he came up.

"This isn't so bad actually," Dan told Draco once he settled down. "Come on in it's really not that cold!"

"No way. I'm a pureblood. We purebloods don't just swim in unsanitary wat-" Draco never got the chance to finish as he was pulled in by Dan. Sputtering Draco glared playfully at his friend and splashed him.

"Since when did you start using big words like unsanitary?" Dan asked, spitting out some water that had almost swallowed.

"Since my I heard father using it to describe the Minister," answered Draco. Dan laughed and dunked the young Malfoy. Draco came up behind him and pushed Dan's head under. Draco let him up and the two boys climbed their way out of the water and walked up to the castle for some well-deserved rest after their big and first adventure.


A/N: I'm sorry if this totally was short and sucked but I thought that someone may take the time to read it. Please take your time to let me know if this was ok and what you think should happen to the two boys in the near future.