A/N: This is yet another novel fanfiction I've written, cataloguing the mission played out in Metroid Fusion, the latest Metroid work by Nintendo for the Gameboy Advance. Pure artistic lisence was used. Metroid is owned by Nintendo and the creators of Metroid. So read and enjoy. And please, feel free to leave reviews.

Prologue - "History"

"Our history is not our destiny."

-Alan Cohen

Hovering Energy Organism: Metroid

In Cosmic year 20x5, a Galactic Federation exploration vessel discovered an unknown organism on SR388. The hovering creature was a Metroid, an entity that exhibited frightening parasitic, energy-absorbing properties.

Sometime later, gifted bounty huntre Samus Aran was dispatched alone to engage the Zebesian Space Pirates who abducted the Metroid specimen for use as a weapon. On Zebes, Samus also encountered the biomechanical Mother Brain, leader of the Space Pirates, and dispatched her in a bitter fight. From then on, Metroids were viewed as a highly dangerous life form.

Eventually, Samus Aran was sent to SR388 to exterminate the last remaining Metroids - but only after an entire Federation platoon was wiped out in an earlier attempt.

At the end of her battle on SR388, one Metroid hatchling was born before Samus's eyes and it imprinted upon her as a mother figure. Samus took this larval Metroid, the last in the universe, to the Galactic Space Academy for observation and research.

This research revealed several possible applications of Metroid-based technology for the betterment of humanity. The unique energy-absorption properties of Metroids could be harnest when they were artificially reproduced in captivity.

Just when it seemed as if peace might prevail in the galaxy, Space Pirates returned for the Metroid hatchling and took it back to Zebes. Samus followed the Pirates back to Zebes and fought to exterminate their threat and save the last Metroid.

In the final battle with Mother Brain, the hatchling saved Samus, giving up its life in the process. Samus succeeded in defeating Mother Brain, but the universe lost the promise of using Metroids for the power of good.

From the journals of Samus Aran:

I'd been assigned to watch over Biologic's research team. As such, I once again found myself on the surface of SR388.

It was there that I was attacked by a life form I had never before encountered.

It was only later that I learned the identity of my attacker: the parasitic organism we now know as X. Unaware of my condition, I was returning to the station when disaster struck.

Once the X had infested my central nervous system, I lost consciousness and my ship drifted into an asteroid belt.

The ship's emergency systems automatically ejected the escape pod before impact. Biologic's vessel recovered it and trasnported me to Galactic Federation HQ.\

However, during the journey, the X multiplied within me, corrupting large areas of my Power Suit.

It then came to light that the organic components of my Power Suit had become so integrated with my system that it could not be removed while I was unconscious. Large portions of my suit had to be surgically removed, dramatically altering my physical appearance. However, the X in my central nervous system were to embedded to be removed safely. I was given a minimal chance of survival.

Then someone found a cure.

They proposed using a Metroid cell to make an anti-X vaccine. It seems that the Federation had managed to preserve a cell culture from the last infant Metroid from SR388. The serum was prepared and injected without delay.

The X parasites were immediately and completely destroyed.

As for me, one life ended…yet I survived, reborn as something different.

Pondering this fact, I realize…I owe the Metroid hatchling my life twice over.

We'll soon be arriving at the B.S.L. research station. I must prepare for docking.

The ship's computer has notified me of our approach to Biologic Space Labs - or B.S.L. - research station. During my surgery, the research team sent the last batch of creatures we captured there, as well as the infected pieces of my Power Suit. After regaining consciousness, I learned that an unexplained explosion rocked the station. For some reason, this awoke a nameless fear in my heart, and I am now being sent there to investigate. My mission on the B.S.L. station will be overseen by my new ship's computer. Following the commands of this blunt, computerized CO is something I have to bear, as it was a condition of my taking the ship. For someone who dislikes taking orders, this will be the second time I've found myself forced to do so. It makes me recall my other CO…