If anyone has any suggestions for subsequent casting jobs, or plays they'd like to see, I will consider suggestions. If this sucks and you want it removed so you never have to see my crappy writing again, you can tell me that too.

    Nadir, the mysterious playwright and director, possessed the awesome power to force people to appear in plays straight off of the battlefield and without their consent. He could not prevent them from ruining the plays, but that never seemed to bother him as long as the show went on; however this time in seeking new actors he has gone too far…  

He Cried Wolf

    The tiny theater was abuzz with murmuring, the most recent rendition of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" had aroused curiosities because after comparing notes, the residents of Budehuc castle had realized that only one person, the castle lord Thomas, had been assigned a role, where had Nadir found four new actors?

    Silence fell as the magical theater lights dimmed and the curtains were pulled back to reveal…. Luc? The audience gasped in surprise, the very enemy that they had been fighting was on stage?? No one had any doubt that this was in fact Luc, rather than someone in a costume, since Nadir never issued costumes; but they knew better than to interfere with the play, not wanting to risk the wrath of Nadir, who could cast them as the floor in the next play if he chose.

   Sarah walked onto the side of the stage and began in a sad voice, "Once their was a kind but misunderstood young man who tried to free the other villagers from their blind trust by shouting, 'Wolf Wolf'. Then one day…

  The audience glanced at each other quizzically as Yuber stalked across the back of the stage looking very, very upset with the casting. They had been under the mistaken impression that even Nadir would not cast a demonic homicidal maniac.

    Thomas appeared after a longer than usual pause, "grr grr" he said timidly, looking very uneasy about pursuing the "sheep" to the other side of the stage.

    "Oh no, help, a wolf." Luc said in a flat monotone, making half-hearted gestures that one would assume were supposed to represent panic.

    Albert walked onto the stage, sighing heavily in irritation he began, "A wolf?" he said with almost as little enthusiasm as Luc, "Oh, that kid again, I will not fall for that again."

    "Wait, there really is a wolf." Luc cried unbelievably, stepping towards Albert as he began to walk away.

    "I think the "sheep can hold his own." Albert mumbled.

    "No kidding." Luc answered looking at the back of stage.

    Sarah tried to continue the narration as screams began to the left of the stage. "When the wolf really did come, no one believed the boy," she got out before Thomas ran screaming across the stage as fast as his legs could carry him, followed closely by a rampaging "sheep" carrying two swords. "Umm, isn't the wolf supposed to chase the sheep?" She asked watching them.

    "This is our chance to get out of here." Albert whispered to Luc.

    "Finally," Luc replied, rubbing his temple. "Sarah." He commanded.

    "Right," she replied lifting her staff to teleport them off the stage.

    "What about Yuber?" Albert asked like he didn't really care.

    "He'll get himself out, lets just go." Luc answered as the spell took effect.

     "Um, the end?" Nadir ended lamely, trying to cover up the disastrous ending of the play, "Please join us next time, and if you could, any of you who brought weapons today please report backstage to help us with a minor technical difficulty." The last few words he had to shout over the chorus of screams that meant Yuber had run into the lighting crew…