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Rurouni Kenshin Answering Machines

{BEEEP} Hello there you've reached Tae. Sorry I can't take your call right
now. I'm probably at the Akabeko workin' or tryin' to interfere with Sir
Ken's and Miss Kaoru's love life. If ya leave this country bumpkin a
message she will definitely call ya back. Thanks and bah-bye now {BEEP}

{BEEP} Yea this is Hiko. I'm not here and what the hell are you doing
sitting on your lazy backside calling me when you can be getting me some
more sake?! Typical you all are like my errant apprentice. Well I don't
care if you leave a message or not because I'm not gunna get back with you.
Bring me some sake and we'll talk {BEEP}

Saito: {picks up ringing phone} Hijime Saito speaking, how may I help you?
Voice: I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
Saito: {shoots up from chair} BATTOUSAI! I know its you, you rat!
Voice: You smell like bananas
Saito: WHAT?! I most certainly do not!
Voice: You're ugly
Saito: Battousai........when I get my hands on you
Voice: when I get my hands on you
Saito: Stop that
Voice: Stop that
Saito: I'm a baka
Voice: You're a baka
Saito: GRRRRRRRRR {slams down phone}
Officer: walks in Saito's office Hmmm what smells like bananas?

{BEEP} this is Kenshin Himura you've not reached, I am not the
Battousai.........Really. YES YOU ARE! NO I am not........Anyway, please leave this
unworthy one a message and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.
Oro? No Kaoru-dono..........Please don't lose you're temper with Yahiko....
{BEEP} Kenshin? Who the is Kenshin? Kitsune I think you screwed up
with the ningen numbers again {No Hiei I checked the number twice already}
Kurama no baka always the same. Hn well Shin or what ever the hell your
name is listen carefully to me. If you ever meet an idiotic moron that goes
by the name Kuwabara please kill him. If you EVER lay a single finger on an
ice apparition named Yukina I will personally see to it that your life is a
living hell. {Hiei! What did I say about saying unkind things?} Let the
sunshine in, face it with a grin. Smilers never lose and frowners never
win. -- {BEEP}

{BEEEEP} Hello Chou, this is your hair-stylist Neva calling to schedule
your appointment for a re-spiking of your hair. You didn't go in water
hair's gunna go flat and you're going to look like one of them creeps from
the primitive ages. Don't ignore me I know your there! And I know what
you're saying. And we all know the whole world is your ass! So show up or
call me or who knows you might leave this hairdresser with A LOT less hair.
All right sweetie, well have a nice day and give the family my salutations!
Buh-bye now!

{BEEEEP} Hello Kaoru-chan its Misao!!!! I'm in the airport on my way to
Hawaii for my honeymoon. But I can't seem to find my dear HUSBAND Aoshi
anywhere! He said he had to go to the bathroom three hours ago! Can you
believe that?! Oh wait there he is. He's asking that really pretty older
woman for directions I think. Wait a minute..........why does she have her hand
on his arm. HEY! {You can hear her run over with the cell phone} what the
{beep} do you think your {beeping} doing lady?! Get your {beeping} hands
off of my {beeping} husband. You mother {beeping} son of a {beeping beep}
Come on Aoshi we're leaving. WHAT?! Well you can {The following message
could not be translated due to the amount of foul words used at the same
time. I apologize for this inconvenience. BEEEP}

{The Rurouni Kenshin characters are on stage dressed very formally, along
with the few Inuyasha, Yu-Yu-Hakusho, and DBZ character used in this
Kenshin: Thank you for reading this fic and waiting so long for this lazy
author to update.
Misao: T.T but, but, but, but I want this fic to end! Aoshi and I
actually get married!!!!!!
Aoshi: {silently praying to himself for the fic to end}
Kaoru: Now for your enjoyment ladies and gentlemen
Kagome: We're gunna sing a song!
Inuyasha: WHAT?! I never agreed to this. Hmph besides where's my free
Scooby Snacks?!
Hiei: {crosses his arms}
Sano: Hit it Frank!
Frank: {starts playing the piano}
Kenshin: Now its time for so long!
Kaoru: But we'll sing this special
Kagome: Thanks for reading this fic!
Yahiko: Whether you're a dude or a chic!
Misao: {grabs onto Aoshi's arm} we did an awesome show!
Aoshi: Misao let go! T.T
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