Sadistic Obsession

My blue eyes

Shining with strange light

As I gaze

Upon my victims.

They fall before me.

They are afraid.

My decayed face

Reflecting my sadistic glee

Causing them to screech

In a wretched horror

All of them will die

In the same brutality as I did.

The darkness caresses them harshly

And death embraces them

As they are pulled away

And so am I.

The television will crackle with static

And I will emerge from my personal Hell.

And then back to the watery abyss

My eternal grave

Where I will lie there

In the cold stillness.

You have seven days

To purify yourselves from the curse.

Till next time,

And then I will come

To enact my revenge

Once again.

My soul has been taken,

All I have…is my final wish…

Of an ultimate reprisal.

Because everyone knows…