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Chapter One

(Who needs a prologue?!?!?)

Hermione was sickened beyond belief as Ron ignoring her look off disgust proceeded to tell Harry, about his very eventful summer. Which included, females, females and well females. She then decided to ignore him for the rest of her life, promising to herself that to Ron's case she was most defiantly a lesbian. Her golden brown orbs scanned the great hall, as Adema's "The Way You like It" played in her head. She mouthed the words out carelessly not caring what anyone thought of her. A sigh of relief escaped her lips as she realized that she no longer had to share a dormitory with her perverted best friends, since she was now Head Girl.

Ahh…the woes of being female.


The Great Hall came to a deadened silence, as Dumbledore arose from his seat, Hermione couldn't help but smile at the old man, he was crazy, but loved.

"As you know the Forbidden Forest, is as its title says forbidden, please regard the rumors you have heard, because as a selective few of you know, they are all true"

His twinkling eyes brushed over the Dream team, bringing a smile to the three Gryffindor's faces. As they reminisced on the old days.

"We will once again be having a new Defense The Dark Arts teacher, one who, we all hope, won't die on us"

Nervous laughter erupted from the students, as they all reflected upon the past unfortunate Defense against The Dark Arts teachers, a twit in a turban, a beauty king, a werewolf, Captain Hook, and a degrading Centaur, the same thought ran trough all of their minds.

Who's the next psycho?

"May I present to you, Miss. Kyoko"

Silence erupted throughout, as all eyes lay upon the new teacher, who had unfortunately just committed suicide. She was a pretty women of about 26, with short black hair, cut just above the neck, and piercing crimson red eyes, that sparkled dangerously, a swarm of jealously aroused in Hermione, and in every other female on the premises, as every other male licked his lips unconsciously.

Well, that was their problem, because Miss. Kyoko was obviously a vampire.

Hermione's attention strayed as Dumbledore finished his speech, and was forever thankful when her food magically appeared in front of her. But her appetite was suddenly lost, when she noticed Harry and Ron, savagely gobbling down everything in sight.

"God that's disgusting"

She forced down her breakfast, as it threatened to come straight back up.

"Mmmm-mione  ar-mmm you mm-ungry?"

Ron questioned her, she stared at him in disbelieve.

Did he expect her to learn Stupid?

Thankfully she kept her comments to herself, and just shook her head as a reply, he shrugged it off and continued his repugnant feats, as Ron the Weasel Vacuum.

She pretended to barf, and abruptly left the table, shivers went down both Ron and Harry's spines, and they instantly knew, that they were both in for major PMS-ing in the morning.

Hermione was in complete bliss, as she gazed upon the portrait hole that led towards her dormitory. A smiling little girl of about eight smiled at her, and Hermione thought she was the cutest thing she had ever seen.

"Good Evening Miss. Granger"

Hermione just about squealed when the little girl did a small curtsy.

"My name is Aurora, your password is Silver Pheonix. I hope you have a good night sleep, I will see you in the morning, Good Night"

She swung open, as Hermione's jaw dropped to the ground, the common room was beautiful. Crimson walls, with various portraits smiling down at her, a humongous fireplace, with velvet couches dropped here and there, crimson drapes hung from the windows, and a candle lit chandelier twinkled brightly.

"I love it already"

"Well, I think it's a bit tasteless really. Just shows how horrible your taste is Granger"

She whirled around to meet, High King Ferret Master, himself, with that ohh so familiar smirk adorning his aristocratic features.

"Why wouldn't it be? After all I'm just a lowly mudblood"

Her voice dripped with sarcasm, gazing at him with pure hatred written in her eyes. And before he could say a word, she ran up the stairway, throwing I careless 'I really do hate you' comment over her shoulder.

He stared at her disappearing form, ignoring the glares the portraits were giving him, and made him self comfortable on one of the couches. Refusing to believe Her Prim and Proper Highness, had had the last word. When did she ever have the balls to stand up to him? He had expected to greet a puny, and frightened Mudblood,  without her bodyguards to protect her, what a disappointment!! Shouldn't she have been at least surprised he was head boy? And stutter or something?

"Now where's the fun it that?"