"depend on the rabbit's foot if you will, but remember it didn't
work for the rabbit"
~R.E. Shay


Chapter One: The Forbidden Jutsu


Iruka was walking home and decided to stop by the park and just take in nature for a while.

Today had been a long day. Kakashi had caused him to oversleep so he was late for school but just in time for a riot between his girl and boy students. He still had no idea what it was all about but the two worst students he had, not in grades but the fact that they fought all the time caused it.

Rika and Toby.they were demons in their cute little kid guises. He could tell that Toby obviously liked Rika but Rika was obviously very annoyed of the young lad even though every once in a while he would catch her smiling at the boy.

After he had gotten the riot settled down and all the apologies he thought should happen his class was then interrupted by a very bored and hungry blonde. Naruto wanted some ramen. The whole class loved and looked up to Naruto, who wouldn't the boy was just pure lovable and would play with the whole class.

After a while of getting absolutely nothing done he had let the class go early because they were obviously not going to learn anything that day.

Iruka sighed as he looked at the tall sun from underneath a tree. It was only 2 o'clock. He looked around at his students who had decided to stay at school and play on the playground. Aw to be young again.

Iruka laughed at the thought, he was still rather young but it seemed that the stress and work of caring for all the children was taking a toll on his body, not as much outwardly as inwardly.

Like the other day, Iruka's back went out when he had gotten pulled onto the hardwood floor of his apartment by a certain jounin and had tried to get up only to go back down again.


Iruka looked down to see three of his best female students. Kasha who had outrageous red hair, Genii who was always quiet until it became jutsu time and she always excelled greatly. Finally, Conan, who was the smartest and actually the most outgoing student. She was rather short for her age, and had long dark violet hair.

"Yes ladies? How may I help you three?" Iruka smiled.

"Um." Genii obviously embarrassed about what she was going to say because a small tint of pink came to her cheeks.

"We were just um. wondering." Kasha started to trail off with her cheeks becoming rosy too.

"We want to know what you looked like at our age!" Conan shouted seeming to get a little anxious to find out the answer.

Iruka taken aback by the question, smiled. "Well, I could show you but I was sooo cute!" He laughed.

All three of the girl's eyes lit up. "Can you show us?!" they all asked at once.

"Well I could." Iruka grinned, "but then you ladies would fall in love with me, and what kind of teacher would I be then?"

"A very good one!" Conan smiled as the other girls giggled at the thought of falling in love with their 'old' sensei.

Iruka smiled as he began to do a few seals with his hands.


A cloud of smoke went around the teacher.

As it cleared, Iruka noticed the girl's eyes brighten up. He stepped in front of them, not him but himself at the age of 12.

"YOU ARE SO CUTE!" The girls yelled at once jumping up and walking around him like three vultures examining their prey before the kill.

"Wow Iruka-sensei! You're so pretty its almost like you're a little girl!" Conan said it first as the other two girls nodded. Iruka just sighed as he tried to keep his smile on. So many times when he was little was he mistaken for a little girl, so many times.

Just then an idea came to Iruka's head. There was another person who loved the way he looked when he was young. Iruka smiled as he could surprise the jounin tonight.

He quickly poofed back to his old self, reminding the three girls that it was just an illusion. He jumped out of the smoke and bowed to the ladies, "I have to go now but lets keep this between us for now, okay ladies?" he smiled as he jumped off after they nodded in agreement.


Iruka laid down on his bed. He still had a few hours until Kakashi would be done with his missions, and since everything was already ready he took take a small nap. Today had been a rather long day after all.


Iruka looked up. There was Kakashi and Gai battling, but they were younger. He looked at himself and he was 12 again.

"Hn?" He looked up at the two battling boys.

Kakashi looked over in his direction and smiled. Gai stopped too and waved.

"Iruka-kun! You're awake!" They both ran over to the boy and sat down beside him. They were at the school's playground, but why were they there? Iruka thought to himself.

"Okay Iruka since you awake now." Iruka looked over to Kakashi. "Time to show you that jutsu I was making!" Kakashi jumped up and grabbed Iruka's wrist pulling him up too.

"Okay now, watch carefully." Kakashi did a whole bunch of seals slowly so that he could see and then repeated them quickly.


Iruka looked up at Kakashi to see him holding a very shiny pointy object, it almost looked like a star.

"Wow!" Iruka couldn't believe it. It was so beautiful.

"Okay Iruka now go get your star!" Kakashi smiled.

Iruka did all the seals slowly so that he could make sure he had them right, then he repeated them quickly.


Iruka's heart stopped, his body became covered in pain. He held his chest as he looked up only to see he was alone. The field then became darkness, the pain was overbearing. It hurt, he wanted to cry but he couldn't. His voice was gone.

He looked around frantically but only saw darkness. His stomach began to hurt, it felt like all the power was getting pulled out of him, his strength, and his chakra.

His head began to pound, it hurt, the pain was killing him. A painful, slow death would be relief for what he was feeling.

He tried to scream but nothing would come out. He dropped to his knees in the darkness. What was happening to him? Why? Why was this happening to him?

Every single one of his muscles and bones hurt. Why couldn't he wake up from this horrible dream? Or was it real? Was it really happening to him?


Iruka jumped up. He was in his room again. He clinched his stomach, he was still in pain. His whole body hurt, tears came down his face as he began to sob.

He stopped. He looked at his hands. They were small, his cloths were too big. What was going on?! He jumped off of his bed, it only came up to his waist. His pants slid down and fell off easily.

"What!?" He cried, it hurt, he was confused.

He tried to take a step but it hurt too much, his vest was falling off of him, it was getting hard to breath. He felt to weak, like he had no more strength or.chakra. He gasped.

"What is happening?!" he yelled at himself. He pulled off the heavy vest so that maybe he could walk to the bathroom. He was going to puke.

When did his body get so small. He slowly made his way across his house, when was his house ever this big? His legs gave way and he fell forward barely able to catch himself.

He began to crawl, it hurt, his whole body. But why? How was this happening? Why him? What on earth was going on?!

He reached his bathroom and used a counter to lift himself up.

Iruka felt like life had stopped.

He looked into the mirror. He was 12 again?! "What!" he tried to yell, his voice was hoarse, trying to touch the mirror but it was too far away and high for his little hands to reach. He traced every feature of his face, his body throbbed in pain of movement.

He threw up.


Kakashi arrived at Iruka's apartment a few hours later, but always on time, always. (wink)

"Iruka! I got your note *reads* Come over = food" Kakashi smiled, he loved Iruka's cooking. He walked into the dark apartment.

"Iruka?" Kakashi got a little worried. He felt a disturbed presence all in through out the apartment. He looked around none of the lights were on, it looked like little disturbance was made that day in any of the beginning rooms.

He walked on, preparing for anything, he tried to sense chakra but didn't get anything. Was Iruka gone? No, that wasn't like him.

Kakashi pushed the bedroom door open peering into the room. The bed was messy, as if there had been some kind of struggle, beside the bed were Iruka's pants and not to far form that was his chunnin vest.

"Iruka?" Kakashi shouted this time just in case no one was hearing him before.

Then a sound of someone coughing came from the bathroom. Kakashi jumped over to the door swiftly.

Iruka tried to get Kakashi's attention by coughing again, his voice was shattered. Hearing Kakashi enter his house was like an answered prayer for the young chunnin, he couldn't take it anymore and knew they had to get to Hokage-sama right away.

Kakashi looked in to find a little boy with a large shirt on, hanging over him like a nightgown. The room smelt horrible, like sickness and death. Kakashi looked at the boy, it was Iruka, right? Iruka when he was little? Is this some kind of creepy nightmare?

Iruka tried to move toward the jounin, letting go of the bathroom counter, but he lost his balance immediately and fell forward. He felt two large arms wrap around his waist catching him, but also sending sharp signals of pain to every part they touched.

"Iruka?" Kakashi held the boy in his arms, like a mother holding a newborn child. Iruka looked at Kakashi, his eyes filled with nothing but pain and despair. A look Kakashi prayed the chunnin had lost a long time ago.

Iruka opened his mouth to speak, but only a scratchy, hoarse cry came out. He tried to think of ways to tell Kakashi this isn't fun and he needs to get to Hokage right away. He lift his hands up a put them on the confused jounin's face.

That was proof enough for Kakashi that this wasn't a dream. Something was wrong, why was Iruka so small? Why couldn't he speak? Kakashi decided that he should take Iruka to Hokage right away. And with that thought he vanished with Iruka, or the child that looked like Iruka, in his arms.


"Kakashi! What brings you here?" smiled the Hokage as a cloud of smoke came up behind him.

"Hokage-sama! Iru...!"

"Did you feel that disturbance in the city not too long ago? It wasn't too big, but I have a very bad feeling about it. Is that what you are here for?" The old man turned around opening his eyes to look at the jounin. He noticed a small child in his arms; it seemed that barely if any life was flowing from the small body.

His face went pale. "Who is that Kakashi?" he sad getting more serious as he walked up to the taller man.

"I.I think its Iruka Hokage-sama." Kakashi looked at the Hokage with a worried glance.

"Iruka? Hn?" Saidaime looked at Kakashi with a confused look. Iruka began to move around trying to get Kakashi to put him down. "Oh sorry!" Kakashi let the boy down, but kept his hands on his shoulders so that he could keep him balanced.

Iruka looked up at the Hokage, they were the same height, again. Hokage almost jumped when he saw the scar across the boy's face. Why wasn't he sensing any chakra form his body? What was going on?

Even the Hokage became confused. "Iruka?"

He looked Iruka in the eyes; he let out a deep sigh. "What is going on? Can you please explain that to me?"

Iruka sighed, no he couldn't, his voice was trashed and even he had no idea what was going on. He tried to move his hands, and with lots of pain he pointed to his throat and opened his mouth letting out a hoarse cry again. It was not a very welcoming sound.

"Kakashi go get these people, they may be able to help me." He handed Kakashi a list. When did he make this? Kakashi thought to himself as he looked worried over to Iruka again and then vanished.

"Here you go Iruka." Saidaime handed Iruka a glass fool of very foul smelling liquid. "It will help your throat." The Hokage gave a very worried smile.


Kakashi returned quickly in a poof of smoke followed by several others. He looked beside him, Hiashi Hyuga. Suzume, Akane, and Rei, three teachers from the school. Kurenai, Asuma and Gai if he wasn't out of town on a mission with his team, he would just have to be briefed when he returned the next day.

Kakashi didn't really understand why any of them had to come except for Hiashi, because he would explain why there was a disturbance in Iruka's chakra.

"Kakashi! Why on earth are we disturbing the Hokage?! You scare me half to death and then expect me to follow you", yelled a very agitated Rei.

"Calm down Rei-san." The Hokage walked into the lobby with a small figure following him.

"Oh! I am sorry Hokage-sama!" Rei did a small bow as he walked past her. She looked up and saw the small, very familiar looking boy.

"Is he why we are here?" Akane smiled at Iruka. "Are you going to be a new student?"

Iruka looked in aw of the two ladies, did they not recognize him? He looked around at everyone; they either seemed tired, confused, or angry. The only person who didn't seem too emotional was Hiashi.

He was staring at Iruka, or what seemed to be at him, you never really knew with his milky eyes. "Iruka-sensei? Why do you look like that?" Hiashi walked over to the boy.

Everyone stopped. "Hn?"

"That is why you are all here, now please come with me, Iruka will you please stay here until you can speak again." Saidaime turned back around and walked into his office, followed by everyone who was still staring at their now very young friend Iruka.


Iruka looked around, he still hurt but not as much anymore. Saidaime had put some healing powder in the drink, which tasted awful.

He began to stretch more and more as the pain faded, it felt nice. He could even feel his throat become less hoarse. He felt lighter, more energetic, and a bit stronger too. Was it because he was so small?

He looked at his skin, it was a bit paler than his usual tone but still more tan than Kakashi or Sasuke.

He decided to see if he could still use his skills, he was still a master of the basics. Kakashi had called him that once, and after thought about, it was very true. He was a teacher, one who taught basic skills, he had to know them in and out and from any point of view in hopes of getting at least a few students interested.

He then realized. He had no pants on. He so was so busy with Kakashi and then rushing over here he didn't really think about it, until now. The shirt was rather large on him, he was small for a twelve year old, he was even when he really was that age.

The shirt fell above his knees, he sighed in relief that no one really took notice. He walked to one side of the room, properly dressed or not, he still wanted to test his skills.

He began to concentrate, his body was just getting out of pain and well it might hurt so he decided to prepare himself just in case. He looked up and took off, speeding to the other side of the lobby. This was new speed, it was different, it was faster than he had ever ran before.

The door on the other side opened. Ebisu walked in quickly, "Hokage- sama?!"

Iruka tried to stop, he slid his feet, stopping dead straight in front of the man. He looked down.

"Oh, hello there. Wow you were going pretty fast!" Ebisu grinned, if only he could get Konohamaru to be that fast. "Heehee, keep that up and you might even be able to be a jounin! Or even Hokage!"

Iruka looked at him, he never really liked the guy, it was something about him, it got on his nerves, but he was still polite and respecting as he was to everyone else.

"Unlike that stupid blond brat, who will never get close." Ebisu mumbled as he walked into the office. What? Iruka looked at him, did he just say.? He felt angry, today was not a good day, and now someone was denouncing Naruto.his Naruto.


"ACK!" Ebisu grabbed his shin. "That hurt you brat!" He scolded Iruka who was just smirking, he always wanted to hurt that guy, and no one criticizes Naruto and gets away with it.

"Grrrr, no one gets away with doing that, not even you brat!" Ebisu was obviously having a bad day as well, but nothing compared to Iruka's.



Kakashi and Saidaime walked into the room, followed by everyone else who all had worried expressions on their faces, apparently from the conversation thy had just had with the Hokage.

"What the heck is that noise?! Iruka?" Kakashi looked around. Everyone's mouths dropped open.

There was little Iruka and Ebisu. They had an equal hold on each other, with Kunais at their throats, both growling at each other. Then they looked up.

Ebisu looked back down to see Iruka wasn't in his hold anymore. "What the? That kid is good." He mumbled to himself watching Iruka sit down on the couch beside him.

"Ebisu! Explain yourself!" Kakashi yelled in a very over protective tone, he glared at Ebisu, who was obviously taken aback by such rudeness and informalities.

"I.I.Hn?" Ebisu was a very confused person; he looked back at Iruka who just seemed upset. "I was coming here to talk to Hokage." He finally stated. "About his grandson's improvement in his skills."

"Well, obviously not because of you." Iruka muttered taking everyone from surprise. Iruka looked up, he could talk again.

"What the.that is the last straw brat!" Ebisu turned around but was stopped by a suddenly appearing Kakashi in front of him. "Hn? Kakashi move!"

"I don't think you want that Master Ebisu," snickered Rei, "when we came in here he obviously had the upper hand against you." This thought made Ebisu furious.

"Besides now you wouldn't hit a fellow teacher now would you?" Akane said very politely.

"WHAT!!?" Ebisu turned around again. "You cannot be serious! A kid teacher!"

Suzume smiled, it was her turn. If there was anything that the other teachers loved to do, it was make fun of this guy. "Also, Don't you recognize him? He isn't a kid, he is 24."

Ebisu was again a very confused man.

"I think that we need to get moving and fill Iruka in, already." Hiashi seemed annoyed. The three teachers sighed; he had ruined their game.

"Ir.Iru.Iruka?" Ebisu looked at he little boy, he did have the scar and the eyes. Iruka looked up at Hiashi, plans?

"Why are you pretending to be small Iruka-sensei?" Ebisu pointed at the height difference.

The Hokage sighed; he was too old to handle the ignorance of others. "He is training for a mission and he is practicing his character, so now would you please dismiss yourself for now Master Ebisu."

He quickly nodded and left, after apologizing to Iruka for his behavior.

Everyone sighed.


Iruka stood still.

Hiashi scanned over his body using his Byakugen. He looked over at Saidaime with a stunned look on his face.

"Well?" The Hokage took a puff of his pipe.

"This is strange," Iruka looked up at Hiashi spoke, "You see, you know how chakra is energy from the mind and body? And that it mixes together to become chakra, so we can use it for our ninjitsus?"

"Get to the point Hiashi." Saidaime glared at him.

"Iruka's mental energy and body energy are there, that is what is left. Whatever jutsu Iruka did, if it wasn't one done on him, seems to have taken a lot out of him. But the strange thing is." Hiashi looked at Iruka and sighed.

"Its like he isn't producing anymore energies, like it has stalled itself."

Iruka looked up, he had taught about chakra a lot, and new almost everything about it. What Hiashi just said would never be possible.

"hmmmm" Saidaime looked over at Iruka. "Could everyone please leave me alone with Iruka please, except you Rei." Everyone stepped out as Rei walked over to the Hokage.

"Rei I am going to need you to use your vast knowledge of forbidden jutsus."

She looked at the Hokage surprised. "I will try Hokage-sama, but I haven't studied those since I have become a teacher, since I moved here."

"That's okay, I think I might know what, but I need you to agree before I get that scroll." Rei nodded her head. Iruka looked up, forbidden jutsu? And what was the emphasis on that for?

"Now please Iruka, do the seals very slowly." Iruka did so as they both stared at his hands intensely. Iruka got worried as he saw Rei's face get worried.

"No need to go on." She finally muttered. Iruka stopped, what was it?

"So you agree."

"Yes Hokage-sama, those were the seals for the 'Art of Mutation', also known as the last resort for ninja's who were caught in battle that had no training, or no self defense."

Iruka looked up, "Art of Mutation?"

Rei looked at Iruka as if she was about to cry, cry for him.

"What is it? Hokage-sama?" Iruka looked at him worriedly.

Saidaime sighed, he didn't want to tell his best teacher, the man in charge of every student in the village. The man who secretly knew everything the Hokage knew or even more. He didn't want to tell him the horrible things, the rumors, anything about that jutsu. It was horrible.

Rei saw this in the Hokage's facial expression, if not already in his eyes.

"It is a horrible jutsu created by a no longer existent village." She stopped and looked at Iruka, "They were destroyed by the people who used this jutsu and lived."

Iruka's mouth dropped, no way. No way was this happening to him. This was just some kind of sick joke right?

"Iruka you should know that you might have a high risk of surviving this." She tried to smile at him, "Because you remained human."

Iruka raised his eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

"When people used this jutsu they used it to turn into powerful creatures, not to help them stay young or get older. Their bodies actually change into the creature, they are no longer human, or can count as human. That is why your body was in so much pain, your bones, muscles, everything, it all turned into the younger you, it all shrunk into a twelve year old's body frame."

Iruka got a puzzled expression on his face. It was too much for him to take in. "I.Is there a way to turn back?" He prayed.

"Yes, but there is a time limit, it is different for every person though."

Iruka looked up. "What do I need to do?"

"I don't know, but I will look for it! Iruka-sensei I will try my best!" Rei smiled. If anyone could find it, it would be her.

"Alright, so Rei I will leave that part up to you, and I will join you later. As for now, Iruka, your students will be divided among the rest of the teachers, and I will leave you under Kakashi's supervision"

Iruka looked up, "My students?"

"You will not be allowed to teach like that, especially since we have no idea how long you have, stress may decrease your time."


"No Buts Iruka. I will expect no more out of you considering the matter." The Hokage looked sternly at Iruka. "Kakashi"

A poof of smoke and he was behind the Hokage. "Yes Hokage-sama?"

"I expect you heard all of that?"

Kakashi nodded. Iruka looked up, if he was going to listen then why not let him stay in the room?

"Because of his ability to read and memorize even his eyes could memorize that jutsu because of how slow I had you do them, without the sharingan." The Hokage looked at Iruka answering his questioning expression.

"Iruka do you feel any better? Stronger? Faster?" Rei suddenly jumped in.

"Um.yeah I do actually, I feel a lot lighter too. Why do you need to know that?" Iruka looked at her puzzled as she wrote it down.

"I may keep asking you more questions like that over a few days, it will help with the research." She smiled.

"Days?" Iruka looked at them concerned. He was going to have to remain like that for days?

Rei sighed, "It might even be weeks Iruka, I am so sorry but that Jutsu is not well known and the village that scroll is in, is at least a 48 hour trip running the whole time!" Rei looked down not wanting to face his eyes.

Iruka nodded. He looked around, he wanted to cry but wasn't going to show it, and he was so tired too.

His eyes met Kakashi's as Rei and Saidaime made plans to meet up later. His eyes looked worried, if ever you could read his thoughts, it was then. He was worried.

The Hokage smiled trying to lighten the mood. "Iruka you go home now with Kakashi and we will talk later tomorrow after a good nights rest." It was rather late.

Iruka nodded, as his stomach growled causing him to blush.

"And honestly Kakashi! Feed the boy!" Rei smiled as she vanished in a cloud of smoke.

Kakashi grabbed Iruka's hand and dragged him out of the office as Iruka was saying his very formal goodbyes.

Hiashi walked into the office after they left and gave the Hokage a very worried look.

"I know Hiashi, I know."


"Kakashi." Iruka looked up at the jounin who seemed to be staring at the sky.

"Hn?" was all the noise he made.

"Nothing." Iruka put his other hand around Kakashi's hand that was already holding one and leaned against his arm as he sighed. He wanted to know what Kakashi was thinking.

Kakashi thought about what happened after he left Iruka with Rei and Saidaime.


"Kakashi", it was a shadow clone of the Hokage.

"Yes Hokage-sama"

"I am going to place Iruka under your care."

"Why me?"

"Because you have known him longer than anyone and would be able to spot any changes in his behavior."


"Yes, this seal I think he performed, it has many side effects. Major ones like going mad or suicidal, even extreme depression."

"the minor?"

"taking on characteristics of what they transformed into. Lucky for Iruka it was his younger self, but you and I both know what he was like when he was younger."


"If you see any change in character for him, report it immediately to Hiashi, he will give me the message immediately no matter where I am."


"And please Kakashi don't get too worried, I will have Rei look for it, she will be able to find the cure."

"And if not?"


"I thought so"

"We will have to keep it away from him then, a secret, and let him live his life as if everyday was the last."

"And what about me."


"You will find a cure no matter what Hokage-sama, not to seem rude, but I will not, no I could not, live without Iruka."


"I am sorry if that seemed harsh."

"I understand, now go to my office."

And with that the clone had vanished.


Kakashi looked up to see that they had already arrived to Iruka's house.

"You didn't want to stay at your house Kakashi?" Iruka looked up at him tired.

"No, besides I am more comfortable at your house." He smiled at Iruka and walked in.

"I will be right back, I just want to get some things." Kakashi winked and vanished.

Iruka turned to the inside of his house. He was so tired. He walked into his room and saw his pants and vest.

After he put them up, Iruka laid on his bed and slowly fell asleep.


Kakashi got back and he had a bag, he put it down beside the door or Iruka's bedroom.

He walked over to the bed, Iruka was laying there, shivering because he had flung all the covers off of his bed in his sleep.

Kakashi pulled his ponytail out so that he could sleep more comfortably. He pushed Iruka's hair behind his ears and chuckled at how cute he was.

He pulled down his turtle-neck so that he could take in some fresh air, then he took off his vest and his hitai-ate leaf headband. He slowly crawled into the bed too, covering them both up as he took Iruka into his arms and kiss the back of his head. Iruka was a deep sleeper, even more so when he had a rough day.

Kakashi sighed and he hugged the smaller form tightly. Would Iruka really survive this?

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