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Jounouchi wandered down the street, grinning at Yugi before leaving his sight. School had just ended, and it was another day of fake smiles and boring lessons. His face fell as soon as he knew Yugi couldn't see him. It was painful that he always had to fake a cheerful front these days, but he figured there was no other way. If his friends ever found out how depressed he was, they would try to help. And if they did that… they might figure out how screwed up his life was. He was always faking, always pretending to be someone he wasn't anymore. Depression had started to gnaw at him about a year ago, and by now he was so consumed in his own grief and self-pity, his thoughts were almost blank. His grades were lower than ever, and he refused to hang out with his friends as much as he used to. He made his way to the park, slumping down in a bench beside a path and sighing.
 "My life is so screwed up. What do I even have to live for anyways?" He'd asked himself this question so many times before, he had started to believe the answer to it was nothing. A few months ago he would have been naïve enough to think of love, but now he understood how hopeless it was. He dug his hands through his pockets, his fingers brushing up against a cold metallic surface. Pulling it from his pocket he eyes the object. A small switchblade he had bought as a souvenir a long time ago that he carried around as defence. To protect his life, possibly to save it. Maybe he could use it to end his life too.  He pressed the cold, sharp edge against his left wrist, so that it didn't quite break the skin. Did he… did he really want to do this? He began to ask himself the same questions he did every single time this happened. Was it worth killing himself? Would anyone care? There was always Yugi, but the little guy would have Yami to help him get over it. Maybe Honda… but Anzu would be there to comfort him. Jounouchi felt jealousy rise up inside, and the blade seemed more and more appealing. Everyone had someone they could trust, someone that loved them. He was alone… always alone… tonight everything seemed dark, lonesome, hating, and it seemed as good a time as any to just pull the blade across his wrists, end all his problems here and now. If he wasn't alive, his troubles would die with him… right? It was with this pained thought that the boy drew the knife across his wrist, wincing at the self-inflicted pain but not stopping until blood ran down his arm in smooth winding lines, dripping onto his pants and staining his school uniform. His entire left arm seared with pain, but he wasn't done yet. He had to slice open the other wrist or he might not succeed in killing himself. Clumsily he switched the knife into his other hand, the cold metal handle slipping in his wet, bloody grip. He looked down at his clean wrist, and suddenly wasn't sure if he wanted to go through with this. But he'd made a promise to himself and he lowered the blade shakily to the vein that he knew was just beneath the thin surface of flesh and tendons.

"Hey Jou, there you are! I saw Yugi and he said you were going to walk home this way today. You left your science textbook in the- Jounouchi? Are you okay?" Jou's head sagged and he didn't respond to Honda's voice. Honda dropped his backpack when he received no reply and frowned, looking at his friend closer. His eyes widened when he saw the boy's wrists. "What the hell?? Shit, Jou, what did you do to yourself? Don't move, I'm going to go get the others." Jounouchi narrowed his eyes a little.
 "No… don't."

 "What are you talking about? You gotta get to a hospital!"

 "Why? Why can't you just let me die in peace?"

 "Stop talking like that, you idiot!!" Honda slapped Jounouchi across the face, waking him suddenly from his suicidal intentions. He made is if to stand up, but couldn't support his own weight. "C'mon Jou, let's get you to a doctor."

 "I hate doctors."

 "Too bad." Honda plunged his hand into his backpack, producing a cell phone and hurriedly dialling emergency.

-----------------------------------------------The Next Day--------------------------------------------

The teacher paused, and then repeated herself when no answer came.


 "He won't be in school for a while." Honda answered, obvious strain in his voice.

 "Oh? Why?"

 "He's… in the hospital."

 "I see. What for?"

 "I don't know if I'm at liberty to tell you."

 "Okay, well, I'd like to see you after class." Honda nodded, figuring he'd race out quickly and avoid the teacher. She was obviously well meaning and concerned for Jounouchi, but Honda didn't feel like relating it to anyone after having told the story four times last night. Unawares to anyone else, the teacher wasn't the only person in the class that was curious as to why Jounouchi was in the hospital. Kaiba had glanced up casually when Jou's name was called, and unemotionally gazed around the room for the familiar blonde head after the second time. When Honda explained that he was in the hospital, it took a fair amount of self-control not to jump up and force him to tell why. Then again, he was experienced in hiding his emotions and focused his cold attention back on the math sums on the board. He would get the information he wanted later.

After school, Seto was restless. He shuffled through the papers in his briefcase as Honda went to his locker, and growled in annoyance as the maddening boy's friends began to move towards Honda to talk. He'd never catch him alone at that rate. Kaiba glared at his watch as if it were the source of this frustration. Then they walked out of the school together and he slammed the locker shut. Didn't they ever leave each other? He followed them like a shadow and finally found Honda alone as he made his way home. Honda felt prickles run up his spine. It felt as if he were being watched. He spun around and narrowed his eyes.
 "What do you want, Kaiba?" He spat out the CEO's name like a swear word, his tone sharp with hatred. Was he here to mock him about almost losing his best friend? Seto didn't smirk like usual, and that set Honda off a little. He stepped back as the taller boy approached, shoving him forcefully against a wall. Kaiba grabbed his shoulders, glaring at him.

 "What's that stupid mutt doing in the hospital??"

 "Why do you care? It's not your hospital, doesn't he have the right to use it?"

 "Tell me. What-" Kaiba paused. If he asked what happened to Jou, Honda might think that he actually cared about him. "What did the idiot do? Walk in front of a car??" Honda almost snapped. Here Kaiba was, pinning him to a wall and insulting his best friend. He could have died last night- it looked like Kaiba would punch his lights out if Jou had bled on his shoe. He didn't get it, did he?

 "If you want to know, he almost killed himself." Seto's eyes widened in shock.

 "He- he what?" His grip on Honda loosened and the teenager slipped from his grasp, pulling away and glaring spitefully at Kaiba.

 "One of his wrists was cut wide open. He had a blade to the other one when I found him." Honda snarled, his eyes narrowed. "So please, wait till I can't see you before you gloat, you scum." As Honda ran off, Kaiba just stood there, stunned. Why would Jou do that? He'd always been so full of life. He turned and walked, not thinking about where he was going, until he looked up and found himself at the hospital. He sighed.

 "Why not." Kaiba entered and made his way to the reception desk. "I'd like to visit Jounouchi Katsuya." The woman nodded and recited room number 264, pointing down the hallway. Seto stepped briskly to the room, not even bothering to nod thanks. His hand was on the doorknob when he looked through the door window and frowned. He could see the back of someone's head and he didn't want to be anywhere near that boy. "Dammit Yugi… I'll just come back later." He turned quickly, heading right out the door and walking down the busy street, glancing back only once. "I'll be back when there's no one to see me. That's a promise."

Kaiba crept into the hospital, out of the darkness of the night into the lights. He slid past the receptionist unnoticed, who had her back turned, busy filing paperwork. The door of room 264 creaked noticeably in the quiet bustle of the hospital, and the blonde boy lying in the bed awoke with a yawn. He glanced at the door, then muttered quietly to himself.

 "Thought the nurse closed that." He shrugged it off mentally, leaning back and closing his eyes.

"Hey mutt." His eyes widened and he opened his mouth to yelp, only to find a hand over it, preventing him from calling for help. Seto Kaiba stood above him, smirking lightly. Was he here to kill him?? Finish off what Jounouchi couldn't? No… Kaiba didn't hate him enough to do that. Then why was he here? To make fun of him? Yeah, that was probably it… It was just like Kaiba to do something like that. The boy leaned forward and Jou tried to pull back into the pillow unsuccessfully. What was he doing? Was he… was he going to kiss him??? Jou closed his eyes and turned away, not able to hold Seto's gaze. He felt someone's fingers glide along his neck.

 "You'd look better with a collar right here. Wouldn't want someone to lose their little pup." Jounouchi growled. Seto's hand pulled away from his hand just before Jou made to bite him. Seto sat up and put his finger to his lips. "No calling a nurse. You and I both know that I could quite easily escape anyone, and they probably wouldn't believe you if you told them I was here." Jounouchi frowned.
 "What d'you want?" He tried to lift his arm to brush some hair from his face, then remembered (for the twentieth time that day) that his arms were strapped to the bed by Honda's request so that Jou wouldn't have the chance to hurt himself again. The doctors had only been convinced when Honda explained to them how important it was that Jou was unable to try and commit suicide again, and they obliged purely to keep Jounouchi safe. Naturally, Jou found this immensely frustrating. Seto laughed quietly when he noticed, crossing his arms. 'At least the pup is well enough to be pissed off…' There was a clipping of shoes as a nurse walked by, and she paused when she heard voices in the room.

"What do I want? You figure it out. After all, dogs are said to be quite clever animals."

"You're such a prick, Kaiba."

"Hush, puppy. I'll see you tomorrow night." The nurse opened the door and blinked, looking around the room. There was no one but an annoyed patient in the bed.

From then on, Seto came to see Jou every night after the hospital was closed to visitors. At first, Jou had considered telling Yugi about Kaiba's nocturnal visits, but he knew that if he did Honda would find out and punch the daylights out of Kaiba. And as much as Kaiba annoyed him, he didn't really feel like making that happen if Kaiba didn't really do anything but talk to him. Jounouchi still hadn't figured out why Seto seemed so keen on visiting him every night, but he had grown to look forward to the CEO's visits. He always had something strange to say, and he would while away the long hours in bed by figuring out what Seto had meant. After about the second week, Seto strode into the room with his hands behind his back.

"Got you something, pup." Jounouchi looked up curiously, wondering what it could be. He both hated and loved to see Kaiba walk through that door, his gaze so striking yet cruel and mocking, his voice so cold but promising. He always teased Jou, called him a mutt and treated him like dirt whenever they spoke. Still, Jou looked forward to seeing him, to hearing Seto slip up and say something that might resemble kindness. So now, hearing the tall boy announce he had a present for Jounouchi, it came as a shock. Jou was a little afraid and apprehensive, but at the same time curious and eager to know what it was. When Seto leaned down beside Jounouchi, he did not flinch or move away like he had the first night. "Close your eyes." His voice revealed nothing, and Jou did as he was told. As something slid around his neck, Seto muttered "Such an obedient little puppy" and Jou growled, feeling the need for dominance over this man, the need to prove he was better. Somewhere deep inside he knew he longed to simply submit to him, allow Seto to control him and tease him to his hearts extent, but that part of Jou rarely spoke up and as his eyes shot open he saw the look in Kaiba's eyes. It was something Jounouchi wouldn't like. Jou shook his head to see what was around his neck, and glared at Seto when he heard the jingle of dog tags.

"You didn't." He growled.

"I did." Jounouchi sighed and leaned back, knowing it would be impossible to get off unless his arms were free.

"What does it look like, then? I might as well know since I can't see it or get it off."

"Very nice…" Seto grinned. "It's blue… dark blue, almost black. It has rounded studs, and a little name tag." Jou glanced down and asked the question he knew the answer to.

"And who does it say I belong to, Kaiba?"

"You just answered your own question, pup."

"So what do I say when the nurses and my friends ask where I got it from?"

"You tell them… you got it from your master." Jou snorted.

"My master, eh? So tell me, Master, since when did I belong to you?"

"The moment I set my eyes on you, puppy." Jou started to ask another question, and Seto jumped out the window like he did every night, leaving Jou to his thoughts. 'The moment he set his eyes on me? I… belong to him? Does that mean what I think it means?' He blushed. 'No… why would I think like that? It's not like I'd want to be his.'

Yugi smiled and nodded to the receptionist. He was glad that Jou seemed to be doing so well. They had taken him off intravenous the other day and now Jou seemed so much more energetic. Yugi had been shocked to hear about the attempted suicide, and came to see his friend frequently. Today, however, something was different about Jou. He hunched his shoulders as Yugi walked in, his chin down as if he were hiding something under his chin.

"Hey Jou. What are you doing?" The short boy smiled with a puzzled look on his face, watching Jounouchi shrink into the pillows.

"Nothing, why?" Yugi looked closer and saw something metallic shine from under Jou's chin.

"What's around your neck?"

"Nothing." Yugi moved closer and lifted up Jou's chin.

"A collar? Who…" He glanced at the nametag. "Kaiba did this to you? That jerk! He can be so cruel sometimes, here, let me get this off for you." Yugi reached for the buckle and Jou pulled away.



"I want to keep it."

"How come?"

"I can't explain- just don't tell the others okay?"

"But Jou, I don't understand."

"Frankly, neither do I, but… just leave it on, alright, Yug'?"

"Well, okay…"


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