Chapter 1 Athras all ways been and had a simple life never every much happened she was happy of course. Her mum and dad where still to gather and happy. Her mum was very simple tall with a likening for chocolate Athra never could figure out how she stayed thin. Her dad was thin to and he hated chocolate her mum and dad often fowt about why he dident like it (it was more joking then any thing else) this made Athra laugh and she often made fun of them. Athra all so had a younger sister how hated Athra. Athra could never quite figure out why she dident like her she got more stuff then her and got on with mum and dad better. Athra had a fear of her sister she whacked her all the time and was sure she was planning her death but when Athra got she stopped thinking about and thought if she's going to kill me then I better not waste time. One Friday when her mum and dad where working and her sister was still at school or at a friends house she really dident care she was just happy she wasent her. Athra got home early a friend gave her a lift home and she had a key so she let her self in. Athra had been in the house alone befor but she felt a little more jumpy she dident now why. She got changed out of her school close and did her homework quickly. After she had done all her homework she decided she would look in her sisters room. Athra walked over and knocked the door open thinking that she would have some sort of guard dog or some thing her sister was only 7 and she often felt stupid being afraid of her but she couldn't help it. When she went in she surprised to see in very tide. She was about to walk in when she heard a thump on the front door she closed the door quikly thinking it was her sister. She ran down stairs and ran in the front room and sat down trying to make it look like she had been there the hole time. She heard anouth bang and new it wasent her sister she couldent hit some thing that hard shed try but she still wouldent be able to hit it that hard. She got up and walked to the window to see if she could see how was at the front door she saw it was lieing open and sure anouth she could fell a draft for the front door. Athra could fell her self starting to panic. She ran up the stairs and looked over the banister to see if she could see how was in the house she saw a man dressed in black about to walk up the stairs he looked up and looked straght at her. Athra screemed and ran in the her room and locked the door and lend agaist it she turn around to see the man behind her. He hit her on the back of the head and she fell to the ground.

Chapter 2

Athra woke up in a white room it had a glass door. She was lieing against the wall and was wearing a white coveralls. Athra put her hand on the back of her head it was sore and she felt bizzy. She looked up to the glass door to see a tall blond haired man looking down on her