"The horses keep me awake at night." – Samara Morgan Warped Innocence

The television shows static, then goes dead. The silence floods in once again.

And so does the feeling of loneliness.

I am lonely. I miss mommy. Why does daddy have to keep me here?

"You're a freak. My wife wasn't supposed to have a daughter. Ever!"

Yes. That's what daddy would say. Now he keeps me up here, in the attic of the barn. I don't much like it here. It's too quiet and lonely, and it makes me feel sad. Well, except for the horses. The horses don't let me sleep. I hate the horses. I wish they would die.

"What are you? Why are you torturing my wife?"

I wish I didn't have to hurt mommy. But I need to. I can't stop. I am such a bad girl. Sometimes I wonder: do I deserve to die for what I do to mommy? But I love my mommy! My mommy is the most brilliant and prettiest mommy in the world.

Before daddy kept me in here, I was still a little lonely. Mommy would say that she was sick – visions, or something – and then daddy would give me this look. Everything's my fault. I am a very, very bad girl.

No one would like me, or play with me, because I can do strange things – very strange things.

I can make people die.

But death isn't so bad, is it? It's like going to sleep. I would like that. I wish I could sleep. So, by killing them, I'm helping them go to sleep. That's not so bad!

I wish there was someone that could make me go to sleep. I think I shall keep that idea.... perhaps there is someone.

I feel a little better now.

The television's on again. The silence is gone.

I have an idea.

I don't like daddy very much, for keeping me here. So I think I shall pay him back. After all, it's only fair. And mommy always tells me to be fair. Mommy is always right.

I stare at the TV for another moment. "Everyone will suffer," I whisper quietly, smiling, "like I did."


Freaky, huh? Tell me: do you like a child-like Samara, as portrayed in this and "Whispers of Affection," or an evil-ish, intelligent Samara, like in "Waiting"?