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A Wish From the Heart

Epilogue – Part 2: The Present and the Future

Mr. and Mrs. Higurashi watched as Inuyasha and Kagome walked into the well house with Miroku and Sango. The four had stuck together for the entire week after beating the entire demon yakuza. It made Mr. Higurashi look at the hanyou in a new light. He had carried hatred for demons since his death and still hadn't trusted Inuyasha after learning of his close friendship to Kagome, but the man had realized he was wrong. Inuyasha had put his entire life on the line to protect his own daughter and for that he truly respected the boy.

Mrs. Higurashi turned to her husband, "I guess we should get ready."

"I'm not totally sure about this, but we might as well," her husband replied.

"Well I'll go see if Souta is ready, you check on father."

Mr. Higurashi nodded as they went in the house and readied themselves to leave.


"So where are we going, huh?" Souta asked.

"Well, if I could answer that, I'd have told you already," Tai answered. He had been nice enough to pick them up and give them a ride even though they had no idea to where.

"Okay, I'm getting tired of this mystery stuff," Mr. Higurashi said. "You show up after that fight and say that we're invited to a causal gathering but you don't say anything else. Why won't you tell us who asked for us to come or where we're going."

"And I wish we could have brought Kagome and Inuyasha," his wife added.

"I wish I could answer your questions as well, but I was asked to see that you made it while not saying anything. As for Kagome and Inuyasha, well they have enough going on right now that they don't need to know about this." Tai didn't think it would have been this hard to get them to come. He'd only asked that they not tell the couple.

"You could at least tell me who you are? I only know you by the name Tai and I don't think that's enough to trust you on," Mr. Higurashi continued.

"Well right now I'm going by the name Tai Azuma, but the last name does tend to change every fifty to hundred years."

"So you're a demon, cool," Souta replied though he didn't notice his father stare at him.

"Well we're here," Tai said as he pulled into a big driveway. The family hadn't even noticed that they had left Tokyo and made it into a more rural area. The family looked on in amazement as they gaze at an old and very beautiful castle. As they looked around they noticed all the wooded areas blocking view and giving the inhabitant very good privacy.

As soon as the SUV came to a stop, Tai jumped out. "Arg, I hate these things," he said to no one in particular as he gave the front tire a slight kick.

"Then why do you have it?" Mrs. Higurashi asked as she exited the vehicle.

"It's not mine, it's my fathers. I only needed it so as to transport you here, otherwise I'd walk. I enjoy walking and running much more."

"Well that's nice. It's good to get plenty of exercise."

Before Tai could even get a response out a figure ran by him and the family causing a small gust of wind. Tai wanted to yell but was cut off by yet another one. The Higurashi guests were confused by the occurrences but were more surprised when Tai started to growl.

"HIKO! REIA!" Tai screamed out.

"No need to shout," a man a bit older than Tai with silver hair said as he stopped right in front of Tai. "Don't blame me, she started it."

"If I remember correctly, you challenged me," a woman said as she halted right next to Hiko. That didn't stop her from swinging a fist at him.

Hiko quickly dodged it though. "You're just being a sore-loser cause I beat you last time."

Tai performed a quick roundhouse kick but both manage to dodge it and continued fighting amongst themselves. They continued around the immense lawn of the castle. Besides the fighters the only other person enjoying the fight was Souta who looked on in astonishment.

"This is why I don't get along with them, they can't get along, not even for five minutes!" Tai shouted out to the sky.

"I see our guests have arrived," came another female voice. Though this person walked slowly up to Tai. "If you'd like I'll take care of the two."

"Please, if I have to they'll spend the rest of today taking care of injuries," Tai replied with a smile.

"You don't have to be so violent," the soft voice said.

"Those two are violent, not me," Tai reminded her.

"Hey," Souta asked. "Is she going to be able to stop them by herself.

"She's a lot more skilled than she looks, just watch." Souta turned towards the woman with long black hair with silver highlights. She seemed to just stand there as if doing nothing while at the same time you could tell she was concentrating. The moment she opened her eyes it seemed like time had stopped, though that had only been for the fighting pair. They stood frozen in mid attack. He continued to watch as they floated over towards the girl.

"No fair, Maya! You're interfering. Besides I was about to beat Hiko into the ground," Reia said.

"You wish," Hiko replied. "Now let us down so we can settle this."

"Enough." Gone was the soft gentle voice replaced by a strict commanding voice that almost forced them to listen. "In case you haven't noticed we have guests, so if I were you I'd behave. If you keep this up, your going to get in trouble." The two still frozen in mid hair just snorted and looked away. "Now I'm going to let you go but if you keep this up, I'll give you a much more permanent timeout, understand."

Neither of the two replied but she knew they got the point. With but a blink, Hiko and Reia found themselves back on the ground on their own feet. Maya then turned to Tai and the others and spoke in her soft voice again, "see that wasn't so hard."

Tai just leaned over to Souta, "See what I mean, she can be even scarier sometimes."

"Now you're the one scaring our visitors, if you want you can take them inside. I'm going to make sure Hiko and Reia do the same."

"Okay, see you in there," Tai said as he quickly moved away from Maya and led the family towards the house.

"Who were they?" Mrs. Higurashi asked innocently.

"That was Reia, Hiko, and Maya. All siblings. Reia and Hiko are always fighting each other whenever they meet. They usually don't get together too much so it usually isn't a problem. Maya is the only person other than their parents that can control the two. She may be the youngest of the three but her power is different than theirs and it helps give her and edge."

"What do you …" but before Mr. Higurashi could finish his question the front doors of the house opened introducing even more people.

"Jeez, luck is definitely on my side. All I'm doing today is dodging questions," Tai thought to himself.

"Tai, your finally here," a woman stepped out welcoming the entire group.

"Yes, mother. Is father here with you?" Tai didn't even have to answer before he saw his father walking outside as well.

"It's very nice to meet you. I'm Kagura," the wind sorceress said politely as she shook Mr. and Mrs. Higurashi's hand.

"It's nice to meet you as well," Mrs. Higurashi responded. "But I don't quite get why we are here? This seems to be a personal gathering. I don't think we belong here."

"Not at all. You are invited guests. Stay," Sesshoumaru said more as a statement then asking.

"You seem very familiar," the eldest Higurashi spoke for the first time.

"Please forgive me," Tai said, "This is my father, Sesshoumaru."

Souta's eyes seemed to light up at the mention of the demon's name. "Are you Inuyasha's brother?" the boy asked with excitement. The demon lord nodded in response. "Cool."

"Wait," Mr. Higurashi said. "If he's Inuyasha's brother, then that would make you Inuyasha's nephew. Why didn't Inuyasha say anything?"

"Well I kept my relation to him a secret until recently. He was quite shocked as well," Tai replied.

"This is so great," Souta said. "Can either of you do neat attacks like Inuyasha?"

Kagura had to smile at the boy's energetic nature. "They can do some things but they don't like to show off," she said answering the kid, "besides the food is almost ready we should go in and gather with everyone else. Please," Kagura said as she gestured her hand to the inside of the house.

When they got inside the family found them welcomed once again. "So we finally meet at last. I was beginning to think that Tai got lost," a man's voice called from the middle of the main room.

"Tai, don't tease the boy," Izayoi told her husband. "You must be a little confused," she said looking at the families faces.

"A little doesn't even begin to cover it," the Higurashi grandfather commented.

"Yes well it would help if you'd known everything to begin with, but these things can't be helped. I'm Izayoi and this is my husband, Inutaisho."

"She usually calls me Tai, so don't worry when you can't tell which of us she's talking to," Inutaisho stated while motioning to Tai.

"I remember, you're Inuyasha's father and mother. Its so good to meet you," Mrs. Higurashi said warmly. "You have a very nice and caring son."

"I just wish he would show that side of him a little more," Izayoi said. "Even after all he's gone through, he only trusts a few people with his feelings."

"I'm guessing the reason we were asked to come here is to talk about Inuyasha and Kagome's relationship?" Kagome's father asked trying to get some straight answers.

"In a way, yes," the old demon lord answered. "It's a bit complicated but things will be explained shortly." He then had a moment of recollection. "I'm sorry I'm being a bad host. Please let us go into the living room, I have some tea prepared."

The family followed Inuyasha's mother and father into the room, while Tai went to get the tea. Mrs. Higurashi looked at the everything in the house in total awe. "So this is your house. I must say I think it is beautiful."

"Well you can thank my wife," the inuyoukai said. "She keeps up with the decorations, I only see about the upkeep of other small areas."

"I'm pleased you like it," Izayoi responded. The next few minutes while waiting for the tea, Mrs. Higurashi asking many questions about the house and its origin. They had just finished talking about the design of the outside front lawn when Tai returned with enough tea and cups for everyone.

"Try to not fill up to much, we are having a feast shortly," Inutaisho advised.

"A feast? Is there really a need for one?" Mrs. Higurashi asked.

"Well with the amount of people here today, I'd say a feast in necessary. Besides it's a bit of a tradition."

"Well I guess I'll just ask then," Mr. Higurashi said. "If this is some family thing, why did you decide to invite us?"

"Actually, we weren't the ones to invite you," Izayoi answered.

Before Mr. Higurashi could answer the obvious question, a voice answered for him, "I did." The voice had come from above them but before they could even look up the person responsible landed safely on the ground floor about ten feet away from everyone else.

"Inuyasha!" Souta yelled out at seeing the hanyou, though he didn't realize the half-demon was wearing different clothes than he had been wearing earlier in the day.

"That was dangerous, young man," Izayoi said already scolding her son. "There is no need to act out like that."

"It's just the sort of trade off that you get." everyone turned to see Kagome walking down a spiral staircase. "Inuyasha managed to quit being so rude and arrogant but in exchange we have to put up with him showing off."

"I'm not that bad," Inuyasha replied.

"Sure you aren't, it's just when guests come over," Kagome responded as she reached the ground floor. "Tai, thank you for bringing my family."

"No problem, you want me to check on the others?" Tai asked.

"Nah, I'll go get them," Inuyasha replied as he made his way outside.

"I don't get it," Mrs. Higurashi said. "Why did you tell us you were going into the past, if you we're coming here?"

"That's where it gets complicated." Kagome walked over and fixed her self a cup of tea. When she was satisfied with it she sat down on one of the chairs in the living room. Everyone else still in attendance did the same to make themselves comfortable. Once everyone was situated Kagome started again, "Its all a matter of how you look at it. Right now I am in the past, while at the same point, I'm in the present. And if you want to make it worse, to a certain extent I'm in the future."

The rest of her family was overcome with totally confusion. Kagome just laughed at the look on their faces. "Kagome, are you feeling well?" her father asked. "You don't even look right."

This comment broke Kagome totally out of her laughter. She knew they were starting to catch on. To her, it had been hundreds of years since she had been able to talk to them, though she had watched them from a distance. Just like Inuyasha she barely looked like she aged. Just as with Inuyasha after a certain point, the aging process slowed down, more than it already had been. With her father's words she realized it was time to be serious, it had been so long she had wanted to play around with them a bit, "Wow, Inuyasha rubbed off on me more than I thought," Kagome realized. She turned to them with a serious look, "I'm actually feeling fine, but I guess I should make more sense. You see, I did leave to go back to the past this morning with Inuyasha, Sango, and Miroku. But I actually didn't come back yet. Father, you said I look different. That is because to me a lot more time has passed then you think it has."

"The me, that is currently in the past, will return at the end of this weekend. She'll happen to have some surprising information."

"And what is that?" asked Mr. Higurashi. He wasn't sure if he was going to like more surprises.

"That Inuyasha and I are going to get married." Kagome walked as that info totally blew their mind.

Kagome's mother was the first to react. "That's so wonderful. I knew you two were going to end up together, I just never knew how long it would take you."

"So Inuyasha is really gonna be my brother?" Souta asked.

"So when are you two having the ceremony?" Mrs. Higurashi asked.

"Well Souta, you can look at it this way, the Inuyasha you saw here is already your brother." Kagome then turned to her mother, "The ceremony is between the two who are in the past right now, and that will take place at the end of the school year. Like I said, to me lot more time has passed. After some long thinking, Inuyasha and I decided to live in the past."

"Kagome, are you sure about this?" her grandfather asked. "What about us? We'll never see you again?"

"Grampa, I think you're getting mixed up. The Kagome you had seen earlier tody will be getting married and going to live in the past. To me, that already happened."

"So you're really old too, right?" Souta asked.

"Yes, its one of the things about marrying Inuyasha, I've been able to live since Feudal times and I'll be able to live long after."

"It's a lot to take in, isn't it?" Izayoi asked trying to be sympathetic.

"I guess that means you're not our little girl anymore?" Mrs. Higurashi asked with tears coming down her face.

"Mama, I'll always be your little girl. I'm just not so little anymore," Kagome said. The joke got her mother to laugh rather than cry.

"So what was with all the secrecy? You could have just come to the house and told us this?" her father asked.

"Well I couldn't come right out and tell you, we had to wait until my earlier self had met up with Inuyasha, then wait until he made the wish, and then we couldn't do anything or else the yakuza might have caught on and changed things. So finally I decided I wanted it to be a surprise. Plus, we have a family get-together every five years or so and I figured you should be invited," Kagome said with a smile.

"Though to you it won't occur for a couple of months or so, you are part of the family," Inutaisho said proudly.

"I know it's a lot to throw at you all at once but…" before Kagome could finish Reia and Hiko came running by.

"This is your fault. If you'd watch where you going you wouldn't run into people," Reia yelled.

"Yeah, well if you'd stop for one second so I could beat you into the ground instead of running away, I wouldn't have to chase after you," Hiko spat back.

"Reia! Hiko!" Inuyasha yelled as he slowly walked in through the outside door. The two quarter demons dropped to the ground quickly on the second floor to stay hidden. "When I find you…"

"Inuyasha," Kagome said in a low and eerily calm voice. At the calling of his mate, Inuyasha let his anger subside and walked back over with Kagome. "Reia, Hiko, in case you haven't noticed we have guests. Now, where is your sister?"

"Right here, mother," Maya said walking in the same door Inuyasha had. "I wasn't able keep up with them, sorry."

"It's not your fault," Kagome replied not noticing the look on her family's faces.

"Did she just say mother?" Mrs. Higurashi asked.

Maya quickly turned her head away. "Whoops, I thought you had told them already," she told her mother.

"Well I'd told them most of it," Kagome said. "I hadn't gotten to that yet." Kagome turned back to her family who were still in repeated shock, "Well I guess I should introduce you to our children," Kagome said. "Reia, Hiko, down here now!" Before she even finished her command, the two were standing on the ground floor beside their fellow sister. "Mom, Dad, these are my three kids. Reia is the oldest, followed by Hiko, and then our youngest, Maya."

"Hey," Reia just waved while Hiko nodded.

"It's very nice to meet you," Maya said politely.

Kagome looked back at her family. Mrs. Higurashi in tears rushed over and grabbed Kagome, "Oh my little girl is all grown up," she said with tears in her eyes. She let go of Kagome just to grab a hold of Reia and Hiko at once. "And your children as so beautiful. They definitely have their parent's spirit." The two siblings squeezed their way out of the death grip as soon as they could. This caused her to turn to Maya. "And you have such wonderful hair. I'm so jealous," she said while hugging Maya now.

"I'm honored," Maya gasped out.

"Suck up," Reia glared at her sister.

Maya only mouthed out "You want to trade places?" But Reia only shook her head negative in response as more air was being choked out of Maya.

"As you can see, some of them have taken after their father a bit," Kagome warned.

"Well as I remember it, Inuyasha did have a lot of spirit as a kid," his mother defended. "Why I remember..."

"Mother please don't start..." Inuyasha asked but his mother had already walked over to Mrs. Higurashi and was chatting with her.

"Don't worry Inuyasha, I have a feeling that your mother will be hearing about me as a child soon enough," Kagome said.

The both of them looked around the room. Sesshoumaru, Kagura and Tai had left to room to prepare the table with food that had been sitting cold for the ten minutes. Inuyasha's father was talking with both of the adult male Higurashi's trying to make them as comfortable as possible. Meanwhile, Souta was talking with his nieces and nephew. With Reia and Hiko's attitude, it would have been easy to see Souta as one of their siblings rather than their uncle. "This family is definitely one of a kind," Inuyasha said.

"I'm glad. I like my family just like this," Kagome said. "You know over these hundred of years I always thought of things I wanted to tell my family and show them but now that their here I can barely think of everything."

"Well don't worry, we have all the time we need," Inuyasha told her. "That's why we went through all those journeys. To make sure everyone we cared for would be safe. We don't have Naraku or any demon yakuza after us now. It's these moments and all the future ones that make the hell we went through worth something."

Kagome looked up wide eyed at her husband and mate, "since when did you learn to have such a way with words?"

"We all grow and change, my love. As I have rubbed off on you, so you have done the same to me," with that Inuyasha leaned down and capture his mate's lips with his own. The two lovers held each other as they both thought of how far they had come. One had been a loner and the other lost; now here they stood always together and with their complete family around them, never alone.


First off to anyone who says IY is OOC in that last bit, please expand you creative thinking and realize that people will change over the course of five hundred years. Also the title of this chapter and the previous one referred to IY and Kagome's look on time. The last chapter was the Past to Kagome while the present to IY, this one is the Present to Kagome while the Future to IY. The present is mentioned in both titles to try and refer to the fact that now that they're together, its the Present to them both.

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