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Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara looked on at the castle in front of them. After all their travels, arguments, and fights with other demons, they had finally reached their goal. It had taken almost three years for them to reach it. So many battles, so many lives, all because of one man, Naraku. He had done everything he possibly could to keep them from getting to this point but they had preserved. For all the lives taken from them before they had met and during, Naraku would pay for every last crime. His castle was just in front of them. Soon their final battle with Naraku would begin. A deep and deafening silence held between them all. All of them held their own thoughts on Naraku's destruction. To each member of the group it would bring some semblance of peace.

As Inuyasha looked down the his worst enemies dwelling, he was reminded of Kikyo. Naraku had killed Kikyo more then 50 years ago and framed him as well. Then shortly after getting released from his slumber, Kikyo was revived but not as the woman he once knew. It started a long road of love, hurt, and betrayal that lasted until Kikyo was once again killed by Naraku only months earlier. Since then he had been on a non-stop hunt for Naraku. The others understood his pain. In some ways the others were there right beside him in the constant hunt while in other ways they worried for him – especially Kagome. While they tried to hide it, he could tell. He wasn't totally sure of Kagome feelings at this point or what she would do when this battle was over but he couldn't let himself be distracted by that. He vowed to himself that he would sort everything out afterwards, no matter how much his head would hurt from it.

Kagome was thinking about Inuyasha in many different aspects. She didn't know if this would help him fully get over Kikyo's death but it would be a start to put that part of him to rest. She was worried though that he might let his anger for Naraku take over and possibly cause him some inner turmoil. Inuyasha was always so conflicted when his demon side took over even if he didn't hurt any innocent people. Kagome also knew it was selfish but she wondered about her place in Inuyasha's life. She wasn't sure how he felt or if there would ever be enough room in his heart for her. All she cared about though was that she was by his side – no matter what happened.

Miroku didn't need to search his memory for thoughts of Naraku. With one look at his clothed hand, they came to him. The knowledge that his grandfather had been cursed by Naraku, that he had watched his father die from the same curse that now threatened him. He knew that because of his travels with Inuyasha and their fights against Naraku his Wind Tunnel (Kazaana) would not hold out much longer. He promised though that if he knew he couldn't win this battle he would show Naraku what laid beyond the blackness in his hand. Miroku, though, wasn't just thinking about these horrors. He also thought about the possibility of winning. He was thinking that if they won this battle, he would finally be free of his curse. Maybe then, there would be no rush to ask women to bear his child, instead he could get to know them especially the one he was so fond of.

Sango thought of how she could finally get revenge for her people. They would be able to rest in peace, especially Kohaku. She remembered how just two months ago, Kohaku had come and attacked them. They were able to win the battle without hurting him but instead of leaving at the end, Naraku decided just to take the jewel shard back. Sango held her brother for 5 minutes while he slowly slipped away from life. He was still blaming himself for the death of their father and villagers. There was nothing anyone could do for the boy. Even Kagome with her future medicine could not help the boy as he died slowly in front of their eyes. It was after that, that she took Kohaku and got the rest of her people that had died at Naraku's first castle to her village and buried them with the rest of the villagers. Miroku had been kind to do another funeral. Today, Sango was going to make sure that Naraku paid for all the people he killed. She vowed that even if she died, she would make sure she took Naraku with her.

Shippo's thoughts weren't as grim as everyone else's. While he hadn't started out with any hatred towards Naraku, he didn't even know the guy, Shippo knew that they would have to put an end to Naraku's terror. He was still surprised that they had finally reached their enemies castle. He thought that his parents would have been proud to see him now. Even if they were a little afraid for his safety, they would be proud that he had come so far and was part of this battle. He had been through so much with his friends that he would see this battle to the end.

Everyone stood in silence for a while until Inuyasha finally spoke up without any emotion, "let's go. It's time to end this once and for all." No one said anything in response; they just followed him as he walked towards the castle. Their final battle with Naraku was going to begin.


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