Novembwe 22, 2013

This is just an update (and please forgive me, as I am doing this from my phone).

I have been trying to respond to people as they review, but it hasn't always worked out. Long story short, you fabulous people, I should have a new chapter up within the next month.

So where have I been? Good question! I got a new job earlier this year and have been working two jobs since then. I also, for a few months, was dealing with a situation where I almost got a restraining order against someone. I will let you use your imagination on that one. Additionally, from February to September I was extremely sick and in and out of the hospital. It took the doctors several months to figure out it was my gallbladder as my case was a bit unusual. I'm fully recovered now, but have been trying to work as much as I can to pay $5,000+ in medical bills

i promise I never intended to leave you guys in the lurch as I know how ridiculously frustrating it can be! But thank you for your patience so far, and please be patient with me just a little bit longer. We will finish this story together :) I have thought about Lehlina often and I will not let her sit there forever - she would probably fuss at me if I did that

Hope everyone is well! I miss sharing their stories with you and getting to speak with you