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Chain was not happy. Elsewhere, across the island, a certain demonic Titan was also not happy. Cyborg was ignoring everyone, hiding away so that no one had seen him at all that day, and even the alien sisters were looking like hurt puppies. Things were looking grim, as arguments and fights tore them apart. Divided, they only trusted whomever they deemed good enough to trust.

Unknowingly, one of their biggest challenges was coming. Bigger than Slade, bigger than Trigon, bigger than anything they'd ever faced. And it wasn't even ready yet.

In fact, Drenis and Vergus were currently mixing the healing spell that would mend Trigon's gemstone. For Trigon had played a big part in their plan. Alone, they would have never been able to defeat Trigon, but the Titans had dealt with that problem. Now, now they had to concentrate on the problem ahead of them, - whilst Sasaros, too scared to show herself, hid terrified behind the parlour door.

"Drenis, where are we going to hold the sacrifice? There must be somewhere." Vergus swept over, playing with her lover's tail before adding another ingredient to the bowl.

"I don't really know. Perhaps a tower? Or a station? Somewhere tall with a outstretch for me to tie the sacrifice to?"

"Possible…Oh, all the possibilities we could have. But wherever we decide to hold the ritual, it must be kept secret. We don't want the Titans interfering. They've done their part."

"The city was reduced to ruins Vergus. There isn't a building left standing. We will have to build our tower, but it must be very well hidden. I think the Titans will notice a lone building in the centre of the city." Drenis swiftly kissed Vergus, before carrying the bowl over to the next room. In this room, although small, contained a pentagon drawn on the floor with what appeared to be blood, as well as candles, lit at each point. The room was completely dark, except for the flickering lights of the candles.

"It is time. Let us renew the gem to it's powerful former self." Vergus declared, setting the bowl at the heart of the pentagon.

Drenis, who had followed her in, darted around to be opposite her. The two linked hands, as the pentagon separating them began to glow faintly.

"Let us begin." Drenis hissed.

"Unos, gurind, sentis, sosla trien…"Vergus began. "Uragurtay, sethinol, surigutasy…"


A few hundred miles away, every demon on the island that held the Titans looked up in shock.  Raven's head shot up from where she had been crouched behind a rock, Chain, who had been brooding, looked up with curiosity. The Trigon 5 looked at one another, before staring around each other.

The thing was, Vergus and Drenis's little 'ritual' could be sensed by any demon in that city. And every demon did know about it, because they were all looking rather disturbed and rattled. The others around them however, only knew something was up when Raven jumped over a rock, puzzlement on her face.

"Why do I sense a ritual going on somewhere? Somebody's casting a healing spell." Raven said, whilst taking in everyone's surprised looks.

"I thought I was the only one! So someone is healing!" Zuthion excitably put in.

"Something isn't right here. We're the only demons on Earth. Every demon is here now. So, I reckon more demons are here somewhere." Chain, throwing Raven a few incredibly nasty stares, walked into the circle as well.

"Uh, do you want to explain what you're talking about please?" Moonfire asked.

"Demons can sense rituals taking place, if they're being cast by other demons. Every demon here picked up on it, and is rather confused right now." Draygion, who had been more than quiet for the last few days, spoke up at last.

"Oh…" Was all Robin could say, also looking around.


As the last of the chant ended between Drenis and Vergus, the bowl began to shine with a gleaming bright light. This surrounded the room, voices somehow being heard whispering and echoing, even though they were not of the two demons. It was then that the two saw them, the ghostly outlines of two spirits, spirits who would confirm whether the gemstone was to be restored or not. These spectres howled and shrieked, but Drenis and Vergus never showed fear, and never showed any sign of releasing hands.

Eventually, the ghostly figures began to fade. Their spooky calls continued to repeat around the room long after the spirits themselves had gone. As the last of the light grew fainter, the two could clearly see the bowl. It was in two halves, fragments of it scattered around it two main halves. But, in the centre, between the two halves, was a shiny pinkish object. Drenis smiled as he walked forward with Vergus to claim their prize.

Trigon's gemstone had been restored.


"I'm telling you, it was a clear ritual!" Sifria commented over Zuthion's chattering voice.

"But it couldn't have been! Come on, who else would be here?!" Draygion replied.

"I agree, it would be too risky." Raven added.

"But it was obviously real! No mega new evil has the power to fake it!"  Chain retorted.

"But what if they casted the ritual themselves? That would make sense." Zuthion shyly responded

For several minutes, such comments were thrown back and forth between the arguing demons. No one even stopped to think about what they were saying. It was only when the quarrel reached it's peak that Chain made her fatal mistake.

"No, no, no! You've got it all wrong!"

"You can't talk! Your idea is just as pathetic!"

"So what?!" Raven snapped back at her sisters. "Why are we fighting like this anyway?!"

"Oh yeah, like you're innocent!" Sifria shouted back.

That's it! SHUT UP! All of you!" Robin hollered at the bickering demons. They all looked at him in shock, forgetting that they were fighting for a minute. "You're not going to solve this by fighting. Why don't you put your ideas together, instead of ridiculing and mocking them?"

"Well I didn't start it. She did." Chain scornfully pointed at Raven.

"You bitch." Raven snarled back.

"At least I'm not skeveching with humans!" Chain sneered angrily, deliberately taunting her.

Several gasps went up amongst the other female demons, as Raven threw Chain her most disgusted and irate death stare. Beast Boy meanwhile, was guessing that this had something to do with him, as Chain kept glancing at him occasionally, and the Trigon 5 sisters were looking at Raven in a most horrified way.

"Uh, what does skeveching mean?" Sweetfire nervously asked.

"I'll tell you after I tear this fucking bitch into pieces." Raven dangerously replied without looking at the alien.

"You wanna a fight?" Chain taunted, mockingly. " Bring it on." She added with a more serious tone.

"Um, is this going to be huge cat fight by the way? 'Cause then, I think we'll want to make a quick exit." Robin anxiously enquired.

"Move as far as you want. We're going head to head, and we don't care who gets in the way." Chain answered.

In two quick flashes, from two quick enemies, the battle begun. Each opponent was very angry with the other, and were willing to throw everything they had at them. Raven began the fight by throwing a mental block at Chain, who retaliated with a telekinesis blast. Shots of black and blue energy danced all over the place, as the two lashed out at each other in rage and fury. Rocks, debris, and anything else that got in the way were blasted mentally or by telekinesis.

"That's enough!" Sunstar snapped out after ducking a flying piece of rock for the thousandth time. "Stop it, both of you!"

"Forget it Sunstar, there's nothing you or I can do. They'll fight it out to the bitter end." Draygion replied, whilst holding her back, to stop the alien

from darting out to attempt to stop the demons fighting.  Robin had to drop out of the way to avoid Chain, who was flying towards him, and she landed next to Beast Boy instead. Seeing a chance, she grabbed him, holding him out in a firm grasp, Beast Boy terrified, and at Chain's mercy. From what Raven could see, as she strode towards the enraged demon, she was using Beast Boy as a human shield.

"Let him go Chain. He has no part in this." Raven's voice was firm, but slightly monotone. Chain did nothing except for hold Beast Boy tighter.

"Lower your attack, or you risk hurting him." Chain madly hissed. She was crouched against a battle worn rock, Beast Boy held tensely in front of her.

Raven released a sigh, then lowered her attack, the black and white aura fading from around her hand. "Fine." She muttered through gritted teeth.

"Heh. I'm a demon, remember? Demons don't always keep their promises." With a triumphant smirk, and still holding Beast Boy, Chain lunged forward, aiming to smash an aura surrounded hand into Raven, holding Beast Boy as a guard. Raven however, had suspected this tactic. She ducked to the left, connecting an equally aura covered hand into Chain's stomach, whilst pulling Beast Boy right, and out of reach from her attack. Chain released Beast Boy, and slumped to the ground, holding her stomach. Ravens own attack had been quicker than hers, and had hit the now injured demon first.

"I'm a half demon, remember? I have brains, unlike some people." Raven retorted. Beast Boy, who had been utterly terrified, had curled up against Raven, an act which caused realisation to dawn on the confused, and scared demons nearby.

"You fucked up little half breed. I hope you two suffer in hell." Chain managed to gasp, before she passed out.

"Does this mean what I think it means?" Zuthion perked up, her head peeking out from behind a rock.

Raven merely took one glance at Beast Boy, who was happily snuggled up against her, before simply replying "Yes."

Zuthion smiled, before noting everyone else's very confused looks, most at shock of what Raven was allowing Beast Boy to do, and the rest at Chain's unconscious form lying beside them.

"So, what does Skeveching mean then?" Robin asked from where he was perched on a rock, Starfire in his arms.

"To quote from a dictionary, Skeveching is defined, in the view of a demon, as having, or had a relationship with a human. And if you haven't already guessed…" Raven gestured towards Beast Boy, and abruptly broke off, blushing all the while.

"And Chain saw something and guessed…" Sifria thoughtfully said.

"O…kay…This is all very confusing, but, but you and Beast Boy? You're not a pair I'd put together in a million years." Moonfire cautiously enquired.

"Hey, it was my fault." Beast Boy added from where he literally was cuddled up against Raven's chest.

"Shouldn't someone tend to Chain?" Starfire nervously asked.

"Nah, she'll be fine." Zuthion replied. "Demons heal fast, and Rae only gave her a smack in the stomach."

"I don't get why Chain was so, disgusted by the whole thing though." Sweetfire said, puzzled.

"It's not normally heard of demons and humans to pair up. Demons who do are normally considered disgusting, and are, as we have said, Skeveching." Draygion replied.

"It all goes on whether you're a half breed or not really…I mean, if you're half and half, one side has to be more dominant of the decisions than the other. Chain allows her demonic side to be more dominant, whereas Raven and Zuthion allow their human sides to be more dominant. Therefore, it can be concluded that Raven does actually love Beast Boy, or rather her human half does, and Chain repulses this because she is ruled by her demonic side." Sifria said this in one big breath, and was gasping in air when she finally finished.

"That makes sense." Raven replied.


For the rest of that evening, everyone sat lost in thought, everyone sitting around a warm, but empty fire. Starfire remained snuggled into Robin, and Beast Boy remained curled up into Raven's chest, contentedly pondering on the earlier fight. There had been no sign of Cyborg all day, and even now, he still remained hidden, no one really being bothered to go and look for him. Everyone else meanwhile were in a rough conversation, suggestions occasionally being put forward as to how they were going to clear up the tattered remains of the previous fight.

No one was really bothered about what was happening a few miles away. In actual fact, no one was bothered about anything. Chain still lay unconscious, although others said she was merely asleep. Raven had been looking rather guilty for the rest of that afternoon, but now sat with Beast Boy cuddled into her, and looked more at ease.  

Cyborg however, was actually rather busy in the little cave he'd made for himself. It was quite spacious, and he would have had no trouble hiding if anyone had come looking for him. But nobody had, and he'd been happy to stay there all day, and although he did not know it yet, what he was creating was going to save their lives when the time came. And yet he did not know it, and yet he still kept building, despite the fact that he was still angry, even though he did not know why.

Nobody knew why. Nobody knew what evil was coming, nobody knew why it was coming. No one knew why Raven loved Beast Boy, and why Beast Boy loved Raven. Not one person truly knew why Chain said Raven was Skeveching with Beast Boy, and no one truly knew why Firgu and Sunafire were dead. Nobody knew why.

And at that point in time, not knowing why was a very bad thing for the Titans.


Towards the East of the city, behind some very convenient mountain ranges,  a tower that was going to be the death of them all was in the middle of construction. The main structure was being formed at that time from metal poles, scaffolding stretching across every side. Demon after demon were in rows on this scaffolding, welding the many metal poles together.  Vergus had ordered that wire cables be attached to the two sides of the tower, for the gap in the middle, if not secure enough, would eventually cause the tower to collapse. The idea of this design was that a bridge would stretch from the gap in the middle for the sacrifice to be on, Vergus and Drenis on the two side towers on the sides of this.

Vergus at that time, was busy choosing a sacrifice. Humans had been dragged from where they had been quite happily settled, as they planned to rebuild the city, and taken to where she waited to pick one, who would die a tragically painful death. The demon wanted teenagers more than anything. If she could get the best teenage girl suited to her needs, then her death would be a great thing. If not, something else would be just as good.

It's like picking products at a supermarket. I want the best, but I'll settle for the next best brand.  Vergus thought to herself, as she studied a blonde girl.

"Too pale skinned! And her eyes are brown! We need green at the best!" Vergus snapped, pushing the frightened girl away from her.

"Yes my Queen. Here is #567."

A brunette, with hazel eyes was shoved forward. Her skin was a olive colour, but she was rather petite. Vergus pushed her away in disgust.

"She has the eyes and hair, but the skin and size is not to my expectations. Bring forward the next girl."

A small, 7 year old girl was driven in the direction of the demon. With slightly lighter coloured skin to the girl before, her terrified green eyes stared at the red skinned person in front of her.

"Yes…yes…She looks perfect…The eyes, so green….The hair, the perfect shade of chocolate brown…And that skin…it's the perfect shade…"  Vergus smirked evilly in triumph. "She will be the one. A child is an even greater prize that a teenager."

The young girl, who was holding a weather worn teddy bear, looked like she was going to die right there and then. These strange people scared her, they were after something. And they were looking in an rather intimidating way at her. Just as the girl thought she really was good as dead, Vergus's expression changed dramatically. Instead of looking as if the child in front of her was lunch, she was looking in a kindly way, with a welcoming appearance about her face.

"Come my child. Let me introduce myself. I am Vergus, and you are a very special little girl. I have had my friends bring you here for a very special reason, a reason that is so important I couldn't bring your family." Vergus was falsely laying on lie after lie into her victim, a tactic which any teenager would have noticed. But this innocent little girl was too young and gullible to see through the lies, and deceit. She believed everything the demon told her, how Vergus's red skin was special, how the girl herself was going to save the world and be a hero, how her family were going to be hurt badly if she didn't do what the demon said. This and more covered up to the girl what was really going to happen to her, which would have terrified her beyond her wildest dreams.

"Now do you understand? Now do you see why you and I are here?"

"Uh huh. I understand."

"Then come, and I will show you how you are going to be a hero." Vergus smiled falsely, taking the girl by the hand, and leading her into the building ground of the two towers.

"One more thing my child. Tell me, what is your name?"

"My name is Angel."

Vergus couldn't help but smirk in glee and triumph as she led Angel to her doom…


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Skeveching: (Of a demon) Having, or initiating a relationship with a human or mortal.

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