Sailor Moon S Chapter 41 "What were we talking about"

It had been days since they left the house and they were no closer to the tower the sailor scouts were starting to feel tired but they cant fall asleep shadow could take there souls

Sailor Moon stared of into the distance hoping to see the sun she missed seeing the seeing it was strange looking the sky was bright but somewhat dim like a big room lit up by tini badly placed light bulb.

I wish I was home sighed Sailor Moon while feeding the squirrel she found before they started this journey farther into the creepiest place in existence

You can say that again said Sailor Venus staring up at the horizon

Sailor Jupiter yawned and nearly fell asleep on her feet tillSailor Mars Yelled Don't slapped her in the face bringing out of the daze and back to reality.

Sailor Mercury ran up to Asakura and asked where exactly are we going?.

We have to talk with the guardian of the Shadow Realm before we go any where else answered Asakura.

Who is this Guardian you speak of asked Sailor Mars.

The guardian I speak of is suppose to keep people from using this Realm as a hiding place like weevil and I don't want to speak her name at this present moment said Asakura in nearly shout

They walked miles till they reached this castle it was made totally of glassed it was so bright in illuminated its surroundings like a sun should.

As they got closer Asakura handed each scout a pair of sunglasses saying put these on

The draw bridge as they got close it opened revealing the entrance it was so beautiful it left all of them in a state of aw.

This is weird she usually greets her guest there something wrong here stay behind me while we are inside said Asakura

Inside the castle was sheer beauty and it was so clean you could probably eat off the floor if you wanted. Too which was creepy in such a land of darkness and despair

A door opened in front of in front of them and Asakura gestured the scout to stay behind him as they got closer to the door.

When they were inside there was this girl with green hair in a violet sailor scout uniform she was talking to herself with a puppet.

Who dares enter the domain of the great Sailor Pluto guardian of the Shadow Realm said the Puppet in a high pitched voice.

Yeah Mr. Schwarzenegger they shouldn't be here its forbidden to enter this castle said Sailor Pluto nodding at the puppet

Its me Said Asakura. While thinking about the state of mine his friend and worried about it.

Sailor Pluto just ignore him and continued talking with her puppet.

I can see how they got away with hiding in the Shadow its guardian has become insane.

My master is in perfect health said the puppet.

Yes Mr. Schwarzenegger I am in perfect health and what are you talking there are no one hiding in my realm said Sailor Pluto.

There is a tower full of bad people known as Nemesis lead by a evil man named Weevil said Sailor Senna calmly

That Tower has always been there as far as I Remember said Sailor Pluto towards her puppet.

No it hasn't that building was on a earth two months ago how can you be so stupid Shouted Sailor Senna

What were we talking about again said Sailor Pluto sounding confused said Sailor Pluto

Sailor Senna through hands up in the air in total frustration and says she is a total ditz.

Don't be to harsh The Shadow Realm seems to have an on effect on her mind its not her fault said Sailor Moon

I don't care I want to rescue Kaiba and if she cant help us we better get going more time we waste the more of a chance he will be dead when we get there shouted Sailor Senna.

Look with her help we can teleport closer to the where we want to go said Asakura.

Now I remember the Tower your talking about and I can take you to it as long you do me one favor said Sailor Pluto

What do you want asked Sailor Moon. Get Mr. Schwarzenegger and I the hell out of here shouted Sailor Pluto

Yes this place gives me the creeps said the puppet in a shivering motion.

Oh great we are now gonna have to travel with a schizophrenic ventriloquist said Sailor Mars in a sigh.

You have a deal said Sailor Moon grimacing at the idea with this lunatic scout .

Now were is my staff said Sailor Pluto looking around the room

Now what I was looking for said Sailor Pluto

Your looking for you magic staff said the puppet

Thank you Mr. Schwarzenegger said Sailor Pluto smiling

Now I remember where I was cracking nuts with it but the only problem I don't know where I was doing that said Sailor Pluto scratching.

Sailor Pluto starts to run around looking for her staff and several times had been reminded by her puppet what she was doing like the puppet was another person entirely. It took her an hour to find it, which made Sailor Senna very upset.

All of a suddenly a bang ran through the castle knocking some of the sailor scouts over Next thing that happened was the door bursting from it frame.

A bunch of warrior dressed in white uniforms entered the room and surrounded them they all had black crescent moons on there foreheads.

Hi I was looking forward to meeting the legendary Sailor Scout but imp disappointed I expected great warrior and all I find it a bunch whining girls said voice coming from the door

A figutre walked in dressed almost like the other warriors but his uniform had some red too it and he had red stripes on his face.

I am Prince Sesshômaru General off the Elite armies of Nemesis said Sesshômaru.

Sesshômaru walked passed them all then said cat got your tongue.

Sailor Mars charged Sesshômaru but had to dodge in time to stop herself from being slice when Sesshômaru put his sword in her path. Sailor Senna was about to charge him to when he put a dagger to Sailor Mars throat and stay where you are.

Capture them my minions said Sesshômaru

A girl appeared beside Sesshômaru and said you are suppose to kill them.

Ill kill them later Prisma.

No you will kill them now shouted Prisma.

Sesshômaru walks up to Prisma and just stabs her his hand right through her chest raining gore onto the wall and lets the dead body fall to the ground and evaporated in sparking lights. While saying I do what I want to do I don't listen to little pests like you.

The scouts tried to use this distraction and charge but were shove into a wall by an invisible force then The sailor scouts were striped of their weapons and escorted out of rhe castle all tied up.

-Cherry Hill Shrine-

It was getting on another day with out any sign of her sister Ashlique I guess she never cared about me at all thought Rika staring oy=ut the window.

Who whould care anything about me I guess she left me too like everyone else shouted Rika.

I wish everything would just fade away let it all fade away so I don't have to deal with the pain any more shouted

Yes let everything fade away let this sad world let it fade away said a voice from the darkness

Who are you and what do you want from me said Rika

But there wasn't a reply the only sound out there was the wind and the sound of bird in the distance.

It was probably just in her head thought Rika looking out into the distance

-To be Continued- Sailor Moon season 1 funny moments till she was standing in the middle of a disco dance floor. And then people appeared dancing with the song Dance Magic playing. In the middle of them was Jarith. You remind of the babe the babe with the power said Jareth as he said this all the dancers were sucked into a vacuum cleaner and it exploded too. This is so insane said Sailor Moon as she stared walking on.