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A woman ran desperately down the deserted streets. Thunder and lightning crashed across the night skies, and heavy rain beat down on the rooftops. The woman stopped, and, turning around, raised a hand to her rain streaked face. A grey hood hid what might have been seen of her face and a cloak similar to that of a royal robe covered the rest of her body. With such a cloak, just about all of her body was hidden from view, minus the arm that protected the exposed face.

In the distance, a figure came out of the night shadows. Smaller than the woman in size and stature, he looked about 12 or 13 years old. He was also cloaked in a similar fashion, head covered with a hood. He ran through the rain, running as quick as he could, trying to catch up with the woman ahead.

"Come on! Keep up with me! Don't get lost! Come on!" The woman spoke with a slightly accented voice, grabbing the boy's hand, pulling them forward. He ran alongside her as best as he could, stumbling slightly as he went, as the true form of what they were running from loomed out of the shadows.

"You cannot get away." It hissed in a scathing voice. "You will be hunted down and tortured to the death!" Strong ropes of pure darkness shot out, and grabbed the woman around the ankle, waist and wrist. One other was inches from wrapping itself around her neck, but slid away at an order of its master.

"No! Do not kill her! She is needed!" The woman screamed and cried as she was dragged backwards, the boy pulling at the tight ropes. But they could have been steel and there would have been no difference.

"Please! Let me go! At least spare him!" Her cries echoed around the thin alleyway they had run into, the full extent of the force dragging her away released. The boy followed, screaming to the woman, pleading with the powers of darkness to let her go.

The woman was swallowed by the force, taken away from the one she was sworn to protect. She had failed him. He was left alone in the alleyway, crying for his guardian. Stumbling forward, he met the waters edge after several minutes. Titans Tower was only just visible through the thick mist that had descended.

"Help! Please, somebody help!" He fell to the ground, a brisk wind blowing back his hood. The outline of his boyish features shone through, and the redness of his demon skin gave off a faint tinge in the darkness.


Back at Titans Tower, the high tech computers had picked up the demon boy's presence. Hearing his pleas for help, it immediately sent out a signal to all of the Titans. Robin darted into the main room where the details were, and awaited the others arrival. When they dragged themselves in, still sleepy, as it was technically 2.34am in the morning, he barked out his orders.

"Titans! Lets go! There's been a call for help on the other side of the lake, towards the East. Move it, come on!" They gradually shook themselves awake, and prepared to leave.

As the Teen Titans, it was their duty to be on call 24/7. This did tend to make certain members, involving a green skinned changeling, and a red haired alien, very sleepy. The two now took flight, followed by Raven, who seemed slightly drowsy, but on the whole, awake.

The wind blew violently and ripped through anything loose. Starfire's hair was ruffled all over the place, and even Raven's hood was blown backwards with the wind. They spotted the dark figure struggling, moving ever closer to the waters edge. With the rain beating down, and the violent winds, the demon could not see where he was going, and was dangerously close to falling in and surely drowning.

"Raven Starfire! Quickly, stop him from falling in!" Robin shouted his orders above the dangerous tidal waves that were threatening to roll in and sweep them all into the lake. The demon, which was now aware of the Titans presence, stared up at them, unsure of whether they were here to help him or not. Starfire attempted to get closer to him, in order to pull him away, but she was too light, and the wind swept her back. She ended up in Cyborg's arms, who had rushed forward to catch her.

"Ahh! Help me please!" The demon, speaking with an unusual accent, was soaked to the skin, and seemingly unable to move, was in danger of being dragged into the lake by an oncoming tidal wave. He tried to crawl away, but the wave fell downwards in a smooth movement and crashed down onto where the demon was –

two seconds ago, as Raven had darted down and pulled him out of the way in time. He clung to Raven's wet form, her sleek body clearly visible through the equally soaked leotard. She put an arm around him to prevent him slipping, and battled her way back to the drenched shoreline. With her hood blown off, the demon could see Raven's face clearly, and easily noted her focused look as she fought through the wind.

"Who, who are you?" Raven suddenly froze. She nearly fell out of mid air. She knew that voice. She definitely knew that voice.

"Don't talk now. We'll discuss how we saved your guts later." Raven gripped him tighter, making sure he wouldn't fall.

As they neared the puddles of water where the others were, Cyborg stretched up his arms to catch them, and Raven gladly accepted his guidance. Upon landing, the demon wouldn't let go of Raven, despite several complaints by Raven, and several reassurances that he was safe.

"Come on man! Let go of Raven! I'm pretty sure she isn't happy with you clinging to her." Cyborg persuaded once more. Darkness still reined the skies, and mist clouded the new day. Eventually giving up, Raven pulled her tired body back to the Tower with the demon attached.

"I think that Raven would much appreciate it, if you could disattach yourself from her please?" Starfire, who had not spoken much due to have a slight concussion from the fall by the shoreline, had at long last managed to walk. They yawned, and sleepily half walked half stumbled back to the Tower, the demon whimpering slightly and clutching at Raven. She had long ago given up trying to get him to remove himself from her.

"Man, I'm beat. Can we please go back to bed now?" Cyborg complained, whilst dying off the visible flesh areas of skin on his body with a towel.

"We all want to, but we have to work out what to do with the guy we brought back. Besides, we need to work out how we can help him, and why he was there." Robin replied.

The demon was hiding under Raven's cloak, but she had been unable to remove so she could change her clothes. She looked very tired now, and was equally snappy. Eventually, with considerable force, she summoned up her powers and blasted the demon off her. In the struggle, his grey cloak was thrown off his shoulders. He stood there for a minute, as the Titans took in the appearance of him.

"Okay. You're not any relation to Slade by any chance are you?" Beast Boy, still cracking jokes at 4.11am, slid up, and took all of the things about the terrified being.

"Who..who's Slade?" The demon shivered with slight cold, and scrabbled about on his cloak for an opening. He had red skin, with various black henna type markings about him. His eyes were the same 4 that Trigon, Raven's father had, and a similar gem shimmered on his forehead. His hands were more of those of a cat or dog, than of a human, his feet in a similar fashion. In short, he was almost the same as Raven and Trigon put together. Perhaps the most intriguing, noticeable feature about him however, was the slender, slick looking tail that curled about his body, ending in a sort of crystal shape.

"Whoa! He's, he's a sort of demon guy!?!?" Beast Boy inquiringly studied him.

Raven, who had been excessively rubbing her eyes, and taking sips from the mug of herbal tea she'd got, looked up at that.

"Of course I'm a demon! Why else would I look like this?!?!"

"Well, you might be a freak like Beast Boy, but other than that, you appear to be from another dimension or something." Cyborg studied the demon, amid shout of complaint from Beast Boy.

"I am NOT a freak!"

"No, you're not. You're a changeling demon." The demon answered. Everyone stared in his direction, as he finally got his cloak to go on. He pulled the wet cloth around him, his tail slightly poking out.

"Beast Boy can only change his shape. He isn't a demon." Everyone was surprised at this response from Raven.

 4 inquiring eyes focused on Raven from the demon boy. It was slightly difficult to decide whether he was thinking or musing. Eventually, eyes narrowing in curiosity, he spoke.

"Metrion? I heard you came to Earth. Haven't changed much have you?" Several gasps went up around the room, Star and Beast Boy's eyes goggling out of their heads. The demon looked inquiringly around, whilst Raven merely kept up her deadpan look. After several minutes of uncomfortableness, she replied.

"Well you haven't changed much yourself. Then again, what more was I expecting from my little brother?" Beast Boy fell backwards at this, Star's green eyes opened so wide, you could see the white around the irises. If there had been a pin dropped at that moment, everyone would have heard it. Complete silence settled over the entire tower.

"He's…he's…your…br…brother?" Beast Boy at last spoke, stumbling over the sentence, as everyone else stared in disbelief.

"Well, he doesn't really….look like you. But…." Robin trailed away from his sentence, unable to say any more.

"Step brother to be exact." The demon got up, focusing a bit more on his surroundings. "And I am here for a reason." He pulled the cloak around him a bit more, still looking nervous.

"Did Dad try to take over a galaxy again? I've told him about doing that." Raven chuckled slightly, admiring the mischievous grin that crept across her brother's face.

"Um, no, he didn't quite get that far. He's planning on it though." Slightly more relaxed, the demon yawned, revealing huge demonic fangs, and a lizard based tongue. Beast Boy's, Cyborg's, and Robin's mouths completely dropped open at the response Raven was showing. She had laughed. Okay it was a chuckle, yes, but it had been emotion, something they still hadn't adjusted to coming from Raven. Starfire shrank away from the vicious looking fangs that protruded from the demon's mouth, as they reminded her of a vicious creature from her home planet, - that liked to eat Tamaran's for lunch.  

After much confusion over several more hours, they got the demon to settle down on the sofa, under a spare blanket. Raven had declared the question and answer round tomorrow, when she had found some form of sleep. Tired and yawning, they crawled to bed. Before going however, Beast Boy asked the demon one more question, as the others were staggering to their different rooms.

"Hey, demon boy." The demon looked up, a questioning look on his face. The others turned to look at the scene, at Beast Boy's words. "What's your name?" The demon's eyes lit up at this question. The four pupiless eyes then took on a mysterious look, as he answered.

"The name's Draygion."


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