Summary: This is a version of what may have happened on Jackie's summer break in the Carrribean. Warning: It's pretty angst

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. The song is She's Gonna Break Soon by Less Than Jake.

She's Gonna Break Soon:

She's gonna break soon
Gonna break soon
Gonna break soon
She's gonna break soon
Gonna break soon
Gonna break soon
With so many problems in her life it really comes as no surprise
She's gonna break soon
Gonna break soon
She's gonna break

Jackie Burkhardt found herself examining the cracked ceiling of her hotel room. She had found herself in this position a lot since following her mom to the Caribbean for the summer. Jackie could feel her life being pulled out from under her and she had no way of stopping it. Between the problems with Steven, her father, and not to mention her lack of a place to live once she returned to Point Place. Correction. If she returned to Point Place. Jack could feel herself cracking and knew it was only a matter of time before she lost it completely.

Welcome to her busy dizzy life
Of going out and getting high
And following all the latest trends
While shedding all her oldest friends
It's been weeks worth of weekends
when fake I.D.s and fake passions are her best friends.

Jackie sipped on her rum and coke. She was never really a big drinker, but apparently everyone else in the Caribbean was. Her mother's new fling had teenage kids, one boy and two girls. Jackie was not a fan of any of them, but that didn't stop her from spending her Friday and Saturday nights with them, getting wasted at the hotel bar. It wasn't the most fun she ever had, but it was something to do. She hadn't contacted anyone from home, not even Donna. Jackie was not sure what was holding her back from at least making a phone call, but for some unknown reason she could not force herself to pick up the phone.

She's been thinkin' wishin' she could hide
From the girls with the comments passing by
It's the boys in bars on Friday night
That replace the emptiness inside
She'll be spending her whole weekend
Faking laughs and faking smiles with her fake friends

It was no secret that her mother's conquest's daughters did not like Jackie Burkhardt. Jackie just wished that they would keep their comments to themselves. Her nights at the bar were becoming more frequent and her alcohol intake becoming alarmingly high. Jackie knew she was forcing herself closer to the breaking point, but she didn't care. She was becoming really good at putting on a mask for the public. A normal bar patron would probably describe her as "a young, charismatic girl who had a tendency to over drink." The truth was that Jackie no longer felt young, and sure as hell felt anything but charismatic, and she over drank to numb the pain. However, the truth is easily covered with a flirtatious giggle and a flip of the hair.

Promises you made back home
Are crumpled like the goodbye notes
And last night's dirty clothes
Were on the floor next to the phone
And it's been disconnected months ago
No calls from your friends back home
You lost your point of view and now
It's got the best of got the best of got the best of you

Her hotel room is a mess, but she could not force herself to get out of bed to clean. Her mind wandered back to Wisconsin, again. She had promised Donna that she would at least call and check in, but she had yet to do so. Even if she wanted to, she could not. A week ago, her mother had gotten into an argument with the concierge, and as a way of retaliation he disconnected the phone in her and her mother's room. Looking around, Jackie realized how bad her life had gotten, and worst of all she didn't no how to fix it. Not that it really mattered, because Jackie Burkhardt is going to break soon, and she knows it.