Back to the present day, Keith and Allura's 10th Anniversary…

"Wow," Becca sighed as she stretched her arms above her head. "You guys had quite a ride getting to this point, didn't you?"

"It was tough sometimes," Allura agreed.

"But it was worth it all," Keith added.

"But what happened with Lotor?" Darcy asked. "He obviously got away, did Haggar break him out?"

Keith scowled, "No, he was let out on a technicality."

"And here we are," Allura stood and stretched her arms out on either side. "Ten years and four children later, we're here and still together."

"Well, not for much longer," Keith said, grabbing her around the waist and pulling her onto his lap.

"Vhat? Are you planning on breaking up?" Sven asked.

"Not that," Allura grinned, wrapping her arms around Keith's neck. "The number of children is going to change in about seven and a half months."

It was, of course, Lance who broke the shocked silence. "You have got to be shitting me!"

Darcy smacked his arm, "Don't swear. Allura, Keith congratulations!"

Everyone stood, hugs and kisses were shared among shouts of congratulations.

"Baby number five," Lance grinned, throwing his arm around Keith's shoulders. "You are a machine, man."

Darcy rolled his eyes, "Try not to be so crass, Lance."

"Have you told the kids yet?" Romelle asked.

Allura nodded, "Yes, they all know and I think they're pretty excited."

"Well buddy," Hunk playfully punched Pidge in the arm. "It's your turn. When are you and Becs gonna grace us with a little one?"

"Hunk," Paton chided him. "Don't start with that, they don't need you trying to pressure them."

"We don't cave to peer pressure," Pidge assured her, pulling Becca close. "When we're ready we'll grace you all with the presence of a beautiful, genius child."

"Do you think we'll be ready in about six or seven months?" His wife whispered to him.

Once again silence descended upon the room, all eyes on Pidge and Becca as he stared down at his wife in shock.

"Awww," Lance sighed. "We're going to have a little nerd baby running around before long."

Becca turned to yell at her brother-in-law when she felt her husband start to sag against her. "Oh, sweetie, sit down, come here, sit down," she led him to the chair they had just vacated. "Head between your knees, babe, breathe." She put her hands on his shoulders and forced his head down. "I'm sorry, sweetie, I hadn't meant to tell you this way."

"When did you find out?" He mumbled from between his knees.

"Well, today actually. After I tested Allura I got to thinking, it's so easy to miss the signs in yourself. So I got tested, and well, I was going to tell you later. Are…are you okay with this?" She asked nervously.

Pidge slowly lifted his head and met his wife's anxious gaze. "Of course I am. You, uh, you caught me off guard with the news, but…but this is great." He pulled her onto his lap. "This is amazing." Gently framing her face with his hands, he whispered, "I love you," before sliding his hands into her hair and bringing her mouth down to his in a deep, drawn out kiss.

"Huh, I guess someone got over his dislike of public displays of affection," Lance said.

Pidge waved them off, pulling Becca back into the chair with him, never breaking contact with her lips.

"Leave them alone," Darcy whispered, appearing at his side. "This is big for them."

He slid his arm around her shoulders, "True, and it was nicer than hearing 'I'm pregnant you son of a bitch.'"

"That's how you told him you were expecting Schuyler?" Paton gasped, rubbing her hand over her stomach.

Darcy shrugged, "Bear in mind I had just seen him on the floor of the gym, making out with a half naked woman."

"In my defense, she was a witch who had cast some kind of spell over all of us, including Keith," Lance explained.

His wife snorted in response.

"So," Sven decided to stem an argument before it began. "Two pregnant vomen in de castle at de same time? Are you guys up for dat?"

Romelle poked him in the ribs, "Be nice."

"Hey, that's a legit dilemma," Lance said.

"I think we'll be able to get through it," Allura assured them. "As long as Keith does everything I tell him to and doesn't argue, it'll be fine."

"Keith is old hat at this," Hunk pointed out. "It's Pidge who needs to worry."

"Yeah, buddy, if you need advice…" Keith looked over at the chair where Pidge and Becca had been celebrating to see it empty.

"Vhere did dey go?" Sven asked looking around.

Allura smiled slyly and slid her arm around Keith's waist, "Well, if it's anything like when I told Keith I was pregnant with Cady, I think we can all guess where they went."

"Much like when you told me you were expecting the boys," he whispered. "And Tess."

"We haven't had a chance to properly celebrate this announcement yet."

"Okay, I think that's our cue to go get Shorty and head home," Lance told his wife.

"Oh leave her," Allura told him. "Sky is more than welcome to spend the night, we'll send her home in the morning."

"So, you're giving us a whole night alone?" Lance asked, excitedly.

Keith smiled, "Yeah, good night, man."

Lance hurried over hugged Allura, kissed her cheek, and shook Keith's hand, "Happy-anniversary-congratulations-on-the new-addition-we'll-see-you-tomorrow!"

"Lance!" Darcy shouted as he grabbed her hand again and pulled her from the room. "I'm sorry about my husband's rudeness! Happy Anniversary! We'll see you at the party tomorrow!" She called over her shoulder as he dragged her from the room.

"It is getting late," Hunk said, glancing at his wife, who nodded her agreement.

"We had a wonderful evening," Paton waddled over to Keith and Allura. "Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the story."

"I'm glad you could come," Allura hugged her.

Hunk shook Keith's hand and hugged Allura, "I guess we should be thanking you guys, and Pidge and Bec, for giving our kid some playmates who'll be about the same age."

Keith laughed, "Glad we could help."

"Yes, darling," Sven took Romelle's hand. "Ve should turn in as vell."


"What a great way to celebrate our anniversary," Allura sighed as she and Keith made their way to their room. "Reliving how we met and got married."

"And celebrating a new baby," Keith grinned.

"I can't believe we're here, Keith. Married ten years, four kids, well, four and a quarter," she patted her stomach. "Arus has been flourishing for years now. Life is perfect."

He brushed her hair aside and kissed her neck, "Yup, it's pretty perfect."

Allura slowed as they approached the door to their room and he caressed her neck with butterfly kisses, getting closer to her birthmark. "Watch it, Captain," she warned. "I think we should actually get in the room before this goes any further."

"Allow me, my queen," he murmured, sweeping her up into his arms and opening the door. "You do need to take it easy."

She wrapped her arms around his neck and trailed kisses over his jaw and to his ear, "I love you so much."

"I love you too, babe," he whispered, turning so she could punch in the code to shut and lock the door.

Allura popped open the first few buttons of his shirt, slipping her hand inside, stroking his chest as he carried her to the bed. She felt him tense.

"Uh, honey."

"What is it?" She murmured against his throat.

"Our little Houdini has escaped again."

Allura lifted her head and looked around the room, her gaze settling on the little girl curled up on their bed. Keith gently set her on her feet and buttoned his shirt back up while she crossed the room.

Their youngest, Tess, had developed the habit of climbing out of bed in the middle of the night and showing up in either their room or Cady's room. It had started when she was still in the crib and to this day they have no idea how she had gotten out, which earned her the nickname Houdini. They had thought, and hoped, that she had broken this habit since she hadn't showed up at their room in quite a few months.

"She hasn't done this in a long time," Allura whispered, crouching down beside the sleeping child.

Keith stood over her, smiling. Tess wore a hand-me-down nightgown from Cady, white with pink rosebuds sprinkled over it. Her thumb had just fallen from her mouth, but she still clutched her yellow blanket and the silly stuffed moose Lance had given her when she was a baby laid next to her. "It must have been a nightmare."

"I'll get her back to bed," Allura said. "And then we'll finish what we started."

"I got her…"

"No, I want to," she assured him, slowly picking up her daughter, cradling her against her shoulder.

Keith picked up the moose and handed it to Allura, "I'll be waiting, gorgeous."

"Daddy," Tess mumbled against her mother's shoulder.

"Yeah, Princess," he smoothed the hair from her face. "What are you doing up?"

She lifted her head and rubbed her eye with a little fist, "Lookin' for you."

"What's wrong, sweetie?" Allura asked, sitting on the bed, holding Tess on her lap.

Tears welled up in her brown eyes and she stuffed her thumb in her mouth, leaning her head on Allura's shoulder.

"What's wrong, Tess?" Keith asked, tugging gently on a lock of her hair.

Whimpering, tears spilled out of her eyes and down her cheeks. She hid her face in her blanket.

Allura shifted the little girl so she could look at her and pulled the blanket aside, "Tess, tell Mommy what's wrong."

"Why…why you havin' anuder baby?" She mumbled around her thumb.

"Why are we having another baby?" Allura repeated. "Well, because we want to. We love you and your sister and your brothers so much and we want to have another baby to love."

"Don't you want a baby brother or sister?" Keith asked gently.

She shook her head.

"Why not?"

"'Cause you won't love me anymore. You…you're havin' da baby 'cause you don't like me, so you're gonna try again…to have a baby you like." She explained quietly, toying with the pendant of Allura's necklace. The gold heart with the four shiny diamonds in it always fascinated her.

"Oh, sweetie," Allura hugged her tightly. "That's not true. We love you so much, nothing will ever change that."

Keith ran his hand over her silky hair, "Where did you ever get an idea like that, Tess?"

"Da boys said so."

He rolled his eyes, "They only said that because they know we like you better than we like them."

"Keith!" Allura hissed. "That's not true. We love all of you just the same. Cady, Gideon, Declan, and you, Tess. We love all four of you and we always will."

"I like bein' da baby," she yawned, two big tears sliding down her cheeks.

"Tessy, listen to me," Keith lifted her onto his lap so she was facing him. "You are our Tess, the only Tess we will ever have, and you are so special to us. No matter what happens we love you and we will love you forever because you are our Tess. No matter how many brothers and sisters you have, you will always be special and we will always love you."

The little girl looked up at her father with wide, wet eyes.


She nodded.

"Are you ready to go to bed now?"

Tess fell against him and clung to his shirt, "Can I sleep wif you tonight?"

Keith met Allura's eyes over her head, "Uh, no, not tonight, Princess. Don't you want to sleep with Cady and Sky? It's a slumber party."

"Dey were telling scary stories."

Trying to think of a way to get the night alone with his wife, Keith stood and paced the room, hoping Tess would fall asleep. "Tell you what, Tessy, if you go to bed now and get a good night's sleep, tomorrow before the party you and I will go up in Black and make sure everything is safe around the castle."

She lifted her head off his chest and looked at him, "Just you and me?"

"Yup, just us."

"Not da boys?"

"No, sweetheart, it's going to be a long time before your brothers are allowed anywhere near any of the lions."

"If I see a bad guy can I shoot him?"

Keith started at her question, "Uh, we'll see. But you have to go to bed and get a good night's sleep, okay?"

"Okay Daddy."

Allura appeared at their side, "Ready for bed, sweetie?"

Tess tightened her arms around Keith's neck, "Daddy."

"Oh, uh, okay sweetie. I'll see you in the morning, sweet dreams." She leaned over and blew a raspberry on Tess's wet cheek, earning a shriek of laughter from the little girl. "Good night, Tessy," Allura kissed her on both cheeks. "I love you."

"'Night, Mommy," Tess returned the kiss and took the moose Allura held out for her. "Love you too."

It was twenty minutes before Keith returned to their room. He sat with Tess, read her a story, and rubbed her back until she finally fell asleep. He hurried back, hoping his wife would still be in the mood to celebrate their anniversary. Between work and the kids, their time alone had become scarce as of late. So any time they could spend together was greatly anticipated.

He opened the door and smiled at the sight that greeted him. His beautiful wife was dressed in a long, sheer silk nightgown and had her back to him as she lit a candle on the mantle. The lights around the room had been extinguished, only a handful of candles and the light of two and a quarter moons shone in through the windows. Shadows moved and danced around the room as Allura turned slowly, blowing out the match in her hand and tossing it into the fireplace.

"Hi," Keith whispered.

She smiled softly, "Hi. She get to sleep alright?"

"Yeah, she's fine," he assured her, running his gaze over her body.

"You know," she began, gliding over to him. "I have loved you for about fifteen years now."


"But I can honestly say," Allura slid her arms around his neck. "I have never loved you as much as I did when you were explaining to Tess how important she is to us."

He smiled, "I was about her age when Dana was born and I remember feeling threatened by the arrival of a new baby. My father sat me down one day, after he caught me trying to trade Dana to our next door neighbor for their cat, and said something pretty similar to me."

"I love you."

Keith ran his fingers up and down her spine, feeling her shiver, "Care to show me?"

"I guess you want your Anniversary present huh?"

He cocked an eyebrow, "I thought we were going to do that tomorrow."

"I don't think I can wait until tomorrow night."

"Neither can I."

Taking a step back, Allura smiled seductively at him. Without a word, she reached behind her and tugged at the bow on the back of her gown. The material instantly loosened and she slowly lowered the straps, the ivory material pooling at her feet.

Keith sucked in a sharp breath. She was so lovely, his wife. If he lived to be a hundred he would never fail to be amazed by her beauty.

"Happy Anniversary, handsome."

A slow smile spread across his lips as he raised his eyes to hers, "Happy Anniversary, Angel."

She stepped forward and kissed him softly, "You're a little over dressed for our celebration."

Laughing, he scooped her up into his arms and carried her over to the bed, "We'll just have to rectify that problem, won't we."


Author's Note: Wow, another story finished. I absolutely hated ending this story, but all things must come to an end. I know I say this every time, but I had no idea it would be this long. I had originally planned on ending it when they first got together, but then someone suggested I write about her meeting Keith's family and the wedding and I just couldn't seem to stop. (See, I really do read your reviews and take into consideration everything you say!)

I noticed the published date on this story the other day and was shocked to realize I spent just over six months on this story. It has truly been a labor of love. Writing is a therapy for me, it helps keep me calm in this crazy world and give me a chance to truly let my imagination wander. To know that I can do something I love so much and to have people enjoy it as well is one of the greatest feelings ever.

Thank you all for the great reviews and wonderful support! You guys really keep me posting and it means so much to know you like my stories. I have a couple of little idea floating around…one for another one-shot K&A story that will have to do with my series…another shorter chapter story primarily about Lance and Darcy, but including all of them…

As for writing stories about other shows and whatnot, I don't know. I get one idea in my head and I can't stop until I have gone through every possible angle. So, until I run out of Voltron ideas, I'm going to stick with it.

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