As I promised, the sequel to 'When Did Being A Teen Get So Tough'. If you are unfamiliar with the story, you can read it at This is a yyh/ iy crossover. It will probably be longer than the last time. Okay, now, where we left off. Kagome and Hiei had just walked away together.

Where everyone was:

Inu-Yasha, Sango, Miroku, Kirara, Shippo and Mrs. Higurashi were all in Naraku's clutches. Hiei and Kagome together in forest right outside her house. Yusuke and Keiko were walking home together. Kurama was uhhhwell he drifted away to his little hiding spot wherever that isbut u will see Boton had returned back to Spirit World where Koenma was. Naraku was dead Kuwabara was still wondering the streets wondering where everyone had gone

I am not sure if the pairings will stay the same. I will see what happens ^_^

Summary: Why does life have to be so complicated??? Hiei is starting to come to terms that he had strong feelings for Kagome. Kagome is starting to fall for him, as well. Keiko and Yusuke are always together. Yusuke is still in love with Kagome, but she acts like nothing ever happened between them. She is hurt though, when they act that way in front of her. Kurama has been very quiet around Kagome and Hiei, who he refuses to say more than a sentence to. Inu-Yasha and Miroku have gone back to the Feudal Era. Sango has decided to stay along with Shippo and Kirara. Then she meets someone who she really likes, butthere are problems (to put in lightly). Oh, did I almost forgot! Wellyou'll have to see.

Hope you enjoy. I am a little uneasy about this so any ideas, comments, or criticism are welcome.

"talking" 'thinking' {telepathy}


Hiei and Kagome reached her house. They walked up the stairs and stood on the doorsteps. Kagome was blushing slightly as she opened the door, Hiei still holding her hand. He obviously had his mind on other things. He seemed distant as he stared off into space. She lingered there for a moment and then slightly squeezed his hand hoping he would come back from la la land (A/n: I used this once before, It means like dreamland or like if someone is having a daydream if you didn't get it). His attention was instantly on her. He was looking her over without saying a word.

"II mean well, do you want to come inside?" (AN/: not what you think! Kag is not that easy.)

He thought for a moment.

"Hn" he said as he turned around.

He stared to walk away. She watched him go. Softly, she sighed. When he reached the huge steps leading off the property. He stopped for a moment.


She smiled and grew a little redder. He could sense her blushing and smirked. 'What's happening to me?'

Kagome got a strange look on her face as he left.

'Diddid I just read his mind?!?!?' she gasped. He would never have told her that telepathically. Midoriko had given her all over her powerswas telepathy one?

', can't be' She turned around and walked into her house.

Silently green eyes watched her from a tree. The usually peaceful kitsune felt a striking pain in his heart. What was going on? Why was he jealous of his best friend? What was that Kagome doing to him? Shuichi would just let it go. Obviously, Hiei liked this girlthis demon. Why interfere with his friend's happinesseven if it meant ruining his own. He snapped out of it for a moment. What was he saying? He didn't even know this girl. What magic was it about her that drew him to her? Her sent was intoxicating The youko in him was longing to come out.

~~ Inside our little Kurama's head ~~

"There is something about her..mmm."

"Youko, control yourself. Yes we like her, for some reason-"

"Oh you know why, Shuichi. Not only is she beautiful and passionate about everything she does, she has amazing power...and she is unmarked" At this he smirked.

Shuichi sighed. "Nonetheless, Hiei rarely ever experiences anything that has brought him joy and you know that. Why destroy his chance at it?"

"Because we love her, baka, and if you don't do something about it I will have to!"

Shuichi glared at him; "I won't let that happen. You will stay here. Kami knows what you would do if you did get out?"

He smirked again. "Well that is true."

Shuichi stared at him blankly knowing quite well what was going through his mind, he was him for Kami sake!

"You are hopeless." Shuichi said shaking his head.


All this time Kurama had been staring off into space. With that, he came back from where he was. This would definitely be


Kagome closed the door and leaned against it. Yet again sighing deeply she closed her eyes. Everything was so complicatedso much had happened. Yusukeher mother Instantly, her eyes shot open. If Naraku was dead, where were Inu-Yasha, her mother and everyone else?

She bolted upstairs frantically searching for them. To her relief, she found them asleep, each in their own bed. Slowly she approached her mother.


Mrs. Higurashi rubbed her eyes and then opened them.

"Kagome? Oh dear, I had a dreadful dream. I was kidnapped, and youand oh dear, it was dreadful."

Kagome looked at her mother with tears in her eyes smiling.


After she cheeked and saw that everyone was there she collapsed on the couch. Closing her eyes, she fell asleep.

Dawn came to quickly. Sango wakened Kagome. Her exterminator friend was wearing another one of Kagome's outfits, jeans and a black long sleeved shirt with a silver phoenix imprinted on it.

"Gomen, but we would like to talk to you."

Kagome rubbed her eyesokay, but can I get dressed first?"

"Hia, of course."

Rushing through a shower and getting dress. Kagome returned down stairs again panting.

She looked around the room. Inu-Yasha was lying on the couch, his hands behind his head lazily. Miroku was on the other couch inching towards Sango who was in turn inching away from him.

They all looked up as she entered.

"Well, who would have guessed? Feh, a wench like you defeating Naraku"

Kagome looked at the hanyou with fierce anger. "Inu-Yasha I am not that little girl who you used to push around! I saved all of you."

"Wow, relax, feh, you did save us, soI guessthanks." Kagome was shocked.

"II meanwelcome." She stuttered.

He snorted again and looked away.

"Yes, Lady Kagome. It is all because of you. We are deeply in your debt."

"Hia" Sango nodded. "umm"

Kagome looked at her friend questionably.

"Well, you see. Inu-Yasha and Miroku have decided to go back to the presentor past I mean-"

At that moment, Shippo riding on Kirara's back came bounding through the door. The young kitsune attached himself to Kagome. He looked up at her with a big smile.

"Mommy, so can we stay?"

Kagome looked back at Sango.

"Well, Shippo, Kirara and I were wondering if we could stay with you for a while. If that's okay?" Saying the last part quickly.

"Of course you can stay!" Kagome squealed hugging closely the small ball of fur in her arms. Kirara hopped onto Sango's lap and the demon exterminator stroked her pet and companion.

After a few moments in silence, Inu-Yasha stood up.

"Well we gotta be going. Come on Miroku, we can't take all day."

He nodded, said his fair well to his companions, and departed. Kagome hurried after them to seal the well. As she approached the well house, she could hear them talking.

"Inu-Yasha, are you sure you want to do this? I mean something could go horribly wrong."

"Shudap, monk, I told you. I found someone that knew how to do it. After that all we need is-"

"I refuse to help you if you actually go through with that. Kagome is my friend and I shall not harm her in anyways."

Kagome gasped. What were they talking about?

"Listen! You do this or I'll tell Sango what you had done!"

There was silence.

"You know what would happen then, don't you? She would never what to speak to you againShe'd hate you."

"What ever happened to you, Inu-Yasha? You used to be our friend now you are blackmailing me?"

"Simple, I have a mission and I am going to see to it that it gets finished."

Kagome could here the two jumped down the well. Slowly she opened the door. What had they been saying? What had Miroku done? What was Inu-Yasha going to doto her? She held her breath and sealed the well from the passage of demons, silently hoping Inu-Yasha would never return.


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