The Eternal Guardians: The Guardians of Guns: Chapter two: Organisation Zodiac

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Chapter two: Organisation Zodiac:

"Sir, intruder sited by main entrance!" Lieutenant Necole's voice buzzed over second in command Lieutenant Zechs Marquise's communicator. (Was Zechs a lieutenant? O well, in this fic he is the second in command of Oz as well. If it is wrong, sorry, but tough! Live with it, this is the only way I can get it to fit into my fic so there! ((Oh my god, I sound like I'm five years old.... humph! so not fair!)))

Zechs Marquise, aka Milliado Peacecraft, prince of Sanq, was one of the most feared officers in Oz. He wore his red, white, black and gold intricate uniform with pride; his waist length platinum blond hair shining in the mid morning sunlight, icy blue eyes glaring at his communicator, his usual silver half mask balanced on his lap.

// Necole better have a good excuse for contacting me! He knows that I am in an important meeting with his Excellency!// Zechs mentally growled.

"Necole, how did he get this far into the Victoria Lake base?! Which gundam pilot or rebel is it?" Zechs barked into his communicator.

"Um, Sir, intruder is thought not to be a gundam pilot....."

"So, what is your problem?! Get rid of him! I am currently in the middle of a very important meeting!"

"Sir, intruder is thought not to be male...."

"So, just get rid of them! It is probably just a male pilot in drag! Remember the last time 02 tried that on one of the colonys?! Now, if you could please excuse me, Necole, I've got a meeting to get back to!" Zechs growled, turning his communicator off.

"Milliado, come and see this." His Excellency said from the huge windows behind his desk.

His Excellency, Treize Kushrenada, the General of the Organization of the Zodiac was wearing his blue, white, gold and black uniform (which he himself had designed). His short red-brown hair glistened in the mid morning light, his Prussian blue eyes watching something or someone outside the window.

"Sir? What are you!" Zechs asked, as he stood beside the young general. (Young because he's only 23/24 in this story, Zechs 19....I couldn't remember the real ages.....)

Standing on the lawn of the Victoria Lake base, one of Oz's top training facilities, was a young lady wearing a stunning white and gold dress. She appeared to have no weapons with her. She seemed to be looking around, confused, as if she did not know where she was.


End of chapter two

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