Sorry, an Author's Note, because no story is complete without at least one. This is my one and only Author's Note, God willing. Please read so you will know what the hold up concerning the latest chapter is!

I have been receiving email after email begging me to continue. I've been apprehensive about updating, not only because it's been awhile, but mainly because my writing his changed drastically since 2005.

I must have reread my last update twenty times and it STILL makes me cringe. I have no idea how I could have posted something that needed so much work, not to mention editing. I feel so ashamed of myself, and yet at the same time, so gratified that all of you actually like what I wrote, and are willing to read more.

God…thank you so much.

One of the biggest flaws with the story is the character development. Somehow I became more focused on my original characters Krystin and Jayden, and forgot about Yami and Yugi, who are supposed to be the main characters. I seemed to have caught myself in the last chapter, but I'm still not proud of my lack of focus.

Please, please be patient with me. I am going to post more. I have the next chapter more than half done but before I finish and post it, there are three things standing in my way.

One: I am editing Song of the Heart. Before I can post anymore of the story I need to, for my sake, edit this story. The spelling errors(which I have absolutely no idea how I managed to miss), poor grammar and run on sentences detract from what would otherwise be a fairly decent story.

Two: School has been stressful. It's not much of an excuse, but I am in my first year at Central Connecticut State University, and I owe it to myself to do my best in each of my classes.

Three: I'm trying to hang out with my friends and boyfriend. My social life has been suffering because of work and I'm trying to relax before my schedule becomes hectic at JC Penney's.

----I'll try to have the next update by the end of March, but at this point I can't make any promises. I can say this, though: It will NOT be another year!