COPS Vice City
Chapter 4

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Vice City Vice City Beach

5:54 PM Disturbance Call

'A call came into the station saying that there was a small problem at the Vice City Light House. Before we could get any more information, the call was terminate from the other line. There's no telling what could be going on at the moment.' Sergeant Scott Connors

The patrol car cruised down the street toward the lighthouse. The lights of the buildings gave the street a pink glow.

On a corner, Scott turned the car onto a dirt road. As the police car traveled down the road, the lighthouse could be seen through the palm trees.

The road to the lighthouse narrowed, so Scott stopped the cruiser and got out. Checking his pistol, Scott headed off to look for a 'disturbance'. Since he took off at a good pace, but at a pace that the overweight, under fit cameraman had to run full steam to keep up.

The cameraman had finally come out of the shadows, and the camera light was flipped on. When the picture focused, the image was of Scott standing at the base of the lighthouse, looking up.

The cameraman panned up, and the image was now of a man pixilated from the neck down. All of the boxes were flesh colored. This 'disturbance' was wearing only running shoes.

'Good evening.' Scott yelled to the man 'Nice night out, huh?'

The naked man waved drunkenly at Scott and the camera, swaggering the whole time.

'This is odd indeed.' Scott said 'we don't get this too much.' Scott looked back up at the naked man 'How about coming down here so we can talk?'

The man shook his head.

'This is not going to be an easy job.'

The man, obviously under the influence of something, mad ea bad attempt to walk down the stairs.

'Sir,' Scott called to him 'be careful sir.'

The naked man, looking to see who or what called him, stumbled down the remaining 14 steps.

Either uninjured or numbed to the pain, the man stood up. Scott walked up to him.

'Good evening again.' Scott said 'So what's the story with you?'

The man mumbled something for a good 10 minutes. Scott nodded his head in agreement with him the whole time.

'Ok sir,' Scott said, prodding him along with his nightstick toward the car ' 'Let's get you down to the station so we can talk about this.'

The mention of 'the station' enraged the guy. He took off running. Scott attempted to make chase, but decided it better to NOT tackle him. Instead, Scott ran back to his car and picked up the radio.

'This is sergeant Connors; I'm going to need some backup. A very white male, brown hair, blue eyes wearing white running shoes is on foot. Requesting helicopter support.'

'Repeat description.' The radio operator said.

'White male, brown hair, blue eyes, probably 136 pounds and close to 5' 9", wearing white shoes.'

'Sergeant, what color clothes was he wearing?'

'No clothes, He's gone commando.'

There was a long pause where no radio contact was made. When the radio did answer, it was no longer the regular dispatcher. It was someone laughing.

'Someone took off, wearing nothing?'

'Correct.' Scott answered.

More laughter over the radio. Behind the sound of laughter, the sound of rotor blades was heard. Looks like the VCPD helicopter was up and running.

'All units, all units' the radio operator said 'be advised, units be on the lookout for a white male in nothing but tennis shoes. Capture and detain.'

The helicopter was overhead with its search light on. More and more blue and white lights were seen on the street since the call was made.

'Well,' Scott said 'All we can do now is just go out and search, or just hope nothing else goes wrong tonight. Well, I should probably hit the streets again. No telling WHERE this guy could be.'

Scott got back into his car, as did the cameraman. Once he had pulled back onto the road, Scott made a right. Passing the Ocean View Hotel, he turned down the street that housed the Security building. Though there were not too many people on the street, finding this guy was not going to be easy. Unless he landed on a police cruiser's hood.

'Unit 317 has spotted the subject.' Came the announcement over the radio. 'Giving foot chase.'

Scott Picked up his radio and accelerated.

'317, where are you?'

'Suspect is down! Suspect subdued. Vice City Public Docks. Request a carrying car.'

'All units!' Scott said into the radio 'report to the docks. This could be good.'

He sped off down the road, heading for the docks.


The scene opens back up as Scott pulls into the parking lot of the docks. The naked suspect was being loaded into another police car.

Scott walked up to another officer.

'So what happened? Where did you find him?'

'Well, we had just gotten the call on the radio, and I was right up the street from here. Anyway, I was going to make a turn onto another street, and there's this naked guy in the crosswalk. It's a good thing he jumped, but DAMN, he slid across the hood of my car!' Officer Matt Mero

'Well at least we got him.' Scott said, digging into his pockets and pulling out a wallet. 'here.' Scott said, handing Matt 10 dollars 'Get you hood cleaned.'

The camera shot back to the car that was pulling out with the detained suspect in it.

'First time I've seen that before.' Scott said as the screen began to darken 'But this is Vice City, and everything is possible.'

The COPS logo is seen.

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