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Samus' Ship

Epilogue - Truth

"The search for truth is in one way hard and one way easy, for it is evident that no one can master it fully or miss it wholly. But each adds a little to our knowledge of nature, and from all the facts assembled there arises a certain grandeur."


I had gotten cleaned up long after the B.S.L. station was debris amongst flames upon SR388, and now sit at my control panel in the cockpit, recording this misbegotten mission into the ship's onboard log.

And as has happened so many times on this mission, I find my thoughts drifting to Adam.

That perfect military mind…

The wisdom of Adam Malkovich continued to serve even after death. Until today, I'd had no idea that the minds of leaders and scientists were frequently uploaded to computers. My incredible reunion with Adam may have saved the universe…

I look out the viewport and sigh…I know things won't end like they should. I can't help but wish I could make people see. I can't understand.

But how will the beings of the universe view our resolve? I doubt they will understand what we did…the danger we barely averted. They will hold tribunals and investigations. They will hold us responsible. Adam understood this, and he spoke to me in my anger.

"Don't worry. One of them will understand. One of them must."

I've reflected upon his words, and I see the wisdom in them. We are all bound by our experiences. They're the limits of our consciousness. But in the end, the human soul will ever reach for the truth…

That's what Adam taught me.

Just one detail still bothers me.

This ship can only be started manually. Yet before I faced the Omega Metroid, the ship moved on its own, guided by someone's hands. Is it possible?

"…Adam?" I ask quietly.

"Lady," comes the soft, steady voice I'd grown so accustomed to, "what's troubling you?" He scanned the memory of the log entries I'd just made. "Ah…you wonder how I started the ship? Think about it…"

The camera in the cargo bay fed a picture to the monitor in the cockpit. The Etecoons and Dachoras were sleeping in a huddled mass, the baby Dachora slumbering on its mother's back, the three Etecoons huddled beside the large Dachora bird. I couldn't help but smile. "They lent me a hand…"

And I smile.

It's over.

And the galaxy still has a future.

Will they understand? Doubtful. But there's always time to learn. And to reach for the truth.

Someday the Federation might send another research team to SR388, and I'm certain they'll call me in to guard it. And someone might one day want to try and harness the power of the Metroid for galactic good.

And when they do, hopefully they'll look back on this log, fully research this mission, and understand the truth.

The truth is, some things are better left for someone else to find.

And others are better left for no one else to find. The Metroid…the X…they were prime examples of this. I therefore record this log as I look back on the remains of the station in the center of a crater on SR388, and hope that my thoughts, my experiences, my knowledge…

I hope that these records will be wisdom for someone else someday.

And I also hope that mankind will search eternally for truth.

- End -