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(Digimon Tamers Opening "The Biggest Dreamer" plays)


West Shinjuku District

The busy city of Shinjuku has been at a time of peace since the D-Reaper incident nearly a year ago. Everyone who was associated in the event had disclosed all information concerning the digimon, but the public was curious as to how these creatures have emerged into the realm of reality. Some claim that the monsters were indeed real and the Deva invasions proved it. However, there were still many who considered them nothing more than a hoax.

Whatever maybe the case, there was no denying that creature did indeed arrive into their world. Since then, Shinjuku had never been the same again.


There was one boy who simply could never forget those events. That was none other than the gentle-hearted eleven-year old Takato Matsuda. It has been one year since he helped a group of children dubbed "The Digimon Tamers", as they fought and defeated the destructive deletion program known to them as the D-Reaper.

Unfortunately, because of the D-Reaper being reduced into a simple program, the Tamers were forced to say goodbye to their digimon partners. It was indeed a sad loss. Takato thought he would never see his partner again.

"Boy, was I ever wrong," Takato thought happily.

Yes, Takato was able to find a digital port back into the Digital World nearly six months after the D-Reaper incident. He and his red pal, Guilmon, were reunited together as the dynamic duo. However, Takato did not stop there. He informed his friends about the open digital port. From there, the Digimon Tamers were all reunited with their partners. Terriermon was back to give Henry a hard time, or give another one of his wise cracks. Rika never felt any better after she and Renamon reunited. Kazu, like the goof that he was, was all over his partner, Guardromon.

"To be honest, Kazu would be the last guy on the Earth to ever cry. There's a first time for everything."

Kenta was ecstatic when he found MarineAngemon hiding in his pocket. Suzie and Lopmon were reunited and boy was Suzie happy.

"As long as Suzie doesn't give poor Lopmon the Miss Pwetty Pants treatment that is."

Unfortunately for Jeri, her partner was never revived. She dealt with it and knew that Leomon's spirit lied dormant in her heart. Ryo… Well he and Cyberdramon were glad to see each other. Though, Takato still wonder what secrets that vicious digimon holds.

"I sure as heck don't want to know. He's not very social."

Last but not least, how could the children ever forget about Impmon? The Tamers convinced him to come back to the real world. He might still hold a slight grudge with some humans, but he's been reconciling his differences with Ai and Mako.

"Everything has been great. No worries and I can get back to drawing. So, what do you think of this, Guilmon?"

The red dino digimon wasn't unable to respond, since he was snarfing down a basket full of bread. Takato looks on with a sweat drop on his forehead.

"Umm, weren't you listening?"

"Sure, let me see you're picture."

Takato held in front of him a sketch of himself and Guilmon on a remote planet battling evil aliens. Guilmon chuckled at the picture with the cutest giggle a child could ever hear. It was enough to bring a smile to Takato's face.

"So, you like it?"

"It's great, Takato! I can imagine you and I battling evil aliens! Yay! We'd be heroes!"

"Oh, Guilmon…"

However, since there were some psychotic believers out there, the Tamers agreed to keep our digimon in hiding. This way the digimon won't attract attention and cause the media to question the children. Fortunately, Yamaki was been able to cover for the Tamers. How ironic since this was the very man who came close to sending their digimon into a garbage disposal known as the Juggernaut Program.

"So, what do you say boy? Let's go to the park and see if we'll meet up with Henry and the gang."

"Yeah! I can chase squirrels."

"Guilmon, what have I told you about chasing those poor squirrels?"

"But it's fun and I love the way they climb up to get away."

"Look just as long as you don't eat them. You don't know where they've been."

"Ok, so let's go!"

"Hang on. I can't let you go out without a disguise. Besides, I bet you those anti-digimon activists are going to be on my hide and I don't want to answer a billion questions concerning my questions. Ya-da Ya-da Ya-da. Hey! Guilmon?!"

The red dino pokes his head out from the closet with a yellow jacket over his head. Takato simply nodded his head in amusement.

"I'm ready! Let's go before it gets dark!"

"Guilmon, you never seem to amaze sometimes, you know that?"

"Nope. I'm so full surprises."

As soon as Takato packed his backpack full of his necessary items, he and Guilmon headed out through the back door. Fortunately, his parents were having a very busy day and didn't have time to deal with another one of Takato's sneaky antics. Takato's parents had welcomed Guilmon as a member of their family as a way to thank him for protecting Takato. That meant Guilmon bread would become Guilmon's favorite meal. He would eat it for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and as a midnight snack. Talk about packing on that weight! He asked his parents permission to visit his friends at the park beforehand, so he wasn't going to get in trouble for walking out of the house.

The goggle boy stepped outside through the streets while Guilmon was staying close at his side. Guilmon chose a really good disguise. Not only did the coat conceal his face, but covered his entire backside, minus the tail. Takato has still been trying to figure out a way to cover up Guilmon's long, prehensile tail.

"Ahhh, it's such a nice day, Guilmon. Do you smell that fresh air?"

"Yeah. Ahhh… Ack!"

Guilmon had sniffed the nasty exhaust smoke that dissipated into the air from nearby cars. Takato simply chuckled and covers Guilmon's nose.

"You don't want you're allergies kicking up again right, Guilmon?"

"No way. The last time I had one; I couldn't even sleep without a mean ol' headache to bother me. I never want another cold again, Takato. Hey…"

"What is it, boy?"

Guilmon sniffed the air and turned towards the park. He was sniffing out the scent of digimon. There was a familiar odor coming from these scents. Guilmon happily scurried into the park, which did not suite well for Takato. The goggle boy chased after the red dino before he causes a scene at the park.

"Wait up, Guilmon!"

"I smell Terriermon and Renamon, Takato! Let's go!"

"So they're here after all? Wow, it'll be good to hear from those two. I wonder what they've up to. Knowing Rika, she's probably getting back into the Digimon card game. I wouldn't mind having a duel with her."

"That's if you're ready to face the Digimon Queen," a girl's voice calls out.

Takato turns around and faces a girl about his height. She has fiery red-orange hair with an odd-looking ponytail on the back. Her eyes were violet and gave her such a gorgeous glare to them, like that of a pair of emeralds. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a shirt with a full-shaped heart and red sneakers. Instead of giving a cold glare she used to give the goggle boy, there was a slight smile.

"Rika! I'd never thought I'd see you here. Where have you been?"

"My mother wanted me to go visit America with her to watch her fashion model shows."

"Oh, I see you're mom's still trying to get you into the business."

"Yes, and I just don't feel it suites me. I'm happy where I'm at now. Besides, I'm still the Digimon Queen around here and I'm looking to reclaim that position."

"Well, I'm glad I found you. I've been improving my deck and my cards are supped up. Heck, I've been giving even Kazu a hard time with our duels."

"Really. Maybe we can have ourselves a little one on one."


"Sure. Besides, I'm looking for worthy challengers."

"Not if you include us digimon!" a tiny, wise-ass voice replied to the girl's declaration.

"I see Terriermon still has a sense of humor," Takato said.

The voice had came from a cat-sized rabbit-eared dog with black beady eyes, long floppy ears, green markings on some parts of his body and a tiny horn on his forehead. His grin proves that he is quite a cynical little creature.

"You guessed right, Takatomon," the dog-rabbit digimon replied. "Next thing you know, I'll be the next host of Saturday Night Live!"

"Keep dreaming," another boy's voice calls out.

Takato turns around and finds another boy his age. This one was wearing an orange vest over a dark blue shirt. He also wore black pants that nearly matched his shirt and white wristbands. His hair is dark blue and his skin was olive.

"Henry! Wow, this is great! After so many weeks, we're back together," Takato said with eagerness. "It's just like old times."

"Takato. I don't know how bad you're hearing is, but it's only been a few weeks. We've been hanging out for about everyday since then," Rika said. "Though, I'd rather hang out here than be at some model show."

"That makes both of us," replied another voice, this time belonging to a deep feminine one.

"Renamon. Were you here this whole time?" Guilmon asked.

"What do you think? You ought to know by now, Guilmon."

"Heh. I was just asking."

Renamon has quite a distinctive appearance. Her stance was like that of a human's, which made her a bipedal animal. Her fur is neon yellow with white markings on a few parts of her body. She wore a pair of purple gloves with the ying-yang markings on each side. Her eyes are heavenly blue, which glistened from the sunlight. What separated herself from Guilmon and Terriermon were her abilities to phase through different locations and having a keen sense to locate a bad vibe from a very far distance. She is not very social, but remained an ally to her friends when needed.

"So, what's up for today? Another lecture on how boring our lives been?" Henry remarked.

"I really miss those days when we kicked Deva and D-Reaper butt. I wish I can relive those days!" Takato said dreamily.

"Well, you need a reality check. There hasn't been anything that has been too peculiar lately and I for one am glad," Rika said. "Besides, I wouldn't want to see any more suffering. Do you?"

This quickly silenced everyone as they looked back to the events of the Devas' invasion on Shinjuku. They would never forget the looks of fear on their faces when the D-Reaper continued to grow. Their world nearly was destroyed by the deletion program.

Rika nodded her head as she began to speak up.

"Yep, I rest my case."

"Still, we could use a little bit more action. You know to brighten up this boring day?" Takato said.

"Let's be thankful for this. Now, what do you say we get started with our duel, goggle head? I'm ready to whoop you."

"Bring it on, Digimon Queen. I haven't been practicing these past six months for nothing! This one's for all the marbles!"

"Takato loves to turn his duels into a dramatic scene, doesn't he?" Henry muttered.

"More like a bad soap opera to me," remarked Terriermon. "Though, I love bad soap operas. Did I tell you what happened last night with Naruto?"

"Maybe later, Terriermon. The duel's about to start."

"But I was getting to a good part!"


Unknown to the Tamers, there was a sudden dark feel coming from Guilmon's former den. The Tamers never bothered to use the den unless they needed to check if the digital port was covered up. Guilmon was able to cover the hole with dirt and it prevented anyone from crossing over into the Digital World. Since then, no digimon has bothered to emerge out through the portal and bio-emerge into the real world.

That is until today, a dark force was attempting to penetrate through the dirt mound. Guilmon really buried the hole deeper than anyone could imagine. Unfortunately, this wouldn't stop whatever was attempting to crossover. Suddenly, a hand punched it's way through the dirt mound. The hand looked as if it were bandaged up with a slight ghastly appearance to it. Another hand came bursting out with tremendous force. A slight purple, dark aura was emitting from the mound. Then a pair of crimson, demonic eyes was seen glowing through the darkness of the deep mound. The dark figure came emerging from the hole as it breathed heavily and walked through the shadows of the den.

"Have I finally made it through the human realm? Yes, I can smell the scent of those retched creature. My body has been badly damaged by the Sovereign. They possibly thought they could prevent me from emerging into the human world? I cannot maintain this form any longer. I must find a suitable host to prevent myself from being deleted. Yes… I must find that suitable host!"

With that said, the figure walks out from the den and fades through the deep forests of the park itself. From there, it would lie dormant until night falls. Then, that time would be perfect for it to find the suitable host to maintain his presence.


The Wrath of Pharaohmon

The New Enemy, Pharaohmon Reaches Earth!


Domino City High School

The Domino City High School was just as unpredictable as always. Students were either getting their work done or causing trouble to gain themselves a reputation. It was the normal, high school life. Wait until they get into college, they had better enjoy these new few years before they go out and build themselves a future.

There was one boy that knew what the future was in store for him and he yearned to realize it. This boy was considered a runt, but one with a good heart. This boy is none other than…

"Hey, Yugi!"

The boy named Yugi turned as another teen came running towards her. Yugi has quite a unique hairstyle, like that of an octopus hairstyle. His hair was black with red tips at the ends, and there are streaks of lightning-shaped bangs coming down his forehead. His face was pure with a child-like glare. Usually people would mistake him as a grade-schooler, but Yugi is definitely a high-school boy. He was wearing a blue uniform with a white shirt under the coat.

"Hey, Joey!"

"Joey! What's up?"

"Nothing, you want to tag along and go grab a bite?"

"Sure, but first let's go to the shop. I've gotta ask my grandpa something first."


"Yo, guys!"

The boys turned as a girl wearing a pink suit equipped with a blue bow and a blue skirt uniform waves to them. Her hair is brown and reached down to her shoulders. Her eyes were as blue as the heavens. This girl has known Yugi since they were in grade school.

"Hi, Tea! We were just heading over to my grandpa's shop and then we'll be grabbing a bite to eat. Wanna join us?"

"Thanks, but I've got some dancing classes."

"Since, when did you start taking dance classes?" Joey asked.

"Since, today."

"Today? How come nobody tells me these things? Uh, I feel so left out."

"Take it easy, Joey. I'm glad you decided to start dancing classes, Tea. I'm proud of you."

"I want to start living my dream. You know how I've been craving for the day I become a professional dancer. It's going to be great."

"Just keep on the practice and I'm sure you'll do well," Yugi said.

"By the way, where's Tristan? He wasn't here today."

"Probably out with a cold. I'll give him a call later," Joey said. "Ready, Yug?

"Yeah. I'm pretty much starving!"

"Why don't we get something to eat then?"

"But I've gotta ask my grandpa something."

"Is it another rare card? You already have the three Egyptian God Cards."

"Yeah, but I'm not about to quit card collecting now. Besides, I've grown up in the card collecting business."

"Yeah, you have it made."

"I still have to pay since they're merchandise items in the shop. So I'm also considered a customer."

"We better get going then. My stomach is getting a cramp over here."

"Heh. Sorry, Joey. We'll see you later, Tea."

"Maybe even later! See ya!"

As soon as the two boys headed out through the school's gates, they were heading over to the Card Shop owned by Solomon Muto, Yugi's grandfather. As Joey had said, Yugi lives with his grandfather in the card shop. However, that does not mean that he can gain any free cards. It is quite a bummer for Yugi to having to pay for his own cards.

It's been nearly three months since the conclusion of Seto Kaiba's Battle City tournament. The finals had come down to Yugi and the evil Yami Marik. After crushing defeat, Marik's evil spirit was vanquished by Yugi's Egyptian god cards. Since then, Yugi has in possession the three world's most powerful cards. They don't call Yugi the world's greatest duelist for nothing. He earned a reputation beforehand with victories over Duel Monsters creator, Maxamillion Pegasus and previous Duel Monsters champion, Seto Kaiba.

Since Battle City ended, nobody has ever heard from Seto Kaiba. There were some that claim that Kaiba was building a theme park for orphans in America. All traces of Alcatraz tower was destroyed as way for Seto to retreat into America. He had failed to gain the three Egyptian god cards and went on to relive his dream of building that theme park. As for Mokuba, he went along with his brother to help him with his newest project.

Yugi wonders how Seto Kaiba has been doing these past three months and wonders when the former Duel Monsters champion would ever return.

"You know something, Joey?"

"What, Yugi?"

"I've always wondered how Seto Kaiba has been doing."

"What made you bring him up all of a sudden?"

"I was just wonder how he has been."

"I hear he left to America to build some sort of project."


"I wouldn't be too sure. What's with this all of a sudden?"

"Nothing really. I just hope he and Mokuba are doing well."

"I'll admit, he really annoyed the hell out of me and there were times I wanted to kick his smart ass, but I respect him for the duelist that he is. He's really a good brother to Mokuba."

"Wherever you are, Kaiba. Thank you. You've given me one of my most challenging experiences in my duelist career. I wish you luck on you're future."

Suddenly, Yugi's Millennium Puzzle started to emit a slight aura. It seemed the puzzle was sensing a disturbance in the air. Yugi quickly conversed with the spirit, Yami, through his mind.

"What is it, Yami?"

"Yugi. I'm sensing a dark power. I don't know what to make of it, but it's an even greater evil than even Marik himself."

"What? An even greater evil than Marik?"

"Yes and we best be careful. This evil force might end up looking for all seven Millennium Items. It seems to be looking for a power source to maintain its power."

"Don't worry, Yami. Just like I helped you save the world, I've got you're back. We'll face this new evil together."

"Thank you, Yugi."

"Hey, Yug! Earth to Yug!"


"Yo, while you were day dreaming, I was telling you that we've made it to you're grandpa's shop! Let's go check out what new cards came in!"

"Oh, yeah! I hope grandpa received a new supply of awesome cards!"

"Race ya there, Yug!"

"Hey, wait up! No fair! You took the lead!"

Indeed, the Pharaoh from Yugi's Millennium Puzzle had picked up the evil power coming from the city of Shinjuku. He chose to wait until he would get further detail on this new menace. This was the same creature that emerged from Guilmon's den. What was the creature really aiming for and for what purpose?

Only time would tell for the creature to emerge again and dusk wasn't going to approach until another few hours. Then, there's a good chance this dark force will lurk out to find the new host it was yearning for.



The city of Shibuya was much like it's neighbor, Shinjuku: a very busy city with lots of employees driving through rush hour traffic in order to get to work or to go home to their families. However, there were others with no working schedules. Those included every grade school and middle school child.

Running through a large crowd of people, a boy with a large orange hat was seen pushing his way through and it looked like he was in a hurry. Following along was another boy about five years older than he was.

"Hey, Tomoki! Stop! Man, that kid knows how to run! Tomoki!"

"Hurry up, Takuya! The Game Shop is about to close in a few minutes!" the younger boy calls out.

"Man, all this talk about Duel Monsters has been wondering. Tomoki has been telling me all about it."

"We made it!"

"About time… I need ten minutes to rest…"

Takuya stops at a light post to catch his breath until he saw the young boy standing over at the game shop's front door.

Tomoki wore a large orange hat that covered up nearly his entire head. He has on a white shirt with another underneath it along with yellow shorts that reached down to the bottom of his knees. His shoes were large with green laces in between them.

Takuya was wearing a brown-green hat with a pair of goggles over them. His hair was seen underneath his hat and it looked to have some light brown distinctions. He wore a red vest over a yellow shirt with an odd-looking black symbol on the front shirt. He was also wearing brown cargo pants that reached down below his bottom knees. On his hands was a pair of light brown-green gloves. Takuya's shoes were a mix of red and orange, the colors of fire itself.

These two boys have known each other for about six months after they saved the planet from an all mighty digimon god by the name of Lucemon. He and Tomoki are two of the six legendary warriors that helped restore peace to another Digital World by slaying the tyrannical Lucemon.

What separated them from the Tamers was the fact that they never used any digimon partners to help them against the forces of darkness. Instead, they used the spirits of the legendary warriors to transform themselves into those digimon warriors through a process known as "Spirit Evolution".

Since Lucemon's defeat, they were sent back home and lost their ability to transform into the warriors once again. They now lived a normal life without having to worry about dealing with anymore evil forces until then.

"What are you waiting for, Takuya? They're closing in ten minutes!"

"Hang on a minute, Tomoki! Can't a guy catch his breath?"

With that said, the goggle head walked into the game shop with his friend. Takuya could never understand how Tomoki would be crazy over a collection of gaming cards called Duel Monsters. Though, he simply can't resist the urge to take a look at these cards. He's only heard of them, but hasn't had the time to become a duelist.

"Wow, look at these cards, Takuya! This is one I've been looking for!"

Tomoki held up a card with a picture of a blue dragon monster with a pair of three horns on it's head. Takuya examined the card and was quite impressed with the detail.

"Wow, they make some pretty good cards."

"Yeah, this one is called the Tri-Horned Dragon! Its attack power is at 2850! Man, this card is going into my collection!"

"And how many cards did you say you have?"

"Of Duel Monsters? I have about… Two hundred."

"Two hundred freaking cards?! Dude, did you use up all of you're allowance?"

"No, my mom and dad helped me get some starter decks. My brother gave me several cards for my birthday. So it's not a waste."

"Man, I don't know how you kids get into these games."

"They're not games! You should have seen Battle City! Some kid named Yugi Muto won the entire tournament. He's earned a reputation by beating even the Duel Monsters creator and champion."

"Wow, this guy must be an awesome duelist."

"From what I hear, he's only a high school kid."

"High school, huh?"

"Yeah, I've seen plenty of high school kids competing at these tournaments. They're really cool to watch!"

"Well, we'll see if we can watch another one of those tournaments again. You know, you just might convince me to play this kiddy game. Besides, I'm still a little boy in heart."

"But what would Izumi say if she saw you playing Duel Monsters?"

"Dude, I'll show I can mop the floor with the best of 'em."

"Maybe I can teach you a thing or two about the rules."

"Sounds great, but it's going to feel weird for an older kid like me learning rules from a little kid. No offense or anything."

"Nah, it's nothing. I've got what I need."

"Cool. Hey, they got the new Naruto DVDs! I've gotta buy me some of these!"

"Heh and Takuya calls me obsessed?" Tomoki thought.

Looking on from the other side of the store stood an attractive blonde college girl with a red bow at her hair. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a white t-shirt reading Volleyball Queen, and a pair of sneakers. The young girl was looking through a shelf full of racing games, including several new Gran Turismo titles.

"Wow, they've got the games I really need! I'm so in heaven."


The girl turned as a white cat popped its head through her backpack. The white cat has quite a distinctive yellow crescent on its forehead.

"Artemis! They're going to see you and I don't want to get kicked out for bringing in animals into their shop…"

"Do I have to remind you that Makoto and Rei are waiting for you at the library? You do have some exams this coming week, right?"

"Yeah, but I really need to get these games. Besides, studying can be painful…"

"Gee… Where have I heard that one before?"

"Oh hush. Isn't that cute? That boy over there is getting a lot of those Duel Monsters cards."

Minako was pointing over towards Tomoki, who was holding out several packages of cards. The girl was adored by the boy's obsession.

"It kind of reminds me of myself with these racing games."

"Oh boy…" the white cat muttered.

"Let's go, Tomoki. I gotta take you home anyway."

"Oh, right! It is getting late!"

The boys headed out of the front door after paying for their items. Minako picked out the two of the hottest racing games and paid the register.

"Oh, kids… They're so full of imagination…"



The duel between Rika and Takato continued towards it's conclusion. The goggle boy impressed the Digimon Queen with several counters against her powerful deck.

"All right, here goes nothing! I'll play my Paildramon card and use my Digicore Digivolution card to mega digivolve him straight to Imperialdramon. You're in trouble now, Rika!"

The girl remained as calm as ever ash she looked through her deck. A slight smirk forms on her face. Takato hated when Rika gave that glare. He knew that Rika was ready to grind his digimon to the dirt with some sort of all mighty powerful digimon god.

"I hate it when she plays with my mind like that. I can't even tell if she's going to throw out a stronger monster than I am."

"Gee, I wonder what's taking her so long?" Guilmon pondered.

"You know Rika. She loves keeping her opponents guessing! Isn't that right, good ol' Guilmon the King?"

"Right you are, Terrier Ross!"

"Guys? Would you come up with some originality? Those wrestling impersonations are pretty lame," Henry said.

"But we were impersonating the commentators!"

"Just make you're Rika," Takato said with worry.

"All right then. You asked for it. I summon my Taomon card and digivolve her with my Digivolution card. I bring forth Sakuyamon!"

"Sakuyamon?! They already have those out already?!" Takato exclaimed.

"You hit the nail on the head, goggle head. Now it's time to wipe out you're dragon! I'll boost my digimon's power up with my Armor Card. She's now strong enough to put a dent to Imperialdramon! Prepare to lose, goggle head!"

"Heh, you just feel for my trick!"


"I only lured you in with my own trap. I play my Training Bracelets card and that decreases you're monster's level down twenty-five percent! What a shame! Now, I'll finish off you're weakened Sakuyamon with my more powerful Imperi-"

Just as Takato was about to finish off Rika, drops of rain started to pour down. There was one word that quickly crossed Takato's mind as he came close to an inevitable victory of the ages.


"This is pretty heavy! You guys better get you're cards! I didn't even expect it to rain today!" Henry calls out.

"Wow, you really trust the weather man these days? They're usually never right. Partly cloudy my butt!"

The Tamers snatched away the cards and placed them in their satchels. They hurried along the street and ducked under a bus stop.

Takato came so close. He felt victory right at the grasp of his hand. He never thought he would counter against one of Rika's newest cards. It's only been a year since the real Sakuyamon had appeared in the real world. Rika was given this card on her birthday and she cherished it as a remembrance to her bio-merged mega form.

"That was so close! I had you, Rika!"

"I almost had you if you didn't deplete my digimon's attack power. There's always next time. I'm impressed. You weren't too bad."

"Really. Well, thanks. I've whooped even Kazu with my new deck. He still hasn't claimed an Imperialdramon. Too bad I can't find a card for Guilmon."

"Aww, I wish I had a card," Guilmon said. "I'll be famous!"

"Like a living legend," Terriermon said. "Heck, I'm already a living legend as it is. I look so cool on the card, but I'm much cuter in person."

I see Terriermon is still full of himself," Takato stated.

The boys laughed it off which didn't set well for Terriermon. He really hated being looked down upon, yet he should know that his mouth would only get himself into a messy heap.

Rika simply turned to see Renamon with her back on the group. Something had bothered the vulpine and Rika knew too well that her partner was distracted.

"Renamon? What is it?"

"I just sensed a dark presence…"

"Are you serious? What could it be?"

"I'm not too sure, but we have to keep our guard out. This one might be too dangerous."

"Right. Shouldn't we let them know?"

"What do you propose we do?"

"You and I can scope it out. We'll investigate until then"


"Hey, Rika! Renamon! The rain is stopping! Maybe we can finish our duel?" Takato calls out.

"Ummm, sorry but I forgot something."

"Hmmm, you sure you don't want to finish up?"

"Positive. I forgot that I had some things to do. We'll catch up later. Oh and goggle head… When we finish up, I'll come back and kick you're little butt in another duel."

"Sure you are!"

Rika simply waved out without facing the boys and heads off into another direction. Renamon follows her partner out.

"Well it is getting dark. We should get going, Takato."

"Oh, yeah. My mom will kill me if I don't get home in time for dinner."

"Don't want to get killed, don't we?" Terriermon said with a chuckle.

"I hope they make more Guilmon bread!"

"Guilmon, you always have Guilmon bread every week. It's not like it's anything new."

"I know, but I love 'em! I can't resist them!"

"We'll see you later, Takato! Call me sometime!" Henry calls out.

"Right! You take care!"

With that said, the two boys headed off with their digimon partners. It was getting late and Takato's curfew was only ten minutes away.

"I wonder why Rika was so concerned," Takato thought. "Could there be something that she and Renamon are not telling us? Whatever it is, it had Renamon spooked. This might be trouble. I better scope this out!"


Later that night, the streets of Shinjuku became a time for the freaks to wake up from their long day sleep. Yes, there are even freaks in a city such as Shinjuku. It's been long since any digimon bio-emergences have occurred and that was for the better. There would be no telling when a power-hungry digimon would show up and start wrecking havoc.

However, there was one that managed to breach through the buried digiport under Guilmon's den. The same creature that emerged was roaming through the quiet streets like a lost soul looking for it's way home. In this case, it was looking for a body host to maintain his form.

"Must… find… host to maintain my form… Can't go on…"

Just then, the mysterious presence felt the presence of living souls just ahead of them. It hid through the darkness as a long, white limousine was parked outside of the Hypnos building.

There was a group of people standing outside of the twin-building complex. One was a man with dark blue hair and a pair of shades concealing his eyes. He was wearing a black suit and a cane in his hand. The other is a woman with a sparkling blue dress and a pair of white high heel shoes. They were speaking with a familiar blond-haired man with a pair of shades and he looked like one of those government agents. Yes, it was none other than Yamaki. The man was speaking with the two individuals who have been one of Hypnos' official sponsors for their recent projects. They previously had worked with Kaiba Corporations for quite sometime but had departed since Seto Kaiba left for America.

"I see we have an agreement then," Yamaki stated.

"We left Kaiba Corporation to continue doing our parts in sponsoring your projects. You never informed us about using the Juggernaut Program. At least the public hasn't gotten on our case."

"Listen, everything has been under control ever since the blob mass incident last year," Yamaki stated. "Hypnos has been on very heavy construction. However, I've clearly stated that we will not use the Juggernaut Program."

"That's fine, Yamaki, but we have constructed some detail to improve the Hypnos system. We didn't fly all the way out of Washington D.C. to hear anymore excuses. We'll do our part, now you and the team do yours," the woman stated promptly. "We could have reported you're incompetence to the American Security Forces. Just be glad we're letting you off the hook this time around."

"Understood, Mrs. Canebrook," Yamaki stated.

"Let's go. We're heading out to the nearest hotel," said the man identified as Mr. Vincent Canebrook. "By the way, we expect a full report in three days. Don't disappoint us, Yamaki."

"Yes, understood."

The couple walked back into their limousine to sit along with another passenger, which looked like a sixteen-year old boy.

"So, how did it go, father?" the teen asked.

"Incompetent man. That's a man who will never get anything right," Mr. Canebrook stated. "The Security Forces would have stripped away his jurisdiction if I had my way!"

"Oh god! I forgot my purse! I've left it outside!" Mrs. Canebrook shrieked.

"I'll go get it mother," the boy replied with a slight British accent.

"Thank you, Lance. You don't know how much that purse means to me. It cost nearly 5000 yen!"

The boy better known as Lance Canebrook ran out to grab his mother's purse and started walking back towards the limo.

"My mother needs to keep an eye on her things."

Just then, the teen felt a dark presence within the shadows. He turned around and felt his body quivering with fear.

"Hello, is anybody out there?!"

The boy continued along towards his family's limousine, but stopped as a raspy voice crept up behind the teen. Lance turned as a mummified hand reached out towards him. Lance lets out a horrifying cry as he felt a dark presence quickly being absorbed into his body. Lance cries were now silenced as the dark presence found it's new host.

The boy lifted his head and a sinister grin forms on his face. He chuckled a low, demonic tone with his eyes emitting a dark red aura.

"Yes… I've found a body full of youth. I can maintain my form and build up my strength until then. Nobody will suspect my arrival. This is perfect. I'll deceive this boy's family and gain access into this secret system they call Hypnos. From there, I will hunt down for the earth's greatest energy sources. I must find them to increase my power and allow me to gain access back to the Digital World to crush those retched Sovereign! They'll pay dearly for ever crossing me, Lord Pharaohmon!"

"Lance, honey! Did you find my purse? What were those screams just now?!"

"That woman's voice is enough for me to want to slit her throat, but I have to maintain control until then. Of course, I can always create minions to do my bidding. While my form gather its strength in this dormant body, I'll send some minions to search out for any clues to some artifacts that may help to unleash my power! Until then, I think I'll have some fun deceiving the boy's parents. I can't wait until the killing spree begins…"

Lance walked out through the darkest reaches of the tall building and dropped formed several seeds. He drops them on the ground and walks over to his waiting parents.

"What took you forever, young man?"

"I just had a run-in with a rat. You know how I hate rats."

"I see. Well, this city sure isn't clean."

"Please don't go on another one of you're ramblings, dear," Mr. Canebrook muttered. "We're tired. Let's get to the hotel and hope everything turns out our way. Yamaki better not pull anything behind our backs."

"Knowing him, he's probably doing so as we speak."

"How greedy these humans turn out to be. No wonder Zhuqiaomon had a grudge against these filth. Unlike that fool, I'm going to finish where he started. These humans will know my wrath!"

The boy's eyes started emitting a red aura, which was invisible to his parent's keen sense of sight. A sinister grin once again forms on the boy's face as he started chanted a dark ritual tongue to himself.

"Arise my children. It's time that the creatures of the night begin their feasting!"

With that said, the seeds started to open up releasing large beetle-like creatures with a distinctive blue marking on their backs.

"That's it my Scrabmon. Begin you're search and report to me when you find any available power sources. Make sure to crush any opposition that stands in our destiny. Go and make you're lord proud!"

The Scrabmon swarm started flying out towards the skylines above to begin their mission for their lord and master, Pharaohmon. After nearly a year of peace and quiet, another swarm of digital creatures has begun their invasion on the city of Shinjuku.

Unknown to the Scrabmon, there was a certain neon-colored fox who watched the entire event unfold. She surely wasn't going to let the Scrabmon off the hook. On the other hand, Renamon was showing a sign of emotion that she hasn't displayed since the D-Reaper invaded and that was fear itself. She would normally jump in and defeat the enemy despite their superior strength and tenacity. However, this was not the case. It was as if she sensed the power of Satan himself.

"What is he doing here?! Anybody but him! I better inform Rika and let her know on everything dealing with this new enemy. Why would Pharaohmon be looking for a power source? I do remember hearing about this demon in the digital world. He came close to whipping out the northern sector and he came close to ruling Azulongmon's domain. I can't fight him at my current state and I'm afraid even our mega forms can defeat this monster! If he hopes to obtain a power source here, then our world will be in grave danger!"

As soon as Renamon said that in thought, she phases out to search for her Tamer to fill her in on what had transpired with Shinjuku's newest and most unwelcome resident.


Domino City

After a spending the whole day with Joey, Yugi decided to retire for the night in his comfortable, warm bed. He's glad to have prospered with a peaceful life after dealing with the likes of Pegasus and Marik. He feels that his dueling days were far from over. Even the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle knew that new enemies would soon challenge his authority.

"So, what was it that you sensed, Yami? Is there someone out there after the power of the Millennium Items? I mean we've already dealt with two egomaniacs and we've crushed them."

Suddenly, an image of Yami Yugi appears before the teen with arms crossed and a look of determination.

"Yes, but it seems our duty in protecting this world is not finished. I felt a dark disturbance over in another city."

"Well don't you forget that I'm always here when you need me, Yami. My friends and I will back you up. You have my word!"

"Thank you, Yugi. Now it's my turn to return the favor after you've helped me defeat Marik."

"So where is this new evil lurking? We can find it a lot easier if we were to pick up it's exact location."

"I'm picking up it's presence in a city called Shinjuku."

"Since it's the weekend, we can go and check it out. What do you think?"

"Yes and to get further clues to this mystery. We better be on our side. There's no telling if it will be sending minions to keep powers such as myself out of the way."

"Don't worry. I'll call Joey and the others about this. We'll find this new evil presence and put a stop to it. There's no telling if it has any interest in the Millennium Items."

"The sooner, the better, Yugi. This new force might even be more formidable than even Marik's Rare Hunters."

"As long as I have the three Egyptian God Cards, there's no way we can be beaten! We'll win and restore justice to this world!"

The evil force known as Pharaohmon has emerged into the real world and so far, it plans on using Lace as a host to sustain his form. Already aware of the demon's power, Renamon and Yami have their eyes set on the enemy. How will the Tamers react to Renamon's startling revelation? Will Yugi and his friends find out more clues behind this mystery? What's the deal with everyone else not aware of Pharaohmon's presence? All these questions shall be answered… Until then, Duelist…

(Yu-Gi-Oh's Fifth Closing Japanese theme "Afureru Yuujyoo Tomachinai" plays)



Yugi: Hi! This is Yugi Muto! We'll be visiting Shinjuku to investigate the whereabouts of our new enemy! Say, what are those flying insects?

Takato: What is it boy? Is it the new enemy?!

Guilmon: More like a big bug problem!

Lance (Pharaohmon): I see this earth has special forces that are capable of putting a stop to my destiny? I will not allow such insolence to thwart my plans! Scrabmon! Attack our new enemies at once!

Takuya: What are those things?! My D-Scanner has returned? This means… SPIRIT EVOLUTION!! AGUNIMON!

Minako: Makato! Rei! We've got company!

Makoto: Just who is that flaming man?!

Rei: He's taking those bugs apart like tissue paper!

Agunimon: Call me the Legendary Warrior of Fire…

Takato: Our next episode is entitled:

Pharaohmon's Scrabmon Invade Shinjuku and Shibuya! Arise Earth's Greatest Forces!

Yami Muto: Don't miss it!


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