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Chapter 1: the fight and Sarah's surprise

Things were supposed to be better after the Labyrinth. Sarah Williams was supposed to have a better understanding of life, appreciate everything more, and in turn have better experiences and be more appreciated. At least, that's how the end of the play Labyrinth had gone. The heroine returned home and was lavished with love, attention, and she lived happily ever after.

So why was it that two years later Sarah still saw none of that in her own life? If anything, life had gotten worse! Sure, she had a new appreciation for Toby and she loved him dearly, but other than that, life was the same. Karen still expected her to be her little slave and her father still pretended not to notice. She still had a minimal group of friends, and her mother still rarely visited. But that wasn't new to Sarah, so she didn't really mind. What she did mind, though, was that she suddenly wasn't getting taken seriously anymore. Suddenly, her acting skills were seen as mediocre and she lost three lead roles to girls who had just simply decided that morning that they were going to audition. Suddenly, all of her schoolwork wasn't up to par with what her teachers 'expected of her' and she was getting graded harder. Suddenly, life quite literally started to suck, and with graduation right around the corner, she couldn't even stand the idea of living this life any longer. What if she got rejected to all of the schools she applied to? She thought her Julliard audition had been some of her best work, and that her NYU audition had been a clear show of her natural talent. But what if she got rejected? Sarah truly couldn't stand the idea of having to change her dream of being an actress because she was suddenly seen as not that good. Nothing else filled her with as much passion!

Then, everything changed.

It was a typical November evening for Sarah when it happened. She was in her bedroom, looking mindlessly at her FST homework and thinking to herself what the use was of learning how to graphs functions as an actress. When was an interviewer ever going to hand her some graph paper and a pencil and say 'graph this equation without a calculator. GO! And if you don't get it right, you'll never be on Broadway again!' That's right, never.

"Sarah, your father and I are going out tonight and we need you to stay and watch Toby," Karen said as she passed Sarah's room, trying to put a pearl earring into her ear.

"I can't! I have plans tonight," Sarah argued. Although Sarah was prone to using this as an immediate response, it was true. She had planed on going over to a friend's house that evening to watch some classic musicals and swoon over how amazing it must have been to live back then.

"I'm sorry, Sarah, but you should have told us earlier so that we could arrange for a sitter. But your father surprised me with tickets to the opera and I wasn't going to say no," Karen said, getting slightly annoyed that the earring wouldn't go in and that Sarah was whining.

Sarah got off her bed and almost stormed down the hall into her father's room. "Dad, how could you do this to me? You knew I wanted to go to Amanda's house tonight. I asked you a week ago."

Richard looked up at her curiously before nodding. "I'm sorry honey, but it slipped my mind. I saw the poster the other night and knew that Karen would appreciate it. She's been working so hard lately and I figured she'd enjoy a nice night out where she didn't have to worry about Toby."

"What hard work has she done lately? She's an interior designer, Dad, and she hasn't had a client in weeks!" Sarah fired back.

"Sarah!" Karen and Richard gasped.

"I'm so sick of this! I actually told you that I had plans tonight and you went and made some of your own anyways. You are always expecting me to drop everything in my life so that you two can go out and have all the fun in the world! And then you come home and nag at me about how I hardly have a social life outside of the drama department. How do you two expect me to be social if I never get the chance to go out?" Sarah yelled.

Karen's jaw dropped to the floor. Richard looked as though he was trying to decide whether to be proud or angry. Toby had been awaken from the noise and wandered into the room.

"What's going on?" he asked, trying to rub the sleep from his blue eyes.

"Nothing, precious. Go back to bed," Karen said sweetly, moving towards the child so that she can usher him back into his room.

"Oh please, let me put him to bed. I'm the only person in the house who has taken care of him for the last two years. I might as well keep it up until I leave for college," Sarah said cruelly. She turned to Toby and scooped him up in her arms, escorting him back into his bedroom and laying him in his bed.

"Sawah mad?" Toby asked sleepily.

"Not at you, kiddo," Sarah replied. She tucked him in and kissed his forehead. "Good night."

"Night," Toby mumbled before he drifted off.

When Sarah was sure he was asleep, she left the room, making sure the door was shut before she returned to where Karen and Richard were still a bit stunned.

"Young lady, I think we need to have a talk," Richard said when she entered the room.

Sarah resisted the urge to roll her eyes. "What about?" she asked as civilly as she could.

"You haven't been showing myself or Karen any respect lately," Richard started.

"I would show you two some respect if you showed some in return," Sarah countered immediately.

Karen was not in the mood for games. "Richard, just ground the girl! We're going to be late."

"I can't just ground her, Karen. She's really not done anything wrong," Richard said.

"She's being disrespectful. I won't stand for her being disrespectful, even if she isn't my daughter," Karen said. She stared hard at her husband. "Ground her and let's go."

Richard sighed, defeated. "I'm sorry, Sarah. Call Amanda and let her know that you will be unable to see her for the rest of the week."

"What!? You're seriously going to listen to her over me? You were on my side a moment ago," Sarah said.

"Sarah, keep your voice down. Do you want to wake Toby up again?" Karen chastised harshly.

Sarah let out a frustrated groan and stomped out of the room and into her own, slamming the door and locking it when she entered. A moment after she flung herself onto the bed did the knocking start.

"Sarah, now Sarah honey, be reasonable," Richard's calm voice said through the door.

"Go away!" Sarah yelled back.

"Let's just let her be. She's behaving like a spoiled brat," Karen snarled at Richard. "Come on honey, we're going to be late."

Sarah could almost feel her father's unease. Karen had a habit of putting him in an awkward place: between herself and Sarah. Unfortunately, Karen would always win.

"We'll talk about this later," Richard said softly before the two abandoned it.

Sarah was beyond angry. She couldn't believe that she had just been grounded because she had stood up for herself for once in her life. "Oh, I just wish the Goblin King would come and take me away right now," Sarah groaned, putting a pillow over her face and rolling onto her stomach.

"Hello Sarah," a silky smooth voice said an instant later.

Sarah froze. This wasn't possible. This wasn't possible at all. She closed her eyes, hoping that it would all go away.

"My, your manners are terrible. Usually when a person greets you, especially a king, you are supposed to return it," the voice of the Goblin King teased.

'Crap, it didn't work,' Sarah thought. She rolled onto her back and with great reluctance, she opened her eyes. The instant she opened her eyes, she didn't regret it. There was the great and terrible King of the Goblins, looking as devilishly handsome as ever. 'What the heck am I thinking? He's not handsome! He's evil. Evil, evil, evil, and so evilly handsome…No! Ugh, stupid hormones! Now focus Sarah, focus on the situation at hand…'

"What—what are you doing here?" Sarah managed to stammer.

"Answering your summons, of course. You asked that I take you away, so here I am to take you away. Now let's get going. It's the afternoon in the Underground and I've much to do today," Jareth said as breezily as if he were commenting on the weather.

"I—I didn't mean it. I was just frustrated," Sarah said.

In a déjà vu manner, Jareth crossed his arms and looked smugly down at the beauty on the bed. "What's said is said."

"Please, let's just pretend I never said that. I have to finish my homework. Nice to see you though," Sarah said, grabbing her math book as a means of hiding.

Jareth chuckled and plucked the book from her hands. "Come now, darling, is the idea of being taken away by me truly that horrifying? After all, I might be generous enough to make you an offer I so seldom rehash."

Sarah looked at him in frustration. "What do you mean?"

"I once asked you to fear me, love me, and do as I say and that in return I'd be your slave. I'm sure that you're a smart enough girl now to understand my true intentions during your run of the Labyrinth. It hurt to have you reject me before, but after much reflection, I came to the conclusion that you were simply too concerned about the child," Jareth said. He leaned closely to her, enjoying the way she squirmed underneath him uncomfortably. He reached out and touched a strand of her dark hair. "My kingdom needs a queen, and who am I to pass up someone who has just practically given herself to me? Especially when that someone is someone whom I would very much enjoying ruling with."

Sarah was stunned. The man she had feared the most out of everything and everyone in the world two years ago had just come a few words short of confessing his love for her. Sure, from the instant he arrived in her bedroom her childish longing for him had awakened. But now as a young woman, someone who was about to turn eighteen and graduate high school and move onto bigger and better things, hell, who was she kidding? She always found him attractive and alluring and now was no different! But pride was always a matter in her life, and she's be damned if she let him win that easily.

"What says that I would enjoy ruling beside you? What says I would enjoy being a queen at all! I have a very promising acting career ahead of me and I was planning on joining my mother on Broadway in a few months," Sarah said. She stared him hard in the eyes and no longer quaked under his close gaze. She wasn't going to let her demeanor give away that she was dying to close the space between them, or that she was second away from accepting his deal with hesitation. No way.

"Do not toy with me, child. I know you every," Jareth paused and trailed a longed finger up her exposed her, delighting in the way she shivered, "desire. I have watched you closely these last few years and I know that your so called acting career is nonexistent." He was suddenly behind her, his hands gently massaging her shoulders in persuasion. He knew he wasn't necessary, of course. He could sense her longing. "I could give you everything your little heart ever desired, and more. You would have the respect you deserve from millions of loyal subjects. You would have riches beyond your wildest dreams." He leaned in so that his breath was hot in her ear. "I could make you the happiest woman in all the worlds, Sarah. Stop pretending that you don't want me."

Sarah fought the urge to moan and give in. "I want you to leave, if that's what you mean." 'Liar!' her mind screamed. Sarah silenced that betraying thought. 'I'm not ready to give in just yet.'

Sick of her games, Jareth swept her hair off her shoulder and pressed his lips to her neck in a series of hot kisses. Sarah suddenly found herself unable to hold back her moan and she let it free. Jareth smiled in satisfaction and pulled away, producing a crystal and holding it out before her.

"What—what is it?" Sarah panted. Her mind was slightly dizzy from Jareth's kisses, her intentions of putting up a fight gone from her mind.

"It's a gift," Jareth recited. "But this isn't a gift for an ordinary girl who must watch a toddler whilst her family is out. No, this is a gift fit for a queen. My queen."

"But what about my life here? My school, my friends, my family?" Sarah asked.

"Forgotten, if you wish it so," Jareth replied. 'She's going to agree' he thought almost smugly.

"I don't want them to," Sarah said, turning around so she was looking him in the eye.

"You have been accepted to the New York Academy for the Performing Arts and they have requested that you come early. Unfortunately, you have little time to see anyone and occasional visits and letters are all they will receive," Jareth decided.

"They won't be confused or ask questions?" Sarah asked.

"It will all be taken care of, my love," Jareth purred.

'My love,' Sarah's mind echoed. It felt so good, so perfect to hear him refer to her in that way. So, without another thought, she took the crystal and her future with him was sealed forever.

Or so they believed.

(Nine months later)

"Jareth, I need to speak to you," Sarah said as they sat in their elegant bedchamber. She was sitting at her vanity and brushing her long, dark brown hair with a pure gold hairbrush embedded with emeralds that Jareth had bought her last week just for fun. Jareth seemed to love Sarah very much and smothered her with expensive gifts that only a king could afford. Sarah accepted them all graciously, though she often felt guilty accepting such wonderful things since she still considered herself a simple mortal woman and not a queen of any sorts

"Yes, my love?" Jareth replied, looking over at his wife. Jareth stood by a large bookcase covered with little crystals and inspecting them. He stopped at one and chuckled. "Look darling, some stupid little goblin has lost his way in our Labyrinth. The foolish thing is useless to us. I shall go and get rid of him," Jareth decided. Just before he left their quarters, she called out to him again.

"Jareth, it's about how you treat your subjects," Sarah started, getting up.

"My subjects?" Jareth questioned. He was the king of both goblins and a small group of Fae's that lived right outside of the Goblin City. He couldn't remember doing anything to his Fae subjects and was confused with what his wife was referring to.

"The goblins, Jareth," Sarah said.

"Whatever do you mean, love? I treat them like I've always treated them," Jareth asked, still clueless. Sarah sighed and walked out to their small balcony, the slight wind caused Sarah to shudder as the black silk of her short nightdress was pressed to her small body. Jareth went over to her and took off his black cape, wrapping it around her slender shoulders.

"You mean like servants? Jareth, they're subjects of yours. You are their king and they depend on you," Sarah said, trying to keep calm. She didn't want Jareth to become angry with her.

"Sarah, you're still fairly new to our world and there are things you just don't understand yet. And the first of those things is that goblins are used to be treated that way," Jareth said.

"But its wrong, Jareth!" Sarah cried out.

Jareth sighed. "They have never complained about it. They're bred to take that type of behavior. If anything, I'm quite a generous and kind king to them."

"I just can't accept the way you treat them. You're so cruel! You literally kick them around and when they don't do what you want, you send them to the Bog of Eternal Stench, or worse!" Sarah cried out. Jareth turned sharply on her and grabbed her arms. She winced in pain.

"Sarah, I've been king for over 250 year now. You have no right to tell me how to rule my kingdom. That's how it's been for centuries and it's the only way I can gain respect from them! Don't you understand?" Jareth asked forcefully, shaking her, his grip tight on her arms.

"You're hurting me," Sarah said in a whisper, her features set in fear and pain. Jareth's expressions immediately softened and he let her go. He leaned down to kiss her, to perhaps make it better, but she turned around, her soft hair hitting him in the face. She crossed her arms across her abdomen, her hand over the red spots on her arm that were illuminated by the light of the moon. "See what I mean? You're even hurting your own wife to get her to understand you."

Jareth turned Sarah around gently and looked down at her affectionately. "I'm sorry Sarah. I have no idea what came over me." Jareth once again tried to kiss her but she pulled away.

"I know exactly what did. There was that same look in your eyes that I've seen every time that you're hurting those poor Goblins," Sarah replied. She looked away from him. "Sometimes I regret wishing myself back here and accepting that offer. You never let me see my friends."

"You're the Queen, Sarah. You can't be associating with such undeserving things. You're better off with the other queens."

"You mean those awful women who do nothing but make fun of me behind my back because I have not yet become a full Fae?"

"They're just jealous."

"Of what? A silly mortal girl who happens to be married to a cruel king?"

"Sarah," Jareth threatened her.

"To return to my point, you never let me speak to anyone."

"Once again, you're the queen, and a young one at that. You are still untrained in the ways of social conversation. Those lessons will come to you soon. Just be patient."

"How can I be patient when I'm locked in a castle all day long? I can't even go into the city alone."

"How many times must I repeat myself? You're the queen, and a half mortal! You can't protect yourself if you were to be attacked or kidnapped! When you've completed your training and become immortal like myself, I'll let you go with a chaperone."

"Stop calling me that awful title! I'm much more then the queen! I'm a person who has wants and needs that one person cannot satisfy. As much as I love talking with you, I yearn for others to converse with! And I'm not defenseless, you know. I can protect myself!" Sarah exploded. Once more, Jareth grabbed her and shook her harder, his cape falling to the floor and her head jerking back and forth roughly.

"Sarah, stop acting so foolish! You're my queen, my wife, and the future bearer of my children! You will do what I say! Understand?" Jareth yelled louder, still shaking her. Sarah whimpered and fought to break out of his hold. She finally succeeded after much struggling, stumbling backwards into the room and tugging on her finger. "What do you think you're doing?" Jareth asked in an outraged tone. Sarah succeeded in what she wanted to do and threw her wedding ring at him, hitting him squarely in the chest. She glared hatefully.

"Take me home now!" Sarah demanded.

"Foolish child, this is your home and you'll stay put!" Jareth replied.

"My home is where I have people who love me and do not hurt me. Now take me back to the Aboveground or I shall hate you forever and run away, or even kill myself," Sarah threatened, though she didn't mean the very last thing she had said at all.

Jareth took ginger steps towards her and could see that her arms were scarlet, the centers beginning to bruise. He reached out to touch her arm and Sarah pulled back right away. "Sarah, you cannot really mean that."

"But I do," Sarah snapped.

"You do not love me any longer?" Jareth asked, feeling as hurt as he had the first time Sarah had turned him down, or possibly even more. His only love wanted to leave him and he couldn't help but be completely broken up by it. His mismatched eyes even began to fill with tears, a rarity for him.

"No. Love isn't where I'm physically hurt or where I am with someone who hurts other people. Now, take me home," Sarah said. In an instant, she was in her old room, Jareth standing before her.

"Sarah, you can never come back. You can never wish yourself back with me again. Are you sure about this? Think about it Sarah," Jareth practically pleaded with her.

"I don't want to be with and possibly have kids with someone who could endanger us," Sarah said, looking him in the eyes. In a cloud of glitter, Jareth was gone. Sarah was wearing her old pajamas and she fell onto her bed, crying like she had the day she had when she wished herself away.

"Sarah?" called the voice of her father from outside of her room. He opened the door and gasped. "Karen! Sarah's back!" he yelled, running over to his crying daughter and hugging her closely. "Oh Sarah, my sweet little Sarah! Where have you been?" he asked, hugging and kissing her.

"Sarah? Oh my God! You're back! Where have you been? It's been almost a year! We've been worried sick! We thought you were dead!" Karen gushed when she ran into the bedroom.

"Sarah! Sarah!" a three-year-old Toby said, running over to his half-sister.

"Sarah, where were you?" her father asked. She merely looked up at him and smiled softly.

"You mean you don't remember? I went to New York to go to school," Sarah replied.

Richard and Karen exchanged confused looks. "Sarah, you've been missing for almost a year now. Your mother even came home to help us look for you," Richard said.

'The spell wore off. They think I just disappeared,' Sarah realized. 'Damnit Jareth, couldn't you have at least made it easy on me? You know I don't have enough powers yet to replace their memories! Now what am I supposed to say?' Sarah sighed and forced a smile. "What does it matter? I'm home now."

That was enough for her family as they enveloped her in hugs and showered her with kisses (even Karen!). Before she went to bed, she asked them to not ask her any questions about where she had been. Although they were reluctant, they agreed.

The next day, Sarah awoke from her small bed feeling sick. She immediately ran into her bathroom and began to throw up. But, this was odd, since she hadn't had anything to eat since lunch the day before with Jareth and she never threw up.

"Sarah, what's wrong? Are you sick?" Karen asked upon passing.

"I think so," Sarah replied. "I'll go out and get some medication," Sarah said, getting up off the bathroom floor to go get dressed.

"Are you sure you don't need any help?" Karen asked.

"I'll be fine," Sarah replied. She quickly got ready and went out to her car ('Oh driving, how I missed you. Teleporting takes so much strength,' she thought blissfully as she drove down the road). She drove to a near-by pharmacy knowing that her sickness wasn't virus related. She went in and quickly grabbed a home-pregnancy kit, purchasing it and then going to a fast-food restaurant across the street. She went into the handicapped stall and proceeded with the test, sitting on the toilet while she waited for the results. Ten minutes later, she gasped. It was positive.

"No, that can't be. It just can't," Sarah said in disbelief. She quickly threw away the test and made her way out to a free health clinic just a few streets down. When she got inside, she sat there and waited to be asked into the back room. After a half-hour, she was finally asked back.

"Hello there, miss. What are you here for today?" asked a friendly doctor.

"I just took a home pregnancy test and I was wondering if I could confirm the result," Sarah said as mature as she could. While in the waiting room, she listened in on at least three different younger teen girls cry about how she thought she was pregnant so Sarah didn't want to be lumped together with a bunch of little girls.

"Are you up to having a blood test then? We can get the results back to you in two days time. It's only a small draw," the doctor said. Although Sarah hated needles she nodded.

"If it'll confirm it, yes," Sarah replied.

Two agonizingly long days later, Sarah nervously made her way to the clinic to pick up her results. She tried to pass off her sickness as something like the stomach flu to her dad and Karen while she nervously lay in bed both nights wondering if it was indeed true that she was pregnant.

"Hi. I'm Sarah Williams. I'm here to pick up the results of my blood test," Sarah told the receptionist when she got to the clinic.

"Sure thing dear," the receptionist said. She rolled back in her chair to a bunch of files and plucked out a piece of paper, glancing at it briefly before handing it to Sarah. "Here you are dear. Take care."

"Thank you," Sarah replied, taking the paper and slipping it into her purse before even looking at it. Sarah drove all the way home and was thankful that her parents were still out with Toby. She went up to her room and locked her door, sitting on her bed and eyeing her purse nervously. Finally, after at least three minutes of just staring at her purse, she grabbed it and took the paper out. She slowly unfolded it and looked at the results. She read down the results, seeing that everything was normal. But, her heart stopped when she came to the row that she had been dreading.

Pregnant: Positive

Sarah began to cry.

Back in the Underground, Jareth couldn't stop the smile that crept onto his face as he watched the scene in his crystal. He had never seen something so wonderful in his crystal since he spied on some goblins talking about how to make the Bog of Eternal Stench even more horrible!

"She's pregnant with my child," Jareth whispered. "The Underground finally has its heir!" Jareth declared.

-end of chapter

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