This is A Sequel to the fanfiction "The White Warrior and The Angel of Destruction". IF you have not read the prequel, I strongly suggest that you do. Many things in this story will not make sense if you do not.

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Glossary: Koishii=Dear/Darling, Baka=Fool/Idiot, Kami-sama=Diety, Takuni=Dog/Raccoon, Saiai=Beloved, Aijou=Love, Sakobatou=Reverse Blade Sword, Aishiteru=I Love You, Anata=Beloved Husband, Aisai=Beloved Wife, Okaasan=Mother, Hinokagusuchi=God of Fire,


Born in The Flames

Chapter 1


An ear splitting scream shattered the cool breezy air of the late spring night, and the few sparrows that had been dozing in the cherry tree growing in the yard were frightened into wild flight as they

chirped and squawked in angry surprise. Another scream followed and was quickly followed by another and then another.

"KENSHIN! YOU BAKA.... DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN AS LONG AS I LIVE... I SWEAR IF YOU EVER COME NEAR ME AGAIN, I'LL CUT IT OFF! I SWEAR TO KAMI-SAMA I WILL..... EEEEIIIIIAAAAA! OH GOD IN HEAVEN... KENNSHHIN!" She gripped the sheets laying over her damp body with so much strength and malice, that Kenshin was almost certain she was wishing it were his neck she was twisting and not the cloth. His face turned pale at that thought.

"MIGUUUMMMIII.... AAAAAAAAAAEEE!" Kaoru lay panting, covered with sweat and tears, and trembling violently on the futon she shared with her husband as she labored hard through the pains and emotional upheaval of giving birth to their son. "KENJI!" She cried in terrified anguish. "PLEASE, JUST COME OUT! I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE.... I JUST CAN'T!"

Kenshin knelt worriedly next to his near hysterical wife tenderly but firmly rubbing her lower back and crooning gentle words of love and encouragement to her. "Try to relax, koishii. Things will go better if you relax and do not fight the pain. Is that not so, Migumi-san? It will be better for her if she relaxes?" Kenshin shot a frantic look at the dark haired doctor who was more like family than a physician to them; however, the Kenshin-gumi did run to her with every ache, pain, and scratch that came along ever since she had returned from Aizu a few months previous.

When Migumi had recieved Kenshin's letter about Kaoru's pregnancy and the difficulties she had been having with back aches and premature contraction pains, she had temporarily abandoned her pratice in Aizu and rushed back to Tokyo to be with her 'sister'. The pregnancy had gone badly as Migumi had feared it would, and Kaoru had spent the last four months in bed flat on her back fighting to keep her and Kenshin's precious son. She had battled through intermittent episodes of bleeding that had threatened to wash the fetus from her womb, and she had suffered hours upon hours of labor-like contractions as she fought with her body to preserve the life it seemed so intent upon destroying. The months had passed by slowly and painfully and they had all been waiting anxiously for this moment, but now that it was here, no one seemed to be very happy about it. Least of all Kenshin or Kaoru.

She had been screaming and heaping all sorts of obscenities and foul curses upon his head for the last four hours since her labor had shifted into the last transition, and the contractions were gradually but steadily coming much closer together and becoming much harder.

Migumi had started Kaoru pushing about an hour ago, but so far nothing seemed to be happening, and she was becoming more like a wild animal than the rational loving woman Kenshin knew as his wife. He had been setting next to her watching in horrified amazement as her bulging abdomen contracted into a rock hard mound of muscle causing her whole body to wrench in response while her legs spasmed uncontrollably, and then, just as suddenly, everything would relax. It was during these new contractions that she had started to scream and fight the pain and waste her energy.

"Yes, Ken-san." Migumi nodded absently answering his feverishly spoken question. "It would be much better if Kaoru relaxed. If she does not try to conserve some energy, she is not going to be strong enough to push the baby out when the time comes."

Kenshin's poor worried amethyst eyes nearly bulged out of his head as he wondered in terror how they would get the baby out if Kaoru could not push him out on her own. Frantically, he doubled his efforts to calm the raging beast that was his writhing wife. "You must try to calm yourself, Kaoru-aijou. You must try to focus on something else besides the pain, and try to gain some control. Try putting your mind to work thinking about something calming and soothing like a quiet mountain stream or the ocean waves... That is it! You love the Ocean, koishii. Think about the Ocean and how the waves always calm and soothe you. Try to imagine how they sound when they splash up against the hull of the ship and..."


Kenshin reared back from the fierocity of her visage and vehemence, and turned a stricken face to Migumi for suggestions. The pretty doctor just shrugged and tried to explain.

"She is beyond logical reason, Ken-san. Right now the pain is such a tremdous stressor on her body that all of her natural defenses are so confused she will see everyone and everything as an adversary... especially you, because she perceives you as responsible for everything that is happening to her at this moment."

"Me?" He squeaked. "What did I do?"

"What do you think, Stupid?" Migumi started to laugh at the look of horrified innocence on the red haired Samurai's face. "You got her pregnant in the first place, you big dummy."

"Oh." He squeaked again and turned as red as his hair. "I sort of forgot about that part of it. I guess." A weak smile curved half of his handsome mouth. "I never thought about it that way. I guess it is sort of my fault now that I think about it from that point of view. No wonder she is so pissed off at me."

Migumi continued to chuckle until another fierce contraction seized Kaoru pulling her hips clear off the futon as it tore through her vitals like Kenshin's sakobatou. The pregnant woman was gritting her teeth viciously against the terrific pain, but only a strangled groan escaped her as she struggled to try and regain some sense of control over this agonizing hell that used to be her body.

"I can see the head!" Migumi shouted in exuberance as her dancing blue eyes met the exhausted blue ones of the woman she was trying to help and encourage. "I can see his head, Kaoru, your son is about to be born, but he needs your help. He cannot do it alone." She reached out and grabbed Kaoru's damp trembling hand and squeezed it reassuringly. "I am here to help you, Ken-san is here to help you... you are not alone in this. Do you understand?" Kaoru nodded and weakly squeezed back. "All right then, I want you to do exactly what I tell you. I want you to set up and grip your knees, and when the next contraction hits, I want you to bear down and push as hard as you can. Do you understand me? As hard as you can, Tanuki." Kaoru nodded again her blue eyes huge blue saucers in her pale face. "Now, Ken-san get behind her and help her sit up."

Kenshin quickly scrambled behind his trembling and sweat-wet wife and helped her raise up into a setting position with her knees drawn up to her chest and spread wide, and his hands holding her shoulders in a strong but gentle grasp. He firmly supported her back against his muscular chest and cradled her head inside the curve of his shoulder and neck while he pressed his cheek lovingly against her cold clammy one.

"You can do this." His gentle voice whispered into her small ear. "I am right here with you, and I know you can do this.... WE can do this together, Saiai. We can do anything together, Kaoru, you know we can." Kaoru turned her sweat and tear stained face to look into his soft violet eyes, and then dropped her damp forehead against the line of his jaw as her hand lifted to caress the cross-scar on his opposite cheek.

"Aishiteru, Anata." She said in a tender tearful voice that was tinged with fear.

"Aishiteru, Aisai." He replied and pressed a tender kiss on her damp forehead. "Aishiteru, Saiai-okaasan." A small sob escaped her as the words fell from his lips. Beloved Mother he was calling her. It was so close now. So close to the moment she could hold Kenji in her arms instead of inside her body. So soon....

The contraction hit with such a malevolent force that Kaoru nearly blacked out, but the pure strength of her indomitable will refused to give in to the pain. Instead, she grabbed her knees like Migumi was yelling at her to do, and, sucking in a deep breath and holding it, bore down with every ounce of strength she had left and pushed until she saw tiny blue and white stars in front of her eyes.

"That is it. Push.... keep pushing... the head is coming... it's coming... push Kaoru..." Then the contraction was over, and Kaoru collapsed back against Kenshin her breathing deep and ragged in her chest. "You did well." Migumi smiled in proud encoragement. "Do it again just like that when the next pain comes, and I will have his head out all the way. Hell, I might even get his shoulders if we're luckey."

"Again...." Kaoru looked as if she might burst into tears as she digested the fact that Migumi wanted her to do what she had just done all over again. "I-I... can't... " It was an agonized whisper coming from the deepest part of her terrifed soul. "M-M-Migumi?"

"Yes, you can, Tanuki. If you do not, this baby is not going to get born." Hard narrow blue eyes met Kaoru's exhausted sapphire gaze. "Now pull yourself together Himura Kaoru, and finish this. Your son is waiting to meet his parents."

As Migumi finished speaking, the thundering sound of a huge explosion screamed through the world around them, and the ground beneath their knees shook and vibrated wildly. Three sets of wide rounded eyes met in puzzled fear, and then grew huge with confusion and terror as the sounds of another deafening explosion struck near by, and then another and another. Each frightened mind registered four explosions altogether, and knew by the volume of each one that they were very close to the dojo.

"Kenshin??" Kaoru turned a terrified face to her husband. "What was that?"

"I do not know." He replied as his eyes swiftly changed to a wary amber, and he reached for his sakobatou preparing to protect everything that was most precious to him, but then a strange sound reached out and touched his sensitive Battousai ears. His red head cocked carefully to one side, and he closed his eyes and concentrated intently for a moment. "It has started to rain." He whispered in a very quiet voice. "Listen," Opening his eyes, which were once again a rich deep violet, he looked upward at the ceiling. "If it is raining, then that could have been thunder and lightning we heard."

"Lightening? But it was so close." Migumi's worried gaze looked around the small sleeping room that had been turned into Kaoru's birthing room. "What if there is fire, Ken-san?"

"You are right, it was very close, but it does not seem to have struck anything that close to us. I cannot see any flame relfections through the walls, and I do not smell smoke either." As he looked into the faces of the two frightened women, he smiled reassuringly at them. "It will be alright. Even if there is a fire, I am certain the rain will put it out. That I am. So try not to worry."

Then just at that moment, the fear of fire became a secondary concern as another vicious contraction gripped Kaoru's exhausted womb. Valiantly she leaned into it with Kenshin's help and tried to push as hard as what strength she had left would allow. "Kami..." She sobbed as her head reared back on her neck and pulled her mouth open in a silent scream of agonized entreaty. "Help me!" She cried and pushed until the veins and cords stood out in her neck like huge bones. "KENNNSSHHINNN!"

"You can do this, Kaoru!" Kenshin's voice was fierce and strong in her ear while he cradled her head against his neck and held her body upright against his chest as she fought to birth their son. "I know you can do this, koishii... you are the strongest fiercest woman I have ever known, and I know you can finish this. Bring our son into the world and give him his first breath of life. I am here with you and I always will be. Finish this, saiai. Push Kaoru... Push... Push!"

Kaoru leaned into the strength of her husbands love and the power of his spirit-ki as is reached out from his heart and engulfed her, and, tucking her chin to her chest, pushed with all her might and soul to free the infant from her body.

"I have him!!" Migumi shouted in excitement as the slick little body slid free into her practiced hands, and then just at the same exact moment, another great bolt of blinding white lightening laced elegantly down from the heavens and struck the center of the old gnarled cherry tree in the yard. A tremendous explosion heralded the splitting of the the heavy trunk as a tremendous shower of sparks and looping tendrils of flames flew outward in every direction from the hardened wood as it groaned and protested the violation, but then it gave in beneath the superior force and split halfway down the middle. A great smoking blackened scar was left behind as a testiment to the passage of the mighty elemental power, and proof of its benevolance in sparing those living souls huddled together inside the small room. Then within all the chaos and spectacle of thunder and fire, the loud bousterous cry of a newborn babe rose high and strong as it answered the challenge of Destiny's Call.

The Mighty Hand of Hinokagusuchi had come to witness the birth of the son of Mother Earth's White Warrior, and It had left its mark of approval and acceptance of the boy burned deeply into the center of the heavy trunk of the old cherry tree.

The burning soul of Himura Kenji, Sacred Sword and son to Heart of the Sword, had been ushered into the land of the living within the purity of the holy embrace of The Hand of Fire's white flames.

The Holy Warrior of Truth and Honor.

The Hand of Justice and Punishment.

The Sword of Lightening and Fire.

The Beloved of The White Fire had been born.

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