Zelda: The Legend of the Sam'kemesa By Schell21

The carnival had ended in Termina, and after a long time, Link felt truly happy. "I am not letting you out of my sight again Epona," he said to his horse. It was an odd journey to say the least. As far as anyone else was concerned, he had spent only three days in Termina, as well as an extra day in the carnival. The only proof of his encounters were in the masks he had, each of them carrying a memory.

During his last loop, he tried to ensure as many people as possible were happy. Romani was safe from the spirits, Kefei and Anju had their marriage. Also, because he had extra time, he was even allowed to race with the deku butler one last time. It was something he felt in the deku mask that made him do it. It was a shame there wasn't enough time to help everyone he saw, even with the inverted song of time, but he did more in that loop then he ever did before.

Through the warp, Link found himself back in Hyrule, in the lost woods.

His old home.

"Well, Epona, I guess we have one last task to do." He wasn't sure, but it might be best to
seal the gateway between Termina and Hyrule. All he needed was a big boulder. Finding a
sizeable chunk not far from the tree, he pulled out the Goron mask and put it on, bracing
himself for the bizarre change into a Goron warrior of incredible strength... but nothing
happened. "Huh? What the?" He tried putting it on again, but it was still the same result. He
looked at the mask at all sides, but it didn't appear to be damaged.

Something was wrong.

"I guess we have to do it the old fasion way."

He took out a deku stick, and making a leverage system, managed to push the bolder and covered up the opening once more. At a thought, He also put a mark on it, incase he had to find it.
"Come on Epona, lets go."


He raced through the woods, unconsciously looking at the spot Tatl used to fly by. Link
smiled as he remembered her. Tatl was irritating, bossy, and of little 'direct' help. She
always forced him to think on his own. In fact, when he thought about it, as strange as it seemed, she was very similar to Navi. A version of Navi that was extremely forceful and direct.

Link sighed.

It was the reason he came, to look for her. He did not understand why she left, only that she had to. It was then he realised they were still in the lost woods, and they should be out by

"Epona? Don't you remember the way?" *Oh no.* Epona had never been in the lost woods before.
No problem, they just needed to find a land mark, so they journeyed a little further.

Link looked around for anything familiar, Still nothing was recognisable. They wondered further on.

A short while later, Link had to admit the impossible.

They were lost.

In the Lost woods.


About an hour of wondering, Link decided Epona had to rest.

"I don't believe this," said Link. The Lost woods had been part of his home, and here he was lost. He should have realised this could happen. He felt as if he was rejected, like a discarded child. Navi did more then just hang around. The fairy protected him from the powerful magic this place was famous for.

It wasn't just a name. Among the Kokiri, the legend was that lost souls entering the woods, if they spend a prolonged amount of time, would eventually became Stalfos Knights and never again able to leave as the forest have laid claim to them. Before, the forest conveniently ignored him as he was considered a Kokiri with Navi's presence. But now, he had no fairy companion.

"Let's not panic," Link whispered to Epona as he unmounted. He was starting to feel dizzy, the
path no longer looked certain. He took out a small lunch and began eating, focusing only on
himself and Epona, daring not to sneak a peek at the hypnotising trees. He knew enough on how
to survive in the forest for a while, without becoming a Stalfos. He remembered bits and pieces
from the Kokiri. Never fall asleep in the grassy areas, do not start a fire at any point and,
most importantly, do not take or consume anything magical from the Lost Woods.

Deep in his heart though, he felt he had nothing to fear. He felt the forest had already 'accepted' him in some way, hopefully not as a Stalfos or a Stalkid.

It was just as well. Mido had always said that, in the end, it was the persons _fear_ of the woods that eventually consumed them and transformed them.

Link felt no fear. In fact, he was completely relaxed. He felt the calm wash over him, heightening his senses, somehow piercing the fogginess.

It was then he realised the reason why he was so calm. He heard the comforting, almost
welcoming music filter through the woods.

Saria's song.

He clutched the ocarina in his hands. Not the Ocarina of Time, but the wooden ocarina Saria had given to him when he left. He had forgotten many of the songs he learned from seven years in the future, but this was one song he vowed to never forget. He remounted on Epona, and went on a slow trot. Carefully, he listened, feeling out the song. Eventually, he started playing it in tune to it on the Ocarina. The forest path began to become clearer to him, its magic affecting him less.


It wasn't long, when he found himself in the sacred meadow. The maze was no problem for him, and he found Saria sitting on the tree stump.

Saria looked up, sensing him. "Link! I knew you would come," she said smiling. "I heard you playing. You never forgot my song, did you."

"Of course not," said Link.

"And who is this?" She got up and walked to Epona.

"My horse. Saria, this is Epona. Epona, Saria." Link introduced.

The horse gave an affirmative grunt in response.

"He seems friendly enough," said Saria. "So what happened to you? What's in the bag?" Saria
noticed the bag Link had been carrying.

"Have I got a story for you..." Link opened the bag, revealing their contents.

"Masks! Hey, I recognise some of these, you showed me these a while ago." Some of those masks he showed earlier were very funny. Others were scary.

"You haven't seen these masks.... Don't put it on!" Link said quickly, Saria had just picked up the deku mask. She quickly dropped it. "Sorry about that," said Link. "These masks have magic in them, they transform you into what ever they represent" he explained. "I had to use their power,
where I've been."

"You used them all?" asked Saria. "Well, what about this one?" She pointed out the fairy mask.

"They don't 'all' transform you," Link blushed at Saria's look. "That one just makes you more
likeable to fairies. Look, let me explain from the beginning....."


In the time that passed, Link explained every bit of his adventure in Termina. Saria listened
intently, smiling with link at the happiness he had spread to the inhabitants of Termina. He
also explained the fight with the stalkid and the Mask of Majora, the power of all the masks as
well as the sympathy he felt for Anju and Kefei.

"Were you able to restore Kefei?" Saria asked. She was particularly interested in their story.

"I don't know. I tried to play this new song I learned, it's called the Song of Healing. It
worked on almost all of Majora's power. But in that case, Kefei was not in pain. He didn't need
to be healed. I do know, that the marriage went ahead. I made sure of that much... more then that, I can't say."

"That is so sad," Saria sniffed. "It sounds a lot like us.... Uh I mean-"

"It's okay, I know." Link sighed, not elaborating on it. He didn't want to. Some things were better unsaid.

There was a short pause. "So, where is the Stalkid now?" Saria asked changing the subject.

"He decided to stay in Termina, to make amends. It wasn't until after he took of Majora's mask
that I realised exactly who he was. I probably started all this when I gave him that other mask
a long time ago." Link said sadly. *Just like when I started everything, by openning the door of Time* Why did he have such bad luck?

"But everything is sorted!" said Saria excitedly. "You saved an entire world! It's a time for celebration!" She brought out her ocarina ready to give a song.

"I guess, but it was more then that. In Termina, I began to understand 'why' I wanted to save
them. It wasn't just an adventure. In the three days, I got to know them. Everyone. Then, I
always had to go back to the first day, and they did not remember me."

"That must have been hard for you..." Saria said sympathetically.

"At first. But in the end, it didn't matter. I remembered them, and knew them, and the power of
Majora was not about to wipe them out!" Link said triumphantly.

"So... can you put on the Masks now? I'd like to see them work." She began to
rummage though the masks.

"Okay, I'll try, but something feels wrong with them here." Link proceeded to put on the Deku
scrub mask. Hopefully, it would be the least threatening to Saria.

Saria watched expectedly, as the mask came closer to the face of her friend. It covered his
face, and slowly touched his skin. Link completely thrust it on him bracing himself again....

"So, what's supposed to happen?" she asked not daring to say how funny he looked.

Link gave up. "It's not working. I tried to use the Goron mask before. It just doesn't work

"Never mind," Saria tried to hide her disappointment. "Where is the entrance to Termina anyway?"

"I can show you, it's in the lost woods..."

"You should know better to go into the lost woods without a fairy!" Saria blurted out.

Link gave a sad expression.

"Oh... I'm sorry Link. I didn't mean it," said Saria.

Link smiled. "It's okay... have you seen or heard from Navi?"

Saria shook her head. "Sorry Link. Nobody has heard or seen her."

Link sat down on the stump next to her. "She was the only one that saw those seven years we went through." In a way, he was grateful to see that far ahead. Nobody really believed his story,
except for the Princess Zelda and Saria. It would have been nice to have Navi to back him up.

"She was a good friend to you, wasn't she," Saria said knowingly.

"Yes. She saved my life more then once. I couldn't have awakened the sages or sealed Gannondorf
without her."

"I am confused about one thing though," Saria wondered.

"Oh? What part?" Link asked.

"You said I was awakened as a Sage, but I am here. Should I be a sage, or will I be in seven
years?" It was important to her to know.

Link tried to give it some thought. Unfortunately, even the Hero of Time didn't understand the
way time itself works. "I don't know for sure," he started to reason, "but I think the 'you' here is not a sage, but a sage called Saria now exists, and has existed since before the Deku tree was around." It was the best explanation he could think of. "Do you follow?"

"Yeah, kind of. So in the end, what you saw and everything you did, had no meaning?" Saria
thought it was incredible cruel.

"Well, we stopped Gannondorf from taking over. The future is uncertain, but that is better then
a certain dark future."

"Okay. Now why don't you take me to the Termina warp point? My fairy can protect us, won't
you?" she said expectantly.

Her fairy shook her head.

"What?" Saria stood up. "This is Link! You know him! Why not?!" Saria was uncharacteristically angry about this. The fairy said something to Saria.

"What did it say?" Link asked. Fairies almost always spoke to their Kokiri alone. At least, the ones in Hyrule. Tatl was very much an exceptional fairy.

"It seems that my fairy has sworn only to protect me, and her powers don't automatically extend
to you." Saria pulled the fairy closer. "Look, this is Link, my friend, and he is also one of
us. No matter what Mido has said! He deserves to go free across the Lost Woods, and you will
help him. Got that?" The Fairy whispered a little more. Saria blushed in response.

"What now?" Link wondered.

"It's okay. The fairy can guide both of us, but you must remain in contact with me," she
blushed a little more.

"Oh that's no problem, I guess." Link said getting ready. What about Epona?"

"The lost woods doesn't affect animals, she can come with us. Lets go!"

Hand in hand, they both entered the maze, and into the lost woods.


With Saria's fairy, Link reached the place where the tree was. But something was not right.

"I swear it was right here!" Link said to Saria. He was gesturing to the empty space.

"There's nothing here Link," she said softly.

"I don't get it," he thought frustrated. "The tree was here, I sealed it with a rock. Look, the impressions I made on the rock are still here!" At least the boulder was there but nothing else.

"Maybe, the lost woods messed up you sense of direction. It wouldn't be the first time this has
happened to someone."

Link fell silent for a moment. Could it be? Another adventure and absolutely no proof. Even the
Masks didn't work here. Saria caught what he was thinking.

"I do believe you, Link" She said.

"Thanks Saria," He went in a short circle around where the tree should be, just in case it was
some kind of optical illusion. But no, the tree was definitely gone.

He suddenly stopped.

The dizziness of the forest was working his way into him again. He stood completely still and
closed his eyes. He was beginning to feel that he was going to 'fall' into the sky, but he
didn't give in to the feeling. "Saria, I can't find you. Can you come to me?" In a moment, he
felt her hand in his, and the forest became clear.

"I told you to protect him!" Saria said to the fairy. All she got in response was an apologetic
ring and a sort of 'I told you so.' They both sat down on the forest short grass. Link knew he
could relax, with Saria's fairy protecting them.

"What will you do now?" Saria asked.

Link shrugged. "I don't know. I still want to look for Navi. I searched all over Hyrule, except for these woods. After I figured she couldn't be anywhere else, only then did I come here.... I forgot how dangerous these woods are for non-Kokiri."

"You are a Kokiri, Link" said Saria.

"I'm not Saria, I am a Hylian." Link thought sadly. "Then again, the usual Hylians think these
woods are demonic, yet I consider it home." he thought.

"Listen Link. You have lived as a Kokiri since birth. Just because it is not in your blood
doesn't mean anything, and I notice you still dress like one of us... To me, you are a Kokiri
no matter how large you get."

"Saria, When I leave these woods I will grow up, grow old, and.... eventually die."

Saria looked down, not daring to blink. She didn't want Link to see her cry about it. Death was not completely unknown to the child-like race, it just didn't happen to them often. They had a very high life span. Link had once told her, in the future, the Kokiri did not recognise him. Link never said how he reacted, but she didn't like the sound of it.

"I understand, Link" She did understand, but wished with everything he could stay. "Maybe, I can... come with you?" She asked hopefully.

"You know what would happen if you leave, but I wish I could show you the rest of the
world..." Link thought it would be the perfect adventure.

"Well, if you are going to search these woods, you are going to need my help this time! How
else are you going to move here without getting lost?" Saria said joyfully.

Link laughed. "Sure, What would I do without you? You can lead the way," he said.

"What? And get attacked by who knows what?!" Saria teased.

"Okay, I'll lead the way, you cover my back. Monsters like to sneak up too.." Link teased back.

Saria laughed. "Let's just watch out for each other. What are friends for?"

Link agreed. "Sure. So, where do we start?"

Saria thought for a moment. "Well, Navi is not at the Kokiri parts of the Lost woods. Someone
would have seen her. She might be very deep in the woods. Deeper then even the Kokiri, and
maybe even the Stalkids would go."

"I'm prepared," Link gestured to his new equipment from Termina as well as a spare red potion.
"Let's get going."


After a short while, the two were riding on Epona. Saria's fairy continued to provide a bubble
of protection for them.

"Are you sure we are going deeper in the woods?" Link asked. Despite the protection, it felt as if they may have gone in circles.

"Definitely. Just look at how dark it's getting. Can't you feel it?" Saria looked about the

"Yeah," said Link. The beauty of the woods was starting to be lost. The trees became twisted
and uninviting. "But, when I was with Navi, I once tried to go through here. I just ended up
back at the village," he thought.

"That's the protection spell. A Kokiri can never get lost in these woods. If they go too deep,
they always end up back home. I asked my fairy to remove that spell."

"So, we can still get lost?" Link wondered.

"Well, with an experienced adventurer like yourself, why should we worry?" Saria smiled, though
in truth she was worried a little about it. "Just stick close. If not for my fairy, you might already be a stalkid."

Link shuddered at the thought, but they had to press on. Navi may need him. He could feel it.
Suddenly, Epona just stopped.

"Epona? What's wrong?" Danger must be close by, he realised.

"I don't like this Link," Saria whispered. A bitter wind was beginning to blow. Somewhere, a
twig snapped.

In response, Link drew his bow.

"Link! Look!" Saria screamed.

They were surrounded by Stalfos Knights, too many to take on with his bow. He drew a light
arrow anyway and shot it directly at one, disintegrating its bones to nothing. The other
Stalfos recoiled at the light, but they came ever closer. However, It gave just enough time for
Link to dismount, dragging Saria as well.

"Stay close to me Saria!" Link shouted. What he was about to do would be nasty if she wasn't near him. "Din's Fire!" He hurled his fist on the ground, releasing a circular blast of fire magic around them.

It caught on to the Stalfos knights, halving their number immediately. Link thought he had
enough power for a few more fires, but he wanted to conserve his power. Using the Fairy sword,
he fought the closest one. One surprised him from behind, but a quick slash sorted that one
out. He just noticed blood being drawn from somewhere, but it didn't register if it was from

One of the Stalfos then grabbed Epona and junped on it's back. "Not this time!" Link shouted. He got a light arrow and with careful presision, hit the Knight disintegrating it. The rest of the Stalfos then fled.

"Are you Okay Saria? Saria?" He asked, a little pumped with adrenaline from the fight. Saria had fear and shock all on her.

"Link... I..." Saria then fell slumped against him.

It was Link's turn to be shocked. However, he didn't panic. He laid her carefuly to the ground and Checking her, he noticed a small wound on her back. He checked more carefully, thankful, she was still breathing and there were no other injuries.

"Damn it, I should have protected her better" he thought ashamed. Saria's fairy was also screaming and flew angrily at him, for what he had allowed to happen. "It's okay, I have something for this," Link said to calm the fairy. He quickly got out the red potion. "Here Saria, drink this." He put the potion to her lips. He also applied a few drops on her wound sealing it.

Saria opened her eyes. "Wow, I feel so much better. What is that stuff?" After a quick
inspection, she found no trace of a wound was on her.

"Something else I found in my journey through Hyrule. Are you feeling okay?"

"Yes. I'm fine."

Link nodded, thankful. "Come on, lets get out of here," he said releived. However, He did not notice when Epona collapsed. "Epona? What?" He felt shock, when he saw the wound inflicted on the horse. The Stalfos managed to hurt her before he could attack. "No.... Epona," he whispered.

Saria also stared wide-eyed. "Do... do you have any more red medicine?" She asked afraid.

Link shook his head. "I don't have anymore." He didn't think he would need more. Those Stalfos were going to pay dearly for this.

"I see you have met with an unfortunate fate." A new voice came.

Link drew his sword at the voice. He came face to face with the Mask Salesman. The strange man
ignored Link, and disappeared, only to reappear next to Epona.

"Such a wonderful beast," he said. "Strength and beauty. Even now, it is fighting for you." He
grinned. "What life, what vigour...."

"Have you got any potions?" Link asked, he put down his sword, but kept it unsheathed. There
was something about this guy he did not like.

"Boy, I deal in mask, not potions. However, I do 'happen' to have a red potion. It is yours,
for the right price."

"Fine," Link was getting desperate, but he knew better when dealing with this person.
"What are you after?"

"Masks. I want your masks."

"Which one?"

"I will trade you... one red potion, for any three masks of your choice..."

Saria stayed at Link's side. "Who is this guy Link?" she asked. "Is he..."

"Yes," Link nodded to her. He started to rummage though the masks he carried. He found three masks he felt were safe to trade; Kefei's, Romani's mask, and the Ingo ringleader mask. The Masks salesman lit up at the sight of them.

"Ah... Incredible wonderful masks. Such happiness... bliss... I can not imagine why you picked
these masks out of the ones you have, they are worth more then this lowly red potion.... But a
deal is a deal, and here you go," he gave the potion to Link. Not wasting any time, Link gave
the potion to Epona. The horse immediately got up and gave a short whine. Link and Saria were

"Good medicine, yes?" The salesman said.

"Epona, thank the Triforce you are all right," Link hugged the mare.

Saria was suspicious. "What are you, to have come so deep in the forest?" she asked. She
noticed how wary Link was of this person, and she felt the same creepyness too.

"Ah, the young girl is smart." The salesman said. " I have a journey, that not even the lost
woods may bar me. Their magic is known to me, and I go where I go. A good question to ask, is
what are you?" The salesman came closer, Link came closer too, just in case. "At first, I
thought you were like him," he pointed to Link "but now I see you are not quite the same...but
of course," the salesman's eyes opened. "A Kokiri. Your kind do not exist in Termina."

"You know of us?" Saria thought. Their race was quite reclusive.

"I am always ready to make new customers. Can I interest you in a Mask?" The salesman clicked
his fingers, a stand appeared, filled with many, many masks.

"We're not interested," said Link quickly.

"But you 'must' see my wares, before making such a hasty decision, young ones."

"I... guess, what harm could it do?" said Saria, she had already gone through some of them out
of politeness.

"The masks don't work here anyway," said Link.

The salesman blinked. "Yes, we apologise for the lapse of service. This dimension is not in our roaming field, you should have explained that you are a commuter" he said quikly..

"Huh?" Link and Saria was confused. Some of those words they didn't understand.

"Good Sir and Miss, I can now inform you now that the problem is fixed. Your Masks will now
work here from now on. So, what kind of mask are you after? I have masks of all kinds. You can
become a bird perhaps?" He held out a Kapora Gaebora mask. "Or, perhaps a 'Mario' mask?"

Something made Link and Saria give a serious no to that.

"Such fussy customers, but I have a mask for all tastes." Suddenly his face changed into a serious almost malevolent one. "This one is always good, for duel customers..." He snapped his fingers, making two masks appear, floating in front of him. "This is the great Twin Mirror mask, let me demonstrate." He gestured with his hands, making the two masks float to Link and Saria.

They were too surprised to even move. Link closed his eyes, as the mask enveloped him in its
power. It began to change him. He caught a glimpse at Saria, who also had a similar mask on
her. He was just able to see his own reflection being cast on it, even though the mask he wore.
He fell to the ground with Saria, and felt the familiar relief when the spell is over.

"How do you like it?" The salesman asked expectantly.

Before Link examined himself, he tried to see Saria, but was surprised instead to find a double
of him. The double was staring at him with an expression of shock. Link felt something
different on his head, and picked it off. It was Saria's headband. He too stared at horror at
his double, as realisation came to him.

"The great Twin Mirror Mask switches the bodies of whoever wears them! Very fun at parties."
the salesman insisted, oblivious to the screaming of his two customers.

"Take it off NOW!" Link shouted, slightly surprised at having Saria's voice.

"Very well..." He clapped his hands, making the masks fall off. Link and Saria were back to

"Do that again," Link started "and-"

"And what?" The salesman pierced into his gaze.

Link didn't say anything. For some reason, he found he couldn't.

"Good, now we understand each other." The salesman smiled, as The Twin Mirror mask reappeared
on his hands. "I take it you are not interested in this, so, what may interest you?" The
Salesman asked.

Saria was beginning to back away, as was Link.

The salesman noticed this, and repositioned himself behind, surprising them. "I insist you are each given a free mask, please help yourself." He cocked his head to Link. "Hmmm, I know what might interest the Hylian," he picked up a strange mask. "This is the fairy locator mask."

"I already have one," said Link.

"Not one like this, are you not searching for a fairy?"

"How do you know that?" Link asked suspiciously.

"A salesman must cater to his customers. This mask can guide you to whatever fairy you wish,
by it's name. As an added bonus, when you wear it, you can become a small fairy. It will
certainly be useful in your quest for Navi. How about it?" He gave the mask to Link. He then glanced to Saria. "Since, you are introducing a new customer, you get to have a second, identical mask. Completly free of charge," he gave a second one to Saria. "Now, young lady, what may interest you?"

"Well, I am fine being who I am," said Saria.

"You are a one of a kind then, good customer," said the salesman. "Still, is there not
something you would like? You 'must' be given a free sample. Please, just take one.

"No really, I am fine" insisted Saria.

That look came once again to the salesman's face. "Good miss, there is something for everyone,
but if you do not wish to take advantage of my generosity, I will select a mask for you...." He
started looking for one.

"No thanks, I-"

"Yes, this one is perfect!" He took a mask out.

"She doesn't want it." Link said, his hand already on his sword.

The salesman threw the mask towards them. Link deflected it with his sword, but before he could
react, it changed its motion and hit Saria straight to her face.

"Link!" Saria shouted, but the pain of it was to much. Link tried to pull the mask off, but it
had already melded to her skin. It dissolved around her and transformed her body, then, just as
suddenly, it stopped. Saria stood, wondering what the mask did.

"See you later!" the salesman laughed just before disappearing.

"Get back here!" Link shouted.

But the salesman was gone. In fact, all trace of him was gone.

Link quickly looked to Saria who was getting up after falling from the shock.

"W-What did he do to me?" Saria asked, looking at herself.


"I am the Mask salesman. The mask have been sold..... No, I have not got the Fierce Deity mask yet.... Yes, I understand, he must meet Navi first, or the power could not be given to us safely... Yes...the events are proceeding at planned... I have aided him in this.... Two fairy locator masks.... The Stalfos did their job perfectly.....How was I supposed to know he would have a friend? you said it would be just him and the horse.... It worked out...three for three.... He gave me three level 8 masks on the happiness scale... yes, he has no idea of their true power...."

A short laughter seemed to emanate

"... of course.... I also gave him one more masks.... The girl is Saria.... I gave her the Mask of the Hylians.... And it's counterpart...the Mask of the Kokiri is here for the later task, should it be needed?....of course...yes..... I will watch....


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