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PLOT: Someone gets abused, then that person needs help. She goes to the most likely person, but there long friendship takes a strange turn.

.·:*:·.Crushed by Love.·:*:·.



He thrust her against the wall again. Her pain become sharp, and she let out a shriek, but he hit her in the face. She lay on the ground in a daze,
but he picked her up. She warned him not to start again, but he didn't
start. He wanted to talk.

"Honey, if you keep that job, I'm going to have to keep hurting you, and I don't want to have to do that. But, as long as that job stays, you continue to be hurt. I'm going now. I'm going to be back at 6:00 sharp for dinner."

She sat and did not say anything.


"Okay. Go to work"

He leant in to kiss her, but she winced. She didn't want to kiss him. He hurt her. He didn't love her, and she was hurt. She didn't want a kiss. She
sat entranced by the beautiful morning sun. She cleaned her self up and whimpered & shook on the couch. She reached for her wedding album to remind
her of the happy days, but she cut short and fell to the floor.

The happy days were well over.


Work life sucked. Having to run around writing articles all day was hard work. Her dream was a shambles, and life sucked. However, her day lit up when she found out she was going to interview a major star, and had been accepted for the job in Australia. Life has finally got back on track. As she pulled her car out of the traffic and in to the country air the moment
was pulled short by her phone. She pulled over.


"He hit me Lizzie, he hit me!"

"Who hit you?"

"John! He hit me!"

"What? He hit you? Miranda get out of there!"

"I can't! He's locked me in the house again and I can't go to work!"

"Miranda call the police."

*Dial Tone*

What the hell? He hit her?

She turned into the court; she had to do this interview. There was no turning back. But there was Miranda. Miranda. Poor innocent Miranda. She was hurt, but she could not help. But unfortunately work meant the most at
the current moment. She strolled up to the front door ready for the
interview. This was where the rest of her career lay.

*Ding Dong!*

"Hello? May I request what has your appearance got to do with?"

"Oh hi, Lizzie McGuire, reporter. I have an appointment with Miss Chambers"

"Madame Chambers! Now come through and please wait. She is having tea in the garden, so I need to get her."

What the hell am I doing here? Miranda needs my help!


I got up. I have to be strong. Lizzie can't help me; I have to fight on my
own. This is my battle, and no-one else's. I'll do some work, the calm
down. H only hit me, he won't do it again.

I know he wont, he's my husband. I trust him.

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