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CHAPTER 6 OF CRUSHED BY LOVE: What can I be thankful for?

NOTE: Well, this chapter is going to be about thanksgiving, and because I live in Australia, I'm not too familiar with thanksgiving, but I'll give it my best shot to try and write a thanksgiving lunch. If I totally mess it up, please post it in your review!


As I look down at my chest for the first time in a while, I see those red scars. Traitor. Traitor in Spanish, I was going to see that fault of character forever. Traitor. What a bastard.

We'll thank the battle scars.

Today was Thanksgiving. The day I got to go home, to Lizzie's. Not the most appropriate day to get discharged from hospital, but with the help of Matt, I might have a good day. I sat myself down and had a think about the past few months that I call my marriage. Not much of a marriage, but still. How can you call a marriage with a bastard husband love? You can't. Lizzie said that she'd love me, but as if that'd laugh, she was so caught up in her own life, she didn't need to take on mine. But as Lizzie said to me the day I woke up here, together forever.

"Miranda? Hello? Earth to Miranda!"

"Oh hey Matt."

"Come on Miranda, I know you're not too crash hot about the idea, but it'll be fun! Lizzie's great at cooking, and you'll be full for weeks to come, make the most of it sunshine!"

"What the hell is that meant to mean?"

"Have fun." Matt whispered and he then pulled me into a tender hug. He held me ever so gently, so nicely, he made me feel wanted for a little while, until Matt realized it was twelve, and we were late.

I never realized how careful a driver Matt was, he handled the road excellently, but in the last five minutes of our trip, I realized I had thought wrong, Matt sped down a whole load of side streets to get to Lizzie's in time to be under 15 minutes late, but as everyone knew, Matt is so unpredictable.

As I got out of the car, Matt took my hand. This was going way to fast for comfort! But I wanted too feel wanted, is that a crime? He took me onto the verandah and pulled me close.

"Remember what I said Sanchez, have fun"

I groaned and Matt rung the doorbell.

"Matt! Miranda!" Lizzie shrieked

"Hey Lizzie." Matt & Miranda chimed in perfect unison.

"I see your timings improving little brother, only fifteen minutes late!"

"Why thank you Lizzie" Matt joked while receiving a peck on the cheek from Lizzie.

"Oh Miranda, great to have you back!" Lizzie cried, and she took Miranda into her arms and squeezed her tight. She then gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and invited the two in. Matt popped Miranda's bag down in the spare room and led Miranda to the back of the house where the celebration was taking place. Matt failed to notice the worried look on her face.

As the two strolled into the back room, it seemed quiet. There were ten places set at Lizzie's quite large dining table. Everyone was sitting around. Lizzie suddenly exclaimed:

"Now I present you with Matthew McGuire and Miranda Sanchez!"

Mum, Dad, Jo, Sam, Howard, Roberta & Gordo all presented me with hugs as they turned around. I hate it when people crowd me, but it was thanksgiving after all.

Jo was asked to say grace, and following that, Lizzie came out with the first course. Prawn Cocktails. The doctor said to watch what I eat, but it was thanksgiving after all, so what the heck. We received Turkey & roast vegetables for main, and Pavlova and Chocolate Cherry Ice cream for dessert. Matt was right. Lizzie does cook like a dream.

We went round the table and said what we were most thankful for, I told everyone what they wanted to hear, thanks for supporting me in this time of need etc. But really, what did I have to actually be thankful for? I know it was selfish to think like that, but I just felt that way.

The next few hours was filled with dancing and talking, we reminisced about everything, but I could tell that everyone tried to steer quite clear of weddings and anything regarding the whole subject of marriage. Just for my sake. After we said our goodbyes, Matt, Lizzie & I were on the couch absolutely knackered. What a day thanksgiving had turned out to be. I also admit I had fun. I had a lot of fun, in fact I'd had the best load of fun I'd had in ages, but it still didn't make me happy. Lizzie left the room to start clearing up, and she left Matt & I alone.

Typical Lizzie.

"So Sanchez, have fun?"

"Yes Matt. You win. I did have fun."

"Aw, what did I tell you?"

"I'd have fun!" I mimicked in a boyish tone.

Suddenly, I felt the space close in further between us. I knew what was going to happen, after months of flirting at the hospital, this must what be feels right and also, Lizzie said that Matt liked me, but really the last thing I needed was a relationship! Look how my last one ended, for instance.

It's amazing how much you can bond with someone just when they come to visit your hospital bed each day. Flirting had also become apparent for a while, but as I say, it's not a crime to want to feel wanted. We were so close; I could feel Matt's body heat so much. I bet he could feel mine. As we were about to start the lip lock, we both knew it was wrong, it was way too soon. I hadn't even got divorced yet for cries sake! Anyway, Lizzie saved the day when she walked back into the room.

"So guys, enjoy thanksgiving?"

"Yes." We both spat out in angry tones.

"Okay then, Matt, why don't you help me with the washing, I think we need to let Miranda rest."

Well, Lizzie wasn't the most discreet at doing things, but I was tired. I lay my head down and closed my eyes. I hoped that it wouldn't be a nightmare again.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~


"Matt, what on earth happened back there?"

"Don't you start!"

"Okay. I'll respect you & Miranda's privacy. But if you ever need to talk I'm here."

"Thanks sister, that means a lot to me."

"Pleasure little brother; now let's get these dishes cleaned up."

Lizzie and I picked polite conversation, and while I was awkward to talk, Lizzie was quite happy to just blabber on and on. She had a habit to do that when awkward times came up. She did mean well though. I had taken it with Miranda way too fast. I mean, it's not like I could've exactly stood up and objected at the wedding now could I?

About two hours after washing up and talking to Lizzie over coffee, I decided to leave. I gave my sister a hug and told her I loved her and gave Miranda a kiss on her cheek while she was sleeping while Lizzie was outside feeding her dog, Jaws.

When I approached home, I slumped on the couch and had a long think.

What was to become of Miranda and I?

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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