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Yusuke: damn it

Me: Yeah mister, your staying to the bitter end and that won't be for a while this story will go on for ever and ever and ever

Yusuke: ah, damn, how the hell did you manage to trap me here anyways?

Me: Simple, I lured you into a dark alleyway with candy and then hit you over the head with a metal bat. You awoke a few days later.

Yusuke: Damn you, and where the hell is my candy?!

Me: Kikyou ate it.

Yusuke: Damn you bitch that is the last time you eat my candy!

::Kikyou glares at him and then runs away::

Yusuke: Come back here you undead clay pot!

Me::snicker:: ::sigh:: If I owned it I wouldn't be writing a fan fiction would I?

Last time:

"No, wait!" She kept her hold on him. "Have you been walking around in the pouring rain this whole time?! Yusuke, you must be damn crazy!"

I like the coldit dulls the pain. Kagome, god, even though you don't show it, I know you hate me, God how could you feel other wise? ButHow could you ever believe that I still love you. Kagome caught her breath and just stared at him.


Waswas Yusuke still in love with her? Not noticing her reaction, he turned to leave, but she kept her grip. Even if he had hurt her, more dearly then anyone even Inu-Yasha, she still had to help him. He would kill himself at this rate.

"You're coming inside!" She demanded dragging him away.


She led the wet Yusuke inside the house and up the stairs to the bathroom.

"Here," She said tossing him a towel. "I also think I might be able to find some cloths you can borrow. Take a hot shower, dinner will be ready when you're out." She turned to leave when she felt his hand on her shoulder.

"Waitwhy are you helping me?"

She smiled at the irony of it all. "I guess you can't understand it, but you just have to figure it out on your own."


What the hell is she talking about?

She heard this thoughts again.

"Someday" With that she left. The demoness sighed, why did it take so much energy out of her to talk to him? She turned to the closet and opened a few drawers before she found a large T-shirt and pants. They would be a bit baggy on him, but they would do. Folding them, she lay the cloths infront of the bathroom for Yusuke when he was done. With that done, she went down stairs to get the fire started.

After a few minutes Sango came down. "Kagome? I thought you werewhat is it calledtaking a shower?"

"Nothat's Yusuke."

"WHAT!??!" Her friend rushed down the rest of the stairs and over to where Kagome was. "Why is he taking a shower!?"

"Because he was about to die" Kagome explained seeing Yusuke in the rain, leaving out the part about reading his thoughts.

"Why did you help him?"

"Sango, at one time I was in love with himat one time Sango I could never turn my back on him, no matter how much he hurts me, because I guess a part of me will always love him."

"You're too kind." Sango said flatly.

"I'm sure there are some people who would beg to differ." She knew it was all too true and yet it still hurt to say. Everything seemed so long ago. When had she lost her innocence? When had she become this? When?


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