I Am Dansmesyeux Riddle

Part Two


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Previous Chapter: "That's Voldemort's son!"

And Dan's world crumbled beneath him…

"I knew he was somehow related to the Death Eaters!" exclaimed Sirius. Remus and James raised an eyebrow at their friend but they quickly turned their attention upon Dan.

"You're going to have to come up to the school with us," James said in a harsh tone. He spread out his hands and approached Dan with caution.  

"But he was coming up to the school with us anyway," Remus whispered to him.

"Oh…" said James. He stopped advancing on Dan and said, "then kindly continue on your way."

"I have an idea. How about no?" Dan said, backing up. There was no way he could go with them now. They knew who he was, and they were going to make him tell the Order everything he knew about his father and the Death Eaters. Perhaps then they would kill him. After all who in their right mind would let the Dark Lord's son live?

Without thinking he whipped out his wand and pointed it at the three men. "Don't come any closer," he warned. "I know the Unforgivables!" Ok, so that was a lie…

"Calm down, Dan," Remus said gently. "We just want to talk with you."

"Your mouth's moving but all I hear it 'I'm an ass, I'm an ass'," Dan muttered. "Go try the talking thing with someone else. I'm not falling for that shi-stuff!"

"I swear to you that all we want to do I ask you a few questions," Remus said.

"NO!" Dan insisted. "You're trying to trick me! I'm not a little kid. I can sense a trap."

"OK then…at least tell us why you have a picture of Severus Snape," Remus said.

"Who?" Dan asked impatiently.

"You have a picture of a man that we know," James explained. He raised an eyebrow at Remus to see if his assumptions were correct.

"Where is he? I have to see him!" exclaimed Dan. His wand hand was becoming unsteady, and he didn't have it focused on the three men.

"We'll take you to see him if you surrender," Remus said.

"Surrender?" Dan repeated.

"This man can answer so many of your questions, Dan. He can tell you about you're mother and even a few things about your father, but the key is not to let anyone know who you are once outside of this castle…"

Dan cursed at himself. He had blown it. They knew who he was. It was all over. He might as well give in and meet this person called Severus Snape. He nodded in response to Remus Lupin and he threw his wand at their feet.

"I'm sorry about this," Remus said. He pulled out his own wand and shot cords at Dan. They tied themselves around him and Dan fell to the ground helplessly. The cold snow covered him once he was on the ground. He felt ashamed of himself for giving in so he dared not meet the eyes of the three Order Members.


In the darkness of the dungeons Severus Snape graded his their years' essays. Most of them were already marked with a huge red D. Some weren't even worth reading. One of his student's essay had been written in one long sentence. Another had been completely unorganized. Perhaps he should take the time to argue with Albus that the students needed to learn that "shiznit" wasn't a word. In other words they needed English lessons.

A loud pounding the door to his office made Severus jump. Didn't anyone know how to leave him the bloody hell alone? He looked up and barked, "What?"

"Severus? It's me," came a familiar voice.

"Oh great…" Severus muttered. "The werewolf returns, part two." He placed his quill on the table and neatly stacked the papers before saying, "Come in, Lupin."

The door opened and Remus stepped in. He smiled warmly at Severus before starting conversation, "There's someone here to see you." James and Sirius came in behind their friend smiling as if they were planning something.

"Lupin, tell your friends if they don't stop acting happy I will have to force them to drink poison," Severus said. He picked up his quill and began writing again.

"But, Sevvie!" Sirius protested. "There's someone here to see you!"

"I don't care!" snapped Severus.

The door opened and a boy that had his hands tied behind his back walked in. It took only a second for Severus to recognize him. "Dan?" he asked in shock.

The boy nodded. "Barty Crouch told me that you could help me understand a few things, sir. I ran away to find out who you were and-and" he trailed off. 

"You don't remember me, do you, Dan?" Severus asked. The boy shook his head and the room fell silent. There were no words to describe what Dan or Severus were feeling.

A/N: Short and pathetic, right? I'm aware don't worry. I felt I should post what I had written and give an explanation as to why I've seemed to disappear. Sfinx knows why but some other people might be confused. I'm working on my own story on FictioPress. My name is LunaMoonyScamp and the story is called Why the Moon Rules All. If you have time I'd like to know what you all think about it. The story was inspired by my favorite character (next to Severus Snape) Remus Lupin. As you probably can figure out it's about werewolves and had a bit of angst and slavery. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT. I may nt continue this story if I don't know what you reviewers like better.

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