Hi everyone! This is just a one-shot story! It's a normal dojo day from Kenshin's trusty sakabatou's view! Enjoy!


I'm picked up every day out of my sheath. Unlike most swords, I have never once tasted the blood of a man. That is because I am a sakabatou, a reverse blade sword, that does not intend, or want, to kill.

The red haired samurai who wields me, treats me well. Every morning I am taken to the kitchen in my sheath and watch my owner make breakfast. Then in comes the ten year old brat, Yahiko, who is followed closely by Kamiya Kaoru, owner of the dojo where I currently live.
Sometimes, the man named Sano AKA RoosterHead drops by to get food, much to Kaoru's displeaure.

After breakfast I go out with Kenshin to do the laundry. In the background I can hear Kaoru teaching Yahiko the Kamiya Kasshin style. During their training, I often hear an insult of some sort or teasing, followed closely by the sound of a bokken crashing into a spikey haired youth's skull.

Sometimes Ayame and Suzume come over to play with the crimson haired rurouni. I stay by his side, for I cannot ppossibly kill anyone. Since my owner has stopped killing he uses me to help and protect people to repent for all the lives he has taken. Truth be told, Himara Kenshin was the famous legendary Hitokiri Battousai!

At times I must be drawn to protect Kenshin himself. But with me, Kenshin is invincible, and no one shall ever beat us!


Author's Notes: I originally wrote this in English as a mind sample. M.S roughly translates to anything you wish to write about. This idea popped into my head!

I'm not exactly sure what i meant by this story, but it's interesting to see everything from a sword's point of view. *Thinks to self for second* Oh yeah! I remember! Earlier, before I wrote this, my class was experimenting giving life to inanimate objects! *grins happily*

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