Chapter 8: Iruka?


Neji sighed looking around the room. He hadn't been in here in a while.

He glanced at the small boy in front of him who looked like he was about to fall asleep. They had been in here for a while now.

Neji frowned, why wasn't anyone telling them anything? Or at least give him a better reason for being in this place. He didn't like this, whatever was going on.

He could tell that there was a group of people in the Dojo, doing something…

"Neji-kun…" Neji looked over as the boy yawned and got up, sitting beside the Hyuga. "I don't want to be here anymore…"

The white-eyed boy couldn't help but feel a quick pang in his chest as the boy curled up against him laying his head in Neji's lap. He found himself putting his arm over the smaller from letting a small smile place itself on his lips.

He would protect Akuri.


Iruka felt sick.

He felt his body weakening.

He was growing tired.

He couldn't find a way out.

He hadn't even heard those voices in a while, or seen the kid either.

He was worried.

"Kakashi…" He felt his voice crack as tears came into his eyes.


Kakashi opened his eye as he quickly sat up.

Had he?

Did he just hear Iruka's voice?

"Kakashi!" The white-haired jounin quickly turned to see Asuma giving him an odd look. "You okay? Hope you don't mind we moved you out here when you fell asleep."

Kakashi realized he was in the hallway…covered in ink…

"How long was I…?"

"Just a few hours, if you're up now you can help us with the finishing touches…" Asuma grinned as the jounin quickly got up.

"Finishing?" Kakashi asked letting out a sigh of relief.

"We just have to redo the area you kind of collapsed in." Asuma sighed, "Next time you decided to collapse out of exhaustion do it away from the ink buckets…"

Kakashi looked inside the room to see symbols written all over the floors and some went onto the walls and then a small area of pitch black smudges and a puddle that everyone was cleaning…that must have been where…

"You feel better Kakashi?" The taller man looked down to see the Hokage looking up at him.

"Sorry abo…"

"Its ok, now go help them finish getting the ink off of the floor…"


Neji was blushing.

He was blushing and now standing across the room facing the door.

What the heck did he just do?

He found himself brushing his hands through Akuri's hair and then he…he!

He pulled his fingers up to his lips. They were tingling; he glanced over at the still slumbering boy who hadn't seemed to notice the new lack of warmth.

Why did he do that?

Did he…no. Neji knew there couldn't possibly be any feeling remotely close to what he was thinking because that would be…be…

The milky-eyed boy turned around and walked over to the sleeping form, there was no way that he was in…in…

He turned around.

This was wrong! The kid was probably going to be sent home soon to his family or whatever. Sure he felt comfortable around the kid but that was about it.

Even if the kid was pretty.

That had nothing to do with it.

He just liked him like a brother…that was it. There was nothing else there and he was confusing his emotions.

The teen turned back around and leaned over the sleeping form. A small smile formed on his lips.

There really was nothing more than that.

He leaned down placing his lips against the smaller boys once more.


"Gai, go get Iruka and you can tell Neji that he can go home." Hokage nodded towards Gai who quickly left. "Is everyone ready?"

"Yes." Asuma nodded joined by everyone else as they got into their places.

"Okay guys, Iruka is going to stand here," Rei stood inside a small circle in the middle of the room, "I want you to get on your symbols and the focus all your chakra on him."

She glanced over to Kakashi and the ANBU, "You know what to do if I give you the sign." They all nodded.


Neji gently shook the smaller from awake as he felt a presence coming.

"Hm?" Akuri looked up at him and then smiled earning a blush from the teen.

"Akuri," Gai walked into the room with a big smile, "would you mind coming with me now?"

"Huh?" The smaller boy asked rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. "What about Neji-kun?"

"Oh well he can go home now if he wants." Gai smiled over at Neji saying that he was supposed to go back home now. "You can join him after this okay?"

Neji frowned at the obvious lie, something was going on.

"Okay." The younger boy chirped grabbing the older man's hand and waving bye to Neji as they walked out of the room.

Neji watched as the left before sighing, well if he didn't have to be here anymore…


"Alright Akuri-kun, if you could stand here for a moment." Rei smiled pulling the boy into the circle as he looked around confused.

Why were all these other people here?

What was with all these symbols?

"We are just going to try and get you your memory back," Rei smiled he best teacher-smile earning a small smile back from the small from, "Is that alright with you?"

"Sure, if that means I can remember more about Neji-kun." The boy smiled.

Everyone noticed a slight flinch from a certain jounin.

"Well alright, now this may hurt a bit, but can you be strong?" Rei smiled as the boy nodded. "Okay let's start this now."


Neji stopped right outside of the mansion as a strange chakra force hit him.

What was that? He glanced over noticing the dojo light up before running towards it.


Iruka collapsed in the darkness…what was this feeling?

It was strange…

Suddenly sharp stabbing pains took over his body causing him to fall forward; this was unbearable and familiar at the same time.

It hurt.

Oh gawd did it hurt.

He let out a small cry before looking up and noticing a small light in the distance…what was that?

He forced himself up holding his stomach in pain.

His knees buckled under the pain as he reached his hand out towards the light.

He had to get there.


"Agh!" Everyone watched as the symbols in the room moved around the small boy before going onto his body. His knees buckled underneath him as he screamed in pain.

"Stop it!" The boy yelled clutching onto his head. This wasn't what he wanted

Nothing was supposed to go this way.

Green eyes opened widely as he dawned with realization.

"You're trying to bring him back?" The kid yelled catching everyone by surprise, but they kept their focus.

"No…no…"The small form shock his head with tears pouring out of his eyes, "You're hurting me stop this!"

"Kakashi!" Rei nodded toward the jounin and the ANBU with him as they did a few seals and concentrated on the boy in front of them.

Kakashi watched as the boy tried to stand up but was in too much pain.

Was this hurting Iruka? Was it working?

It had to work.

It had to.


Neji ran as fast as he could, sliding as he came to a stop in front of the dojo entrance.

What was going on? What was this chakra energy?

"Stop!" His eyes widened as he heard Akuri cry, what were they doing?

He quickly slid the door open only to be thrown back with a chakra blast. He mentally cursed as he fell to the floor looking up ahead to see the boy cringing in pain.

What were they doing?

Why were they doing this?

Neji coughed looking up to catch green eyes in his. He watched as the small form mouthed something quietly to him.

Good bye.


Iruka coughed again as he fell over, this was becoming unbearable, he felt like all his rib were broken by now. He looked up to the light.

So close, that had to be the way out. It had to be.

"Stop." Iruka's eyes widened at the familiar voice. He quickly turned around to see the green-eyed boy crying in front of him.

"Why are they doing this to me?" The boy sobbed looking at Iruka angrily, "I don't understand why they want you back."

Iruka's eyes widened as he spoke, they wanted him back.

"You're useless, you get in peoples ways. I did nothing wrong!" The boy sobbed grabbing Iruka's throat as he floated in the air.

Iruka coughed putting his hands on the child's arm to try and pull him off.

"I did nothing wrong, I worked it out perfectly." The boy glared with his green eyes flaring, "They were supposed to be happy! Happy that I got rid of you!"

Iruka flinched as another wave of pain came over his body.

"But you're…not me." He got out hoarsely noticing the boy's shock in front of him he pulled the hands away from his throat.

"What?" The boy whispered in shock looking at his hands.

"You aren't me!" Iruka shouted this time. "You don't belong here!"

"It wasn't supposed to go this way…" The boy whispered before glaring up at the taller man. "You messed it up! Why are you still here?"

Iruka watched in surprise as the boy fell over in pain. "You need to go away…"

Iruka looked at his hands as an odd sensation came over his body, he watched as his fingers began to vaporize in the air.

"Wait! What are you doing?" Iruka looked at the glaring little boy horrified.

"I'm going to get rid of you before it's too late."


Everyone watched as the small from slowly disappeared as the ink surround it.

"Stop!" Everyone stopped as Rei shouted, they slowly watched the ink spin around.

"Is this supposed to happen?" Asuma stared ahead of him. This wasn't like any other genjutsu.

Kakashi got a bad feeling.


Neji watched as the ink dispersed revealing Iruka who began to fall over before Kakashi caught him.

His eyes widened.

Iruka-sensei was Akuri?


Neji glanced one more time before noticing he couldn't hear what was going on…before everything went black.


Three Days Later.


"Are you done visiting Neji?" Kurenai asked as Gai walked into the room with a sigh.

"He's still very confused about the ordeal." The Green Beast looked over to see Iruka still lying in bed with Kakashi holding his hand.

"Well I would be to, what was he thinking barging in there?" Asuma scratched his head, he had been the one to find the passed out boy.

"Who knows…?" Kurenai sighed leaning against the wall. As Hiashi and Hokage walked into the room.

"No changes?" The Hyuga man asked Kakashi who just shook his head.

"What do you think Hiashi?" Hokage looked up at the taller man as he did his Byukagen on the still form.

"Oh…" Everyone turned to Hiashi, "He's waking up."

Kakashi quickly stood up leaning over Iruka's body holding his hand tightly.

"Hn…" Iruka slowly opened his eyes look over at Kakashi who stared at him in shock…He quickly looked around the room and noticed everyone else was giving him the same look.

Green eyes.

"No…" Kurenai put her hand over her mouth…

"Iruka?" Kakashi asked quietly ignoring the fact that his voice had cracked.

"Kakashi, what happened?" Iruka sat up before a sharp pain went through his side, "Itai…"

"Iruka-sensei?" The tan man looked over to see Hokage looking at him surprised.

"Hai, Hokage-sama? What's going on!" He tried to smile but found that it hurt to. "And why does my whole body hurt?"

"You don't remember anything?" Hokage asked surprised, "Do you know everyone here?"

Iruka looked around the room confused, "Yes I know everyone here, why wouldn't I? What's going o…"

Lips interrupted his. He looked surprised at Kakashi as the older man pulled away lifting his mask back up.

"I'm so glad," the silver-haired man sighed still holding on to the now blushing man's hand.

"Would someone please explain to me what's going on!" The chunin finally sighed looking at everyone for answers.

"Well for one," Gai started happily, "Iruka-sensei you have green eyes…"


"What do you mean Akuri went home!" A certain blonde boy shouted at Neji who glared back and tried to ignore the ringing in his ears.

"I mean that last night he went home. He's says goodbye to everyone." Neji lied shifting uncomfortably. He still didn't understand the whole situation himself.

But he wasn't going to tell anyone that he had kissed Iruka-sensei.

"Man! I wanted to play with him some more!" Naruto moaned before turning to Sasuke. "It's your fault he left without saying goodbye! He probably will never come back now! You scared him awaaaay…so far awaaaay."

"Wait, what did Uchiha do to Akuri?" Neji asked noticing the new blush on both boys.

"Dobe." Sasuke glared over at the blonde.

"He kissed him." Naruto shot his tongue out at the startled Uchiha…he didn't think he would have really…

Why the heck was Neji shaking against a wall?

"Oh IRUKA-SENSEI!" Everyone turned to watch Naruto run up to Iruka and Kakashi. "When did you get back from your mission? Wanna take me out for Ramen? I'm sad you didn't get to meet this kid names Akuri he was kinda cool and cute! Omg and and…"

"Hi Naruto, How are you?" Iruka laughed patting the blonde on the head.

"Good, no great!" Naruto looked at his teacher confused. "Ne, Iruka-sensei did you always have green eyes?"

Sasuke looked over at Iruka. Green eyes? Scar across the face…tan skin…His eyes widened and he looked over at Neji who seemed to have composed himself.

Neji smirked.

Sasuke blushed opening his mouth to say something but stopped.

"Its okay, I won't tell anyone you kissed Naruto's beloved sensei."


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