written by- dawn-roberts
pairing- uhm. I guess Xanya (X/A)

Copyright- Hi Joss *waves* I know, I told them that the characters all belong to you and Mutant Enemy. Joss, why are there cops behind you? With their billy clubs out.... You get the picture ;)

I can count my tears on a single hand.
Tears never shed on my own accord.
Caused by sights still burned into my soul.

When Buffy was face down in a puddle,
I cried for Joyce.

Joyce's eyes forever void of life,
I cried for Buffy.

Finding my best friend's broken body,
I cried for Dawn.

When Tara'a smile faded,
I cried for Willow.

But I see the blood on Andrew's face, his hands.
I cry for myself.
I cry,
for you.

A/N- Don't ask. I hope you guys like it, but if ya dont, thats okay too. Please R&R though!!! If your confused on the last part, theis is post Chosen; ( it's Anya's blood :(, poor Anya. )