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Sex and Drugs

Chapter 1: Late night telephone calls

Rain plastered her hair against her face and puddles splashed water on her bare legs as she ran through them. Fear gripped her heart and forced her to keep going even though her burning lungs screamed for her to stop. She could still hear his drunken yells behind her and as she clenched her eyes shut she could mentally see him jogging far behind with a large bottle of vodka in one hand.

She came to a busy street and anxiously waited for it to be clear all the while looking over her shoulder to see if he was near (ooh! I rhymed!). Once it was safe she sped off again ignoring the hoots and hollers from the perverts and homeless men taking cover under a cardboard box on the side of the street.

She didn't care though, she didn't care about anything other than escape.

It seemed like it took hours to run just a few blocks, and everything was just a giant blur as she ran. By the time she stopped her breath came in short, painful, hungry gasps, and she fell to her knees at the corner of a street, thankful that she finally lost him.

She took a look at her surroundings, just realizing she didn't know where she was. She saw signs for bars, and strip joints all around, and she could have sworn that she saw shady looking men in trench coats trading drugs on the streets.

She was safe from him, but in her current condition she knew she wouldn't last long. Her shirt was torn, her short leather skirt was riding up her legs so far her panties could be seen, and she didn't have any shoes. It was as if she was just asking to be raped.

For the first time in her life she felt lost. After all the things she had gone through, after all the traumas she had suffered then conquered… she finally felt lost. She couldn't go back.

She felt panicked suddenly and almost started hyperventilating and wondered whom she could go to, where she could stay. She knew of one place, but that was far away, and couldn't get there on foot. A taxi, and even a bus was out of the question. She didn't have any money.

Kagome stood up and pulled her soggy, ruined skirt down to save some modesty and trudged forward giving anyone and everyone shifty, wary glances.

She hugged her arms against her semi-bare chest and shivered involuntarily. Then out of the corner of her eye something sparkled under the street lamp. She stopped and looked and then a smile graced her features.

"Money!" She almost laughed at her fortune. It was just enough. Just enough.

"RRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!" The phone to Inuyasha's left woke him abruptly and he swore colorfully as his hands covered his ears. Miroku will get it.

"RRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!" Inuyasha jumped then calmed down and stuffed his hair in his ears then put the pillow over his head. Damn pervert. Get it already!

"RRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!" The persistent and evil phone rang again. Apparently Miroku was thinking the same thing as Inuyasha. Inuyasha growled and his eyes shot open, his face set in a scowl.

"Oy! Miroku! Get the damn phone!" He yelled.

"RRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!" Inuyasha rolled his eyes and stared in annoyance at the phone on his bedside table.

"Why the hell should I get it?! You have a phone two feet away from your head!" Miroku yelled back from down the hallway of their shared two-bedroom apartment.

"BECAUSE I'M LAZY JACKASS!" Inuyasha yelled back. A vein popped out of his neck from the strain.

All was quiet again, the phone wasn't ringing anymore so Inuyasha grinned with one of his fangs over his bottom lip. His ears twitched and began to itch so he took the hair out of them and rested his head against his feather pillow ready to fall asleep again.

For the most part it was quiet, save for the ticking of his clock and the engines from cars on the street below.

He was halfway in and out of dream world where seductive inu bitches fed him ramen in tight, sexy clothing when it happened again.

"RRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!" Inuyasha's bloodshot eyes shot open and he yelled at the top of his lungs.


"I'LL GET IT! DON'T BOTHER GETTING UP, INUYASHA! I'LL GO TO THE NEAREST PHONE! IN THE KITCHEN!" Miroku yelled equally pissed off. Inuyasha smiled triumphantly and closed his eyes.

"HEY! Keep it down up there! People are trying to sleep!" People in the apartment below Miroku and Inuyasha hit the ceiling with a broom to prove their point.


"YEAH! LIKE ME! SO STOP BANGING ON MY FLOOR!" Inuyasha yelled back.

Miroku rolled his eyes as he made his way to the small kitchen in his t-shirt and boxers. He couldn't help but feel pity towards the people in the apartment below and next to them. They go through this torture just about every night and it was always Miroku who gave in and answered the phone. It didn't matter that there was a phone in the bedroom with Inuyasha.

"I should really get a phone in my room." He said out loud.

"H-h-hello?" He answered, trying to stifle a huge yawn.

"Miroku? I-is Miroku there?" It was a young female voice, and it was shaking. Miroku immediately became worried. No, it couldn't be… he thought.

"Speaking. Who's this?" All traces of being tired were gone in an instant.

"It's Kagome. Miroku?" She choked back a sob and repressed a shiver in the cold rain. "Miroku can you come get me? I c-can't go back home. I just can't."

"Why? What's wrong? Tell me what's wrong, Kagome." He gripped the phone tightly with both hands. The shaky voice was not Kagome. She was always so confident, so… brave. Why was she scared?

"I can't go back home, Miroku. I just… can't!" She choked back another sob. What happened to her? I've never seen or heard of her crying, not since her mother died. What happened to make her this upset? Miroku's brows drew close together in concern. There was no background noise on her end of the phone. Where was she?

"Kagome, tell me what happened. Are you okay? Where are you? Tell me!" He demanded.

"He… he… he tried to rape me, Miroku. Now do you understand why I can't go back? I can't!" She began to sob in the phone and Miroku instantly understood why.

Kagome's father. He was a true asshole. Kagome's father. He was a true pervert. Ever since her mother died he'd been a drunk. And every time he got drunk (which was at least a couple times a week) he came on to Kagome. Always suggestively, always trying to touch or kiss…. Or he was always hitting or smacking.

"Where are you, Kagome? I'll come get you. You can stay with me. You'll be safe here." He tried to soothe her and calm her sobbing.

"I don't know where I am. I was running and running… I didn't think, I couldn't see! I don't know where I am! I'm lost and-" she said frantically.

"Hey! Calm down, Kag! Do you see any street names? Or any distinguishing characteristics?"

"It's a bad area, that's all I know. It's dirty, grimy, and there's stripping bars, and prostitutes on the corners, and I swear to god I smelled weed earlier." She cried into the phone.

"But are there any street signs? You're still in Tokyo, right? What are the names of the stores or bars around you?"

"Yeah, I think I'm still in Tokyo, I didn't run that far. Um… there's the Bunny's Best Hang-Out joint and the-"

"Bunny's Best Hang-Out? I know where that is! Shit, Kagome, you're in a bad area. Find someplace where you can see all around you. Uh… find a wall that you can lean against so no one sneaks up behind you."

"Damn it, Miroku! That is not helping! You're not supposed to fucking freak me out more than I already am!" She practically yelled. "How the hell do you know where Bunny's Best Hang-Out is anyway?! It's a stripping bar!"

"Uh… *cough cough* …A friend got drunk there and needed to be…uh…picked up… yeah." He coughed nervously into the phone. "Listen, I'll be there in forty-five minutes, okay? Don't move!" He said firmly.

"Okay, but hurry Miroku, please? I'm scared." Miroku immediately softened at her words. He'd have to risk a speeding ticket tonight. Kagome was one of his best friends, and she was in trouble.

"Don't move, Kagome. I'll be there soon. Bye." He hung up the phone, slipped on some shoes and went to Inuyasha's bedroom door and barged in.

"OY! DON'T I GET SOME FUCKING PRIVACY?! YOU FUCKING LECH!" Miroku's eyes grew wide and he shut the door with a bright red face.

"Gee, sorry, Inuyasha. I didn't know you slept naked. Listen, I gotta go pick someone up at Bunny's Best Hang-Out. I'll be back in a couple hours." Within a few moments the front door slammed shut. Inuyasha rolled his eyes. The entire night was now officially shot. He'd be having nightmares about Miroku getting horny at a strip bar the entire night.

"Pervert. Why the hell does he feel getting horny at a strip bar is more important that a good night's sleep?" He muttered.

He looked at the clock and stared at the 2:36 a.m. for a good minute before groaning. He turned on his lamp and pulled a playboy magazine out from under his mattress.

"Why go to a strip joint when you can get the same stuff right in the comfort of your own bed?" He grinned.

Miroku drove in the rain slowly and looked out the side of his window in search of an older version of the Kagome he remembered. The last time he saw Kagome was six years ago, when she was twelve. Now that she was eighteen she would definitely look differently, and he was having a hard time trying to picture her.

The rain was coming down hard, and people in the streets scurried around with umbrellas and newspapers trying to protect themselves from the harsh, cold rain.

He drove up and down the same street over and over looking for her. He must have seen at least a dozen drunken people and a few prostitutes, and he even recognized some of the strippers from the club.

Miroku pulled the car over right in front of the strip bar, pulled on his jacket and got out of his car. He locked the doors and looked up and down the street for any young female that might look like frightened or scared. He didn't care that he was in his boxers.

He was quite surprised to see a couple and walked in the direction to the nearest one. But then he spotted her. There was no mistaking it. It was literally the twelve-year-old Kagome her remembered but just… older.

Her hair was longer, though, it was black and hung around mid-back and was straight. She was taller, too, and her clothes were a lot more risqué than he thought she would ever consider wearing. She was in a red tank top and a leather mini-skirt without any shoes.

Immediately his face saddened and he slowly walked over to her. It was obvious she was attacked, and even more obvious she had fought back. One of the straps on her shirt was torn and there were stains of some sort on her skirt. Maybe vomit? Her legs were scratched and there was a nasty bruise beginning to form on her arm.

"Kagome?" He asked quietly. Her head shot up startled. She just stared at him disbelieving for a few moments before running to him and wrapping her arms around his neck.

Miroku returned her embrace and let her sob before leading her towards his car. Miroku gave Kagome his jacket, which she gratefully accepted and opened and closed the car door for her.

He got in on the driver's side not too long afterwards and began to drive back to his place. Now that she was safe he took a good look at her.

She had indeed grown up to be a beautiful woman. Even with her puffy eyes and sopping wet hair and torn attire she was still beautiful with her nice curves and full chest.

He clenched the steering wheel tightly and ground his teeth together. He knew that's exactly what Inuyasha would see when he met her. He knew that Inuyasha would try to get in her pants…erm...up her skirt, and that made him mad. There HAD to be some way to prevent her innocence from being shred.

"Um, Kagome? Just to warn you, I have a roommate at my apartment. You're welcome to stay for as long as you like. Hell, you can stay forever," He turned his head to look at her and saw her grin. "but just so you know… I do have a roommate and I don't know how comfortable you are living with two twenty year-old-guys."

"I think I'll manage. Honestly, the abundance of porn can't be worse than my father's collection." Miroku laughed.

"I must also warn you… that uh… he's an inu hanyou, you know… half dog youkai, half human? And, um, he's rather…erm…promiscuous. So please don't be offended if he brings over a couple of girls a month, and PLEASE don't be offended if he tries to come on to you." He said the last part rather quickly hoping that she wouldn't be sickened by the thought.

After a few moments of silence he looked at her face and saw that it was in a frown again. When she spoke it was barely above a whisper.

"As I said. It can't be worse than my father." Miroku felt angered again. More angry at himself than anything. Kagome never went into detail when something at home bothered her so he assumed it wasn't too bad, but after those last two comments he couldn't even begin to imagine what really happened.

The rest of the drive was in comfortable silence. Kagome fell asleep not too long after their short conversation and Miroku let his mind wander. After years of separation he finally had his friend back, even if it was in disturbing circumstances.

They arrived back at the apartment building just before five in the morning, and the sun was already beginning to rise in the east. Miroku gently woke Kagome and led her upstairs to their apartment and showed her around then brought her to his bedroom.

"You can sleep here for now, Kagome. We'll figure out sleeping arrangements a little later, okay?"

Kagome said her thank you and slipped into one of Miroku's large shirts then pulled his comforter over her cold body and fell asleep quickly. She could hear the coffee machine brewing coffee in the distance.

For the first time in ages, she felt completely safe, without having to worry about locking her door or putting something very heavy against her window to prevent her father from getting inside.

Around ten or so Kagome stretched her arms high above her head and smiled while wiggling her toes under the covers. She heard the shower in the background and decided to wait for her turn by searching through the fridge.

She searched through Miroku's dresser and pulled out a pair of boxers and socks and slipped them on. She'd have to go to the bank later on that day. There was no way she'd go back home for clothes and shampoo.

Kagome walked out of the bedroom and down the short hallway and into the kitchen, but what she saw there startled her. She forgot about her new roommate, and highly doubted Miroku told him about her.

Her first impression? Kawaii!! Those dog ears are SO adorable! Ooh, look at that chest…

Her eyebrows rose and a smirk tugged at the corners of her lips. He sat at the counter in nothing but boxers with puppies on them while sipping coffee. His hair was kind of messed up and he had two adorable dog ears perched on top of his head instead of human ears on the side of his head.

She cleared her throat to announce her presence, though she doubted that she needed to with his super hearing. He turned his head and immediately set his cup of coffee down on the counter and let his jaw drop.

Kagome's eyes grew wide. His eyes were… amber.

"Whoa! Miroku scored big time last night! That fucking dog! What's your pen name, angel? Betty Boop? Sweet Two Thangs?" He grinned showing one of his razor sharp fangs. He let his eyes roam over her chest… mentally taking off her shirt….

"Excuse me?" Kagome said not believing what he just said.

"You heard me. What's your pen name and who's your employer? DAMN! You've got it going, angel! How much you charge?" He said.

Her second impression? Why that idiotic…insulting…piece of SHIT!

"I am NOT a prostitute you sick perverted fuck!" She spat. She clenched her fists and glared at him with her wild eyes. His jaw dropped even further.

"Y-You're not?" He suddenly chuckled. "Good one, angel. Seriously, how much you want? I'll pay double." His eyes glinted with laughter.

Something snapped. Being almost raped one night then being called a prostitute the next morning? What the hell was wrong with the world today?!

Kagome walked over to him, looked him in the eye and growled almost primitively. She raised her hand and…


She punched him in the jaw as hard as she could.

Inuyasha sat there, quite stunned, for a few moments before bringing his hand to his face and stretched his jaw.

"Ah! I see you've met Inuyasha, Kagome!" Kagome turned around and stared at a half naked Miroku angrily. "Inuyasha, this is who called last night. She's my friend Kagome. I told you about her before. She's in a spot of trouble so she'll be staying with us for quite a while."

Inuyasha looked at Miroku incredulously before speaking.

"THIS is Kagome? THIS is sweet, adorable, good-girl, twelve-year-old Kagome?!" Miroku grinned like a cheshire cat. I knew I shouldn't have worried. I forgot just how outspoken Kagome could be. He thought. Inwardly his grin grew wider.

Inuyasha's jaw dropped further as he stared at the wild beauty before him.

"Yes, well… she was twelve years old six years ago, Inuyasha. Apparently she's changed from a good-girl to a bad ass. Which reminds me, what did you do to deserve a punch in the face?"

"This son of a bitch called me your prostitute!" Kagome yelled at Miroku.

"Oh, that'll do it." Miroku said finally understanding.

"Yeah…so you never answered my question, angel. How much you want? I'll pay double…" Inuyasha grinned and watched and smelled her anger grow into rage.

"YOU BASTARD!" She punched him in the jaw even harder than the last time and walked to the bathroom and slammed the door.

Miroku walked towards Inuyasha who was sprawled on the floor clutching his face. He looked down at him who looked back with amused eyes and tsked.

"So, what do you think of her, Inuyasha?" Miroku asked as Inuyasha stood up.

"What do I think of her? She's drop dead gorgeous, fiery, and has one hell of a right hook! I love her!"

"That's what I was afraid of." Miroku sighed then continued. "Listen to me and do me a favor. Stay away from her, got that? Stay… away. Don't you dare try to get her into bed with you."

"What do I need a bed for?! There's always the couch, my car… the kitchen table has always been fun in the past…" Inuyasha mused.

"Okay so now I'm threatening you, Inuyasha! STAY… AWAY! I mean it! She's been through WAY too much to have her heart torn apart by you!" Miroku yelled furious at him for once. He walked away and slammed his bedroom door.

"Damn, he's serious! That's the first time he hasn't cheered me on!" Inuyasha spoke to himself. Well now I'm definitely interested. One thing Miroku should have learned by now was to not forbid me to do anything. He knows that I only try harder… heh.

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