Authors Note: I've noticed that some of you are confused, you shouldn't be, and it's quite simple.

I and im sure all off you have grown tired of the same old Draco seduces Hermione plot, so I decided that the last ten chapters of my story meant nothing to the true idea based behind it.

It's time for Hermione to grow a back bone, and instead of waiting for him to notice her. She should take matters into her own hands, and get him to fall in love with her.

She is in control. Not him, it's her game, so she should make the rules.

And she will.

Basically she's like Cat Woman, she's in control always!! No matter what the situation. If you ever watched the bat man movies, you know the part when that goody two shoes nerdy lady turns into the sexy cat woman because the guy she loved pushed her out the window? It's like that…but not as cool, and no leather….or cats….OR REALLY UGLY PENGUINS!!! (Ughhhhhhh!! That guy freaked me OUT!!!)

I hope you like Chapter Twelve, im working really hard on this; I hope you guys understand this one better!!


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"Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over. Pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come"

-Matt Groening-

 Chapter Twelve

"Beauty is only a word……perfection is a sense of being"

The cryptic words played over and over in her mind, setting the mood for a brilliant transformation.

"I want perfection"

Only because she deserved the best. After all the crap life had been serving her. Hermione decided it was her turn to drive.

Fuck beauty…..perfection is what she thrived for.

In more ways than one.


Now, he was perfection.

He was a god.

A god that would never look down at her from the heavens, he would always be to busy to pay any attention to the filthy mud blood.

The filthy mudblood who worshipped the very air he breathed.

Right now she didn't care, about the danger she would be in, if she ever even thought about pursuing the future Death Eater.

I guess you could say….it's all teenage hormones.

That's the solution to everything.


And maybe a little dash of clinic insanity.

"Phase 1. Initiated"

She had finally reached perfection, now she was beautiful both in and out of her provoking dreams.

She had gone for a much different look this time. Pin-straight hair, with delicate ringlets crowding the bottom part, it was longer than it was in her dream and much lighter, with added blonde highlights. Making her honey-almond eyes stand out much more.

Endless hours caked in mud, surprisingly did wonders for her skin, and even added an eerie glow to her already pale face.

She was now Queen of her own world.

Bye-bye bookworm….hello sex kitten.

"Oh darling you look exquisite!!!"

Her mother gushed and gooed Hermione into the car. Idly wondering what had made her daughter agree to this so promptly.

In all her years as mother of Hermione Granger she had been trying year after year to open up the feminine side of her only daughter. With more resistance each year.

And now…..there was no fights, no confrontation, not even a little 'Oh mom', just a simple yes.

She couldn't help but wonder what Hermione's intentions where behind this.

If she comes home pregnant, I don't know what I'll do!!

"Hermione, sweetie…..would you like to go shopping for a new look?"

Ok here comes the 'Why? Is there anything wrong with the clothes I have now?" remark. It never gets old.

And much to her mother's surprise, Hermione answered with as much excitement as she had before.

"Really?!?! That would be awesome!!!"

Oh dear, I suspect we'll have to get her baby things out of the attic…..where did I go wrong?

Totally oblivious to her mums wondering thoughts, Hermione charged into the mall, equipped with her credit card handy mother and a determined mind set.

This year is gonna be a whirlwind of fun!!!

6 hours and 83 outfits later, Hermione's burned out, run down and over worked mother, was a home resting in a well needed bubbled bath.

But she couldn't help but worry for her daughter's sanity.

What is going on? 5 maxed out credit cards to show for my daughter's derangement. Maybe she's just nervous, and doesn't want too……I wonder where that baby book is……

"What the hell I'm I going to where tomorrow?"

Although this crisis wasn't as big as world hunger, Hermione felt as though her brain was about to explode. First impressions were everything….his first impression meant the world to her.

But she couldn't just come out an absolute slut; she had to leave a little bit of the bookworm left. Confused prey was much easier to catch.

"All dressed up and nowhere to go

I think I'm taking this trip alone,

30 seconds till I pass, the questions here we'll never ask,

No regrets will haunt you,

You know I never had to, but,

I'm saving my self for you"

"Did you notice anything?

The change is me!!

Now it's safe to say,

You will never change your ways!!"

The Great Houdini by A New Found Glory, blasted out of her muggle CD player, speaking out her thoughts word for word. She sang along carelessly, still on the quest for the perfect outfit.

"I went to your house, but you weren't home,

I'm sure you conveniently shut of your phone,

I don't think that I'll ever be,

The person that you wanted me,

When all that I can think about,

Is you I have to figure out but,

But im saving my self for you"

"Did you notice anything?

The change is me!!

Now it's safe to say,

You will never change your ways!!"

"You will give up anything,

To prove your point!

There's nothing left to say,

You will never change your ways!!"

"I'm saving my self for you

I'm saving my self for you"

"All dressed up and nowhere to go

I think I'm taking this trip alone,

Did you notice anything?

The change is me!!

Now it's safe to say,

You will never change your ways!!"

"You will give up anything,

To prove your point!

There's nothing left to say you will never change you ways……"

Everything was set, and she was ready, now all she had to do was to wait for tomorrow to come. And for all of her plan to be set in action.

She was eight long hours away from seeing him and she didn't know if she could wait.

"Bye Mum, I'll miss you guys"

She said her goodbyes to a teary mother and proud father. Still not sure why her mum was crying.

Menopause maybe?

She was early as usual, and instead of waiting around for Harry and Ron, she took the incentive and boarded the plane, waiting for them to find her.

She had left her hair down, liking the way it crowned her heart shaped face perfectly. And had decided on a simple plaid and pleated short black skirt, with leather black combat boots. But the top half of hair was a little bit more daring, a black corset with a red frill to protect her obvious cleavage from straying eyes. As a replacement for sleeves she had on to elbow length arm warmers, red and black to match her morbid outfit.

She still hadn't figured out how the hell anybody would make a connection to her and a bookworm with this outfit, but she would worry about that later.

A simple waist length leather jacket to protect her from the cold and a scratchy woolen black scarf just for show. 

Makeup wasn't that extraordinary, Smokey eye shadow to make her bright eyes stand out more, and clear lip gloss.


Hermione looked up from her leather bound journal to greet the shocked face of her best friend, Ginny Weasley.


She embraced her in a hug immediately, ushering her into the compartment, and then sitting the Weasley down next to herself.

"Hermione you look fabulous!!!"

Ginny squealed in awe at the transformation her 6 year best friend. Wondering what had brought on such a prompt change.

"Oh my god I love you hair!!! I wish my hair would do that!!!"

Hermione just smiled at the younger girls antics and replied.

"Your hair is just as pretty"

"Oh no, no Hermione, yours is much better…'s perfect!!"

"Well that was the main idea behind it…….oh god Ginny I missed you so much!!! Tell me everything that happened over the summer"

The girls shared their summer stories, laughing and giggling like school girls do. Until the train started, then Ginny opted to go and look for her wayward brother and his best friend.

"Didn't Harry come and spend summer with you at the Burrow?"

Hermione asked.

Ginny stared at her for a moment with a 'what of earth are you talking about?' look about her.

"No….he didn't, he and Ron went to Quidditch camp….didn't they owl you?"

Hermione shook her head in a no, surprised by the news.

"I haven't talked to either of them since last year, I've sent them both countless owls, but I suppose they were to busy"

"Bull!!! They're just being asses and you know it!!"

"Well they've giving me a reason to hate them, might as well start now!!"

"I'll join you!! Harry been a down right moron the whole summer, not one owl to his supposed 'girlfriend' I'm not even sure if were still together!!!"

Ginny rambled on about how much she hated men, and that she might decide to become a lesbian. Not even noticing that they had passed the Golden boys two compartments the opposite way.


"And that's how the world should be reformed, more dildo's need to be stuck up the prime ministers ass!! And that Bush….just needs a brain. And possibly a penis!!!"

"Ginny, no matter how much I seem to be enjoying this very…strange topic of conversation….I think we just passed Harry and Ron"

Ginny threw her hands up in disbelieve, and turned around shaking her head at Hermione.

"We did? Well why didn't you tell me??"


"Well you've turned into a right slacker haven't you?"


"Well Hello boys!!"

Silence echoed throughout the whole compartment, as all eyes fell uncomfortably on her.

"Hiya Harry, Hi Ron"

They're mouths opened and closed like gold fish; apparently they were at a loss of words.

Ginny sat down and pulled Hermione with her. Then began prattle on and on about the new Weird Witches record.

"Ginny's been telling me, you went to Quidditch Camp? No wonder you guys didn't owl me the whole summer!!"

They just nodded in agreement, still staring, with mouths still open wide.


"You look great Hermie"

Harry ventured.


And Ron just echoed.

"So how was it?"

She asked expectantly, absolutely giddy about their reactions.

"How was what?"

Ron asked stupidly.

"Quidditch Camp?"

"Fine………..just fine"

Awkward silence followed through, and Hermione couldn't help but feel tremendously self conscious out of their tireless scrutiny.

"I made Head Girl!"

"We knew you would"

"Yeah no surprise here……………"

"Ok that is it!!! CAN YOU PLEASE STOP STARING AT MY BREASTS!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?"

"We're sorry, but they're just……………there"

"Yeah, I don't remember you ever having boobs………………..nope not ever"

"They're not that fascinating, they're just breasts, and it's not like I'm hiding a death eater in them or something"

"Hermione……the point is you could!!"

"Yeah…..those things are humongous….what are you a double D?"


"No really….what is your size? Triple D?"

"Ron, drop it!!!"

She could've have cried, she was being harassed by the two best friends she's ever had, about her cup size.

On an embarrassment scale of one to ten, this was a definite 111.

"We're sorry Hermione, we'll shut up"

Harry offered, being smart for once. She smiled in thanks but her hands still itched to get that lazy smirk of off Ron's face.

His eyes were still unfortunately glued to her chest.

She was just about to strike out when Ginny did it for her.

And she never loved the youngest Weasley more.

"Ron, stop being a perv!!!! God that's disgusting!!!"

"They're tits!! You know I can't fight the calling! They're really nice ones too!!"


"Ginny-OW- stop-That 'urts!!!-PLEASE STOP!!!"

Authors Note: Do you like it? Longest chapter yet!! 2094 words. I am pretty proud of myself. With this chapter I decided to go just for the humor, so you'll just have to wait until the next chapter for the seriousness stuff!!! Luv ya lots!!!

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