Healing Old Wounds

Part Six

Goku landed at Capsule Corporation, sporting a bright smile on his face. Mirai Chi-Chi was happy once again and he was going home to his family. Mirai Bulma and Mirai Trunks were waiting outside for Goku's arrival.

Mirai Bulma looked confused when she saw Goku landing by himself. She thought Mirai Chi-Chi would be there with him to see him go. "Where's Chi-Chi?" Mirai Bulma asked.

"Oh, she's at home with Goku," Goku answered with a laugh.

Mirai Bulma and Mirai Trunks looked at Goku confused. "What?" Mother and son said.

Goku laughed at their confusion. "I talked to Baba and she brought the Goku of this time back for a day."

"What? Goku's back?!" Mirai Bulma yelled.

"For a day?" Mirai Trunks said confused. "How could he come back?"

"Anyone who's has been a very good person throughout their living life has the chance of coming back for a day. I thought of Baba last night and I remembered her bringing back my grandpa when I was a kid. I thought I could do the same for me--the future me," Goku explained.

"Hmm, well that eliminates Vegeta," Mirai Bulma thought sadly. "He still had too many bad deeds on him. So he will never get the chance to come back. Well, at least Chi-Chi gets to have Goku back even if it is for a day. I hope they try to drop by. It'll be good to see them."

Mirai Trunks jumped inside the Time Machine and turned it on. "I guess we should be heading back now, Goku."

"Yeah, I can't wait to see the others." Goku looked over at Mirai Bulma. "It was great to see you, Bulma. So long."

"It was great to see you, Goku. Have a safe future."

Goku gave her a thumb's up. "Thanks. I will." He jumped in the Time Machine and he and Trunks waved goodbye as the glass dome covered them. The ship flew up in the sky and vanished.


Mirai Chi-Chi snuggled closer in Mirai Goku's embraced. When they entered their home, Mirai Goku saw all the food that Mirai Chi-Chi had cooked for Goku. It had been a very long time since he had a hot, home cooked meal from his wife so he ate it all to his heart's content. Of course after the meal, he was more than ready to spend time with his wife.

Mirai Chi-Chi opened her eyes after resting a little bit and smiled at Mirai Goku. She giggled and pinched him. "Ow!" Mirai Goku winced. "Why did you do that?"

"Just to make sure you were real and I wasn't dreaming."

"Shouldn't you pinch yourself?" Mirai Goku asked.

"Maybe, but I didn't feel like it." She buried her face into his chest, soaking in his warmth. "I missed waking up to you like this."

"I miss it, too," he said and held her closer. "What do you want to do today?"

"Nothing, but stay in your arms." She looked up at him. "You can also tell me how Gohan has been doing and what you've been doing all this time."

"Gohan and I have been on the Grand Kai's planet. It's a planet where the strongest warriors live. Krillin, Yamcha, and even Piccolo are there. Yajirobe couldn't make it. He's on another planet where other really good people are on."

Mirai Chi-Chi raised an eyebrow. "Yarijobe good?"

Mirai Goku laughed. "He made it in, but he didn't keep his body. He's not bad though. He did cut off Vegeta's tail and he did face the Androids after everyone else tried."

"Speaking of Vegeta, you didn't mention him. Is he with you?"

Mirai Goku frowned. "No. Vegeta still had many sins against him. He was only starting to change when he died. He didn't even get to keep his body."

"That's sad. If we see, Bulma, we shouldn't tell her that. So, what's it like on the Grand Kai's planet?"

"It's great. There are many fighters there and they have a lot of fighting moves and techniques to master. I learned a trick from the Metamores where I can fuse with anyone. I did it with Gohan once. It was wild. Then there's the Grand Kai, where he is the greatest martial artist. You have to train for 10,000 years before you get a lesson from him."

"Ten thousands years!" Mirai Chi-Chi gasped. "That's a long time!"

"It doesn't seem that long when you're dead. You don't age and time flies by really fast," Mirai Goku explained. "The planet looks incredible. You can do a lot of exploring there. They have mountains, lakes, forests. It's kind of like Earth but there are a lot of dead people there and there aren't any stores, cars, except for the Grand Kai's, and a lot of other stuff. The sky is pink and it's very peaceful. There's a tournament coming up in a few years and I'm gonna compete. The winner gets a private lesson with the Grand Kai. I'm gonna win because it's better than waiting 10,000 years for a lesson."

Mirai Chi-Chi hugged him. "I know you will. You can beat anyone."

"I met with your father not long ago, Chi-Chi."

Mirai Chi-Chi looked up at her husband amazed. "You did? How is he?"

Mirai Goku smiled. "He's great. He's on that other planet with the good people and he's been living with my grandpa. Those two have been having sparring lessons together and reliving old times when they were training under Master Roshi."

"Really?" Mirai Chi-Chi smiled as a tear shed from her eye. "I'm so glad my father is happy."

Mirai Goku's expression became serious. There was something he had wanted to say to her and he thought now was the time. "Chi-Chi, I want you to come with me."

"Goku, you know I'll go anywhere with you," Mirai Chi-Chi spoke as she sat up in bed. "Where are we going? Take a walk in the woods? A swim in the lake?"

"I want you to come to the Other World with me." He saw Chi-Chi looking at him in confusion.

"But I'm not dead."

"I know, but if you come with me, you will be. There's nothing left for you, Chi-Chi. I'm gone, Gohan's gone, and your father's gone. Gohan and I are together on the Grand Kai's planet. It's a lot of fun there, but we miss you a lot."

"I miss you and Gohan a lot over the years so I'm coming with you," she said excitedly as she threw her arms around him in a hug. "This is great! We'll all be together!"

Mirai Goku hugged Mirai Chi-Chi back. "Good. There's no sense in staying here and you'll be able to keep your body."

"I will?" Chi-Chi gasped.

"You have been a very good person all your life. You can ride Nimbus with me even now so it proves you still have a very pure heart. My grandpa kept his body and so will you. King Yemma told me so," he explained.

"He did?"

"Yeah. I had to plead and beg for him to tell me because it's against the rules to know but yeah, you get to keep your body."

Mirai Chi-Chi hugged Mirai Goku even tighter and he placed a kiss on top her head. "Does that mean I can come with you to the Grand Kai's planet?"

"I don't see why not. You used to be a fighter," Mirai Goku thought. "Yeah, sure you can," he assured her in his usual cheery tone.

Mirai Chi-Chi frowned. "I don't know. I did give up fighting when I married you. I only restarted recently when Goku trained me."

"I know. Goku told me."

"He did," Mirai Chi-Chi was surprised. "When?"

"While we were flying here from Baba's place, he and I did some talking. He told me about surviving the virus and Cell and coming here for four months. He told me about the training you two undertook. He told me you two even went into the Time Chamber for a while."

Mirai Chi-Chi nodded. "It was to speed up my training. I mastered the Kamehameha Wave in there. I wanted to learn as much as possible, but I couldn't stay in there for a year. It was too exhausting and strange."

"Really?" Mirai Goku said impressed. "Maybe you and I can spar some time."

"You would suggest that," Mirai Chi-Chi laughed. "I am stronger, but I'm no where near as strong as you. It'll be like our fight at the tournament."

Mirai Goku thought back to the tournament and laughed. "That was so funny. I remember trying to get away from. You were so mad!"

Mirai Chi-Chi laughed. "Can you blame me? I thought you had forgotten all about me and you did. I think I scared everyone, especially Krillin and Yamcha when I yelled at you."

Mirai Goku laughed at the memory and then realized something. "Oh, yeah, the others! I guess we should see Bulma, Master Roshi, Oolong and Puar again before my time is up. Too bad I won't get to see Trunks."

"When should we see them?" Mirai Chi-Chi asked and laughed as her husband rolled his body on top of hers.

"Later. We got time for that later," Mirai Goku said and kissed his wife.


After spending more time together, Mirai Goku and Mirai Chi-Chi went to Capsule Corp. to see Mirai Bulma to say hello and to tell her that Mirai Chi-Chi was leaving. Mirai Bulma was sad about the news but she understood. They spent a few hours talking with her, telling her about the others and then left to visit Master Roshi, Oolong and Puar on the island. Mirai Goku and Mirai Chi-Chi soon left and spent their last night on Earth together at home walking among familiar settings like the trail Mirai Goku used to walk Gohan on as a child, a swim in the lake Mirai Goku usually got the family's dinner. Then spent the final night making love.

All the lights were out and everything was turned off the next morning. Mirai Chi-Chi walked hand in hand with her husband as they made one last sweep around their house. "It's so strange that this is going to be my last time here. This has been my home for so many years. So many memories were made here."

"It has, but we are leaving to go to our more permanent home. We'll make more memories there," Mirai Goku told her. He looked down at his wife. She was wearing the outfit she wore at the 23rd Martial Arts Tournament. He always thought she looked pretty in it.

"You're right." Mirai Chi-Chi hugged him. "Let's go."

The two stepped outside their home and was greeted with Baba on her crystal ball. "Are you ready to go?"

Mirai Goku and Mirai Chi-Chi looked back at their home where they had so many happy and sad memories once more time and then looked at the old fortune teller. "Yeah, Baba. We are," he told her.

"Let's go then," Baba said.

Baba floated in the air on her crystal ball. Mirai Goku put an arm around Mirai Chi-Chi and followed Baba in the sky. Soon, Baba opened the passage to the Other World. Baba looked back at the two, eyeing Mirai Chi-Chi, mentally asking her if she really wanted to do this. Mirai Chi-Chi nodded and Baba went in first. Mirai Goku and Mirai Chi-Chi went in together.

Mirai Chi-Chi looked around her. She didn't feel dead. Of course she didn't know how a dead person felt. Her skin wasn't cold and her heart was still beating. She looked the same as Mirai Goku. She looked at him and he looked at her as if understanding her questions. He tilted his head up. Chi-Chi looked up as well and saw a gold halo over her head. She had passed on.

They passed through a sea yellow clouds until they saw a temple with the sign, 'Welcome' on it. Luckily there weren't many dead people today so the line was very short.

"This is King Yemma's place where everyone who dies check in. They learn their fate and go to their new home," Mirai Goku explained to Chi-Chi.

Chi-Chi noticed the people in front and behind her didn't have bodies. They look like white puffy flames that talked. She figured these were people who weren't going to keep their bodies. A few minutes more, she was up next for judgment.

King Yemma looked down at Mirai Goku and Mirai Chi-Chi. "So, you returned Goku and you brought your wife." He looked down at his book. "Yep. Died crossing over to the Other World. Pretty painless death. I'm sure Goku has told you that you are keeping your body," he said annoyed that Mirai Goku told Mirai Chi-Chi that kind of information.

Mirai Chi-Chi nodded. "Yes."

"There's nothing else for me to do except let you go on. Welcome to the Other World."

"Thank you," Mirai Chi-Chi said kindly.

"Let's go see, Gohan! Bye, King Yemma! Bye Baba! Thanks again!" Mirai Goku said as he and his wife waved goodbye and walked out the doors.

Mirai Goku and Mirai Chi-Chi caught a clunker plane to the Grand Kai's planet. When they arrived, they went around the backyard of the Grand Kai's planet where Mirai Goku saw Mirai Gohan. He was talking to Ulibu.

"Gohan! Hey, Gohan! Over here!" Mirai Goku called.

Mirai Gohan turned from Ulibu and saw his parents together. He froze and a brilliant smile crossed his face when he saw his mother. "Mom! Dad!" he yelled and ran to his parents.

"Gohan!" Mirai Chi-Chi cried out.

"Mom!" Mirai Gohan yelled out as he ran to his parents. He embraced his mother. "I've missed you."

"I've miss you, too, Gohan," Mirai Chi-Chi cried returning the hug. It had been so long since she held her son.

Mirai Gohan set his mother down. "Mom, you look so young. What happened? I thought you would look older when you crossed over."

"I'll explain all that later but I'm happy that we all together again," Mirai Chi-Chi cried happily.

"That won't happen."

Mirai Goku, Mirai Chi-Chi and Mirai Gohan looked to see the Grand Kai approaching thing. Mirai Goku frowned. "Why not, Grand Kai?"

"Because this is a planet for fighters and she isn't a fighter," Grand Kai said pointing at Mirai Chi-Chi. "She's a good person and I'll allow her to visit but she's gonna have to live on the good planet where your grandpa and her father lives, Goku."

Mirai Goku frowned. "Aw, come on, Grand Kai. Can't Chi-Chi stay? She's a former martial artist. That should count for something, right?"

Grand Kai shook his head. "No way."

"But she's my mother and I'm a strong fighter. She helped me be one," Mirai Gohan pleaded.

Grand Kai stubbornly shook his head. "No, she has to go."

Mirai Goku and Mirai Gohan frowned as it seemed Mirai Chi-Chi weren't going to be staying with them. That was until Mirai Chi-Chi spoke. "How about I challenge you to a fight? If you win, I'll leave."

"What?" Mirai Gohan said shocked.

"Chi-Chi, you can't expect to win. Grand Kai is a powerful martial artist. All the other fighters have to train for ten thousand years to get a lesson out of him," Mirai Goku explained.

"I don't care!" Mirai Chi-Chi said defiantly. "This man is threatening to take me from my family forever. If he wants to do that to me, then he's gonna have to fight me and defeat me!"

Mirai Gohan sighed. "She's got that look, Dad."

Mirai Goku nodded. "I know. Once Chi-Chi has her mind set on something, she's not going to stop until she gets it." Mirai Goku laughed. "Funny, that's how she got me."

Grand Kai folded his arms. "You have got to be kidding me. You fight me?"

Mirai Chi-Chi growled. "Do I look like I'm kidding? Come on. Let's fight!" Mirai Chi-Chi yelled and attacked the Grand Kai.

Mirai Goku and Mirai Gohan watched in disbelief as Mirai Chi-Chi punched and kicked the Grand Kai. He of course startled by Chi-Chi attacking him duck and blocked her attacks just barely. He couldn't believe that this woman would attack him--the Grand Kai. He almost got hit by one of the attacks.

'Is she insane?' Grand Kai asked himself. He jumped in the air to avoid Mirai Chi-Chi but she flew in the sky and fought him then too, throwing punches and ki blast. Grand Kai knew the air wasn't safe so he landed. When she landed, Mirai Chi-Chi formed a Kamehameha Wave and fired it on the Grand Kai.

Mirai Gohan gasped in shock. "Mom can fly and perform a Kamehameha Wave?! When did she get so strong?!"

"The other Goku trained her," Mirai Goku explained shock at Mirai Chi-Chi's fighting performance. 'She's gotten better.'

Other fighters started to gather around to see this strange woman fighting the Grand Kai. Grand Kai avoided the Kamehameha Wave, but wasn't quick enough to avoid the kick in the chest Mirai Chi-Chi gave him.

All the warriors gasped in amazement when they saw the powerful Grand Kai to get hit by a woman. He was suppose to be the greatest martial artist and here he got hit by a former martial artist.

Grand Kai caught himself before falling and he continued to dodge Mirai Chi-Chi attacks. 'I can't believe she hit me. The other warriors are watching. This could get even more embarrassing if she hits me again. Hmm, I could hit her but she is Goku's wife and he's more powerful than me unfortunately. That young man's really anxious to fight in the tournament five years from now. Hmm, I think I know of way to end this without looking bad.'

Grand Kai put his hand up signaling for Mirai Chi-Chi to stop. She did. "Well, I was wrong. You have a lot of skills in you and in time you might be a great martial artist like your son and husband. You have great potential. I'll let you stay."

"You mean it?" Mirai Chi-Chi asked excitedly.

"That's great!" Mirai Goku cheered.

"On one condition," Grand Kai warned. "Goku will have skip out on this upcoming tournament and participate in the next one."

"But the next tournament won't be until another fifty years," Mirai Goku said.

"Why does Dad have to sit out on the next tournament?" Mirai Gohan asked.

"Well, Goku did bring his wife here without consulting me and she wasn't on the list of fighters I was expecting. So, there's a penalty for that and I decide the punishment so Goku will have to skip participating in this tournament. If he doesn't want to miss this tournament, then his wife will have to live on that other planet. What will you decide, Goku?" Grand Kai asked.

Grand Kai hid a sneaky grin behind his white mustache and beard. 'Goku will skip this tournament and should he enter the next one, I should be ready for him.'

Goku quickly thought and smiled. "I'll just step out of this tournament and participate in the next one. Fifty years isn't that long."

"Oh, Goku!" Mirai Chi-Chi cried hugging him. For a second there, she thought he would fight but he decided not so she could stay with him and Mirai Gohan. She buried her face in Mirai Goku's chest happy to finally be with her family once more and knowing she will never be separated from him every again.


Goku stepped down on familiar land. Mirai Trunks landed his time machine in the desert where he fought Frieza and his father and later on met Goku and his friends.

"Boy, it's great to be back!" Goku said. "Are you gonna see Bulma and Vegeta again?"

"No, I'm gonna go head back home. There's still a lot of cleanup."

Goku nodded. "The future is in your hands now. Take care it and your mother."

"What about Chi-Chi?" Mirai Trunks asked. "Don't you want me to look in on her?"

Goku shook his head. "Nah. Goku from the future is there and he's going to take care of her now."

Mirai Trunks looked bewildered. "I don't understand. He's only back for a day. How can he take care of her?"

"Goku's taking Chi-Chi back with him to the Other World. Wow. That sounds weird since I'm Goku," he laughed. "But yeah, she will be gone. I was talking to my other self when we went to see Chi-Chi and Goku told me what he had planned to do."

"I see. Well, I guess she'll be happy," Mirai Trunks said. "She seemed to be happy when you were around."

"She was but she missed her family a lot. I doubt if your future will have anymore problem's, Trunks, but if it does, you can always count on me and everyone else to help you out."

"Thanks, Goku. I appreciate that, but I think I can handle anymore threats from now on," Mirai Trunks said. "Goodbye, Goku," he waved and got in the ship.

Goku waved to Trunks as he saw him fly off for one last time. Once Mirai Trunks was gone, Goku took off for his home. Chi-Chi was on his mind as well as what he learned from Mirai Chi-Chi. He couldn't wait to tell Chi-Chi everything and see how much Chi-Chi had grown over the past four months. He also couldn't wait to see Gohan. He was very happy to be with his family again.

Goku landed in front of his home and smiled at the familiar setting. Now how should he let his family know he was home? The usual approach would work. "Chi-Chi! Hey, Chi-Chi! Gohan! I'm back!" Goku yelled.

Goku saw Chi-Chi looking out the window and heard her screaming in excitement. He heard Chi-Chi calling for Gohan and the next thing he knew, the front door slammed opened with Gohan running out to him.

"Dad!" The boy exclaimed happily and hugged his father. "You're back!!"

Goku hugged his young son. "Yep! I told you I would be back." Goku looked up and saw Chi-Chi making her way to him. He knew she would be taking her time knowing the condition he left her in. He smiled seeing her approached with a slightly swollen belly and all smiles across her pretty face.

Goku stepped away from Gohan and embraced Chi-Chi when she reached him. "Oh, Goku, you're finally back!"

"I've missed you, Chi-Chi," Goku said and decided to tease her. "It seems you let yourself go." He placed a hand on her enlarged abdomen and smiled to himself when he felt some movement. "What have you been eating these past months?" he joked.

Chi-Chi laughed and playfully slapped Goku across his chest. "You goof! I'm pregnant!"

"Oh, is that it!" He laughed happily and lifted her up to gently swing her around before placing her back on her feet and kissing her.

"So, Dad, what was it like in the future?" Gohan asked eager.

Goku picked up Chi-Chi and the family entered the house. "To tell you the truth, Gohan, aside from the destruction, it wasn't that different from our world here."


That evening, Goku sat with his family telling them about the future world, his meeting Mirai Chi-Chi, bringing the dragon balls and a new guardian back and bringing Mirai Goku back for a day.

After dinner, Goku and Gohan talked some more about what had happened while Goku was gone while Chi-Chi finished with the dishes. Later on Gohan said goodnight to his parents and went to his room to study a little bit before he went to bed. Goku, now alone with his wife, played with Chi-Chi as she did her work from affectionately touching her stomach, kissing her, hugging her.

Once Chi-Chi was finished with the dishes, Goku and Chi-Chi headed upstairs and talked which lead to them making love and later talking where Goku went into more details about Mirai Chi-Chi's behavior and his time there.

"So, she was very lonely," Chi-Chi said quietly. "I understand. I would've been the same way if I lost you and Gohan. You two are my life."

"But she's happy now," Goku said as he stroke her stomach feeling the strong life in there.

"Yes, she is."

"She also told me about things you experienced, too, like my first death and the real reasons behind your refusal to let Gohan train. Why didn't you tell me?"

Chi-Chi rolled on her side to look at him. "I'm sure my other self told you the reasons why," she said knowingly.

"She did. I still wish you had told me. Things might have been different like it will be from now on," he said seriously. "I want you to tell me anything even if it may go over my head but I'll try to understand." He looked down at the baby growing inside Chi-Chi and rubbed his hand across the stomach. "This baby will give us another chance."

Chi-Chi placed her hand over Goku's, smiling at him warmly. "I know, which is why I did some thinking of my own. When you were gone, I thought about us and I wondered what would've happened if you were gone for good. I realized I made some mistakes in our marriage. You know how I feel about you fighting and it's hard for me to admit it but I have to accept that you and Gohan will be saving the Earth. This madness of some evil threatening the planet just won't end. Fighting to protect is who you are. You love to fight and I can't take that from you because that would be meaning I'll be taking away apart of yourself."

"All my enemies are gone now, Chi-Chi, so I doubt if I ever have to fight again, but even if we want to live in peace now, I still want my child to learn how to fight. I want to pass it down to him."

Chi-Chi smiled and kissed Goku softly. "I know. You can."

Goku's eyes lit up in joy. "You will? What about studying?" Goku asked.

"If Gohan can balance it with his training, then so can this child. I won't force him to study so much like I did with Gohan. There's more to life than studying. I want him to have a childhood, unlike the one I took from Gohan," Chi-Chi said with a frown. She shook her head. "It's in the past now. So, I shouldn't think about it. I should focus on our future with our new baby and all the new things he or she," she added with a smile, "will experience. His life won't be like Gohan's. It'll be happier and peaceful."

Goku smiled agreeing. "You're right. It will be happy and peaceful. It will be a new beginning for both of us."

The End

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