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Written in Rikku's POV

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Love Struck
Chapter 1
I Have a Name You Know!

Who ever would've known that we would've gotten this far. We started off as natural Sphere Hunters, and believe it or not…

We ended up as Spira's heroes once again.

It's a great feeling really. Yunie's admired even more these days and most of the time she enjoys it. Maybe it's because a certain someone remains by her side at all times. She used to complain about too many crowds, but as long as he's holding her hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze now and then, Yunie's smiling more often.  It makes me happy. Actually, it makes everyone happy. The Eternal Calm has settled once again, and things are kept under control… That is-

Thanks to the Gullwings!

Sorry, just had to say that for old times' sake…  Now, where was I?

Oh yeah!

Well, as I said before, things have settled down all around. Plus – can you believe it? – The rebuilding of Home has just been launched. Until then, the Al Bhed have found places to live temporarily until the preparations are complete.

Ugh… I was never the patient type.

Sadly, against my own will, Pops bought this place in Luca (behind my back, if you're asking.) and claimed that "he wanted it for his little girl." He was convinced that I was happy enough. (Honestly, I lied and claimed I was.) But, I couldn't turn him down. First time I've ever seen him glad to be spoiling me. So, I took this chance and gave it a shot.

And so… I've lived here for only a week. I just moved in, for your information. Gotta say, I was pretty impressed. It wasn't too far from the stadium and had an awesome view. I could look out at the ocean in the mornings and smell the sea breeze. That's what I used to do when we traveled by boats two years ago. The thought of Home coming back always made me giddy. Dad wanted to make up for the mistake he made in making Zanarkand a tourist attraction. After all that stupid sulking he forced himself through in the Thunder Plains, it was a bit expected to happen sooner or later.

Yunie's back in Besaid staying with Lulu and Wakka. When she gets time away from her High Summoner duties, she'll run off with Tidus (You heard me- Tidus) to the beach, and they'll talk about… smiling. And he'll get a kiss right after. It's so cute!

Meanwhile, Wakka and Lulu have their hands full with the baby. Wakka was jumping with joy when the baby said "Daddy" for the very first time.

"Did ya hear that?! He said daddy!" He'd say that every instant the kid said it, regardless of the fact that we'd already heard that hundreds of times.

Paine's living in Luca as well. We're neighbors! Big surprise there, eh? Once in a while, I like to get on her case and visit her. I lost count of how many 'respect points' I've already lost.

I woke up late today. It was sometime in the early afternoon when I got up. As always, I opened my windows all the way and took a deep breath.


I gasped out the word 'beautiful' in Al Bhed. The weather was wonderful. Usually the weather's constantly great, but it was extra great today. There was a soft breeze blowing my way, and the sun was shining brightly, its warmth moving along with the wind.

I got dressed and tied my long hair in a low ponytail. I wasn't in the mood to do something interesting with my hairstyle. After washing my face really quickly, I looked towards my calendar which was hanging by the door.

Today was the day that I'd be visiting the rebuilding site of Home. Pops said that he needed some help. There was a bottle of water in the fridge, so I grabbed that along with a pair of sunglasses. I was going to the desert you know…

My brother was taking me there using the Celsius, our trusty airship. Brother was sulking for a few days since Yuna's attention was always occupied by Tidus. To be truly honest, no one really cared or noticed the weird way he was always acting. Not much of a shocker.

When we reached the construction site, Pops was directing some of the workers to an area to the side. He turned around and grinned at me.

"There's my little girl!"  Pops came up to me and Brother. "It's about time you two showed up! Where in Spira have you been?"

"In bed, over-sleeping," I mumbled in reply. "What do you want us to do, Pops?"

He chuckled at my supposed eagerness. "That's my girl! Hold on while I go fetch someone real quick." Dad ran off in some direction, leaving me standing there with Brother behind me, chatting with Buddy. I was humming to myself as I glanced down at the sandy ground and drew circles in the sand with my foot.

Pops came prancing back with someone following him. "Rikku, I'm gonna need you to help out a good buddy of mine."

"Sure, Dad," I murmured slowly looking up. But- when I did look up, the person behind him made me want to shriek.


I suppose my yelling didn't bother him. Gippal grinned slyly at me and rubbed the back of his head. "Well, well. Never thought I'd be seeing you again…"

I grunted. "I have a name you know!"


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