Dynasty Warriors : The Three Blades


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Elsewhere :

It has been two months since his exile, but the anger and humiliation Xiahou Dun felt then, still burned within him. He had no doubt it was through Sima Yi's manipulations, that had caused the death of Cao Pi, and for that same death to be placed onto his shoulders. The warrior snarled and turned his gaze to the sky, fist clenched and shaking to the heavens.

"I swear, by all that is holy, one day I shall exact personal vengeance onto Sima Yi and slay him myself!" He drew a dagger from his belt and cut the palm of his right hand, letting the blood drip onto the ground "I swear this, on my own blood!"

He sheathed the dagger and grabbed a rag from his saddlebag, tying it around his hand. He looked at his horse and patted it on the neck.

"I thank you my friend, for bearing me so far. My shame and dishonor, you also share, but you have stood by me, and for that I am thankful."

The horse neighed and snorted, shaking it's head. Dun smiled.

"You want to avenge yourself as well, huh? Good. We shall do so together and."

It was then, he heard the faint gallop of a horse. He turned and faced his gaze back onto the second of the five forts leading away from Wei and towards Shu. Ironically, this was the same area, he had fought against Guan Yu, to keep him from leaving, and subsequently failing. He mounted his horse and held his blade ready. If Sima Yi had sent troops after him, he would send them back to Sima Yi, dead.

However, he saw it was two officers riding towards him, two he knew well. Still, he kept his weapon ready.

"Brother Yuan, Zhang Liao, what are the two of you doing here? Do you intend to fight me, and take my head back to Sima Yi?"

Zhang Liao drew his horse to a stop and shook his head.

"No Dun, that is not why we're here."

Xiahou Yuan nodded.

"Indeed brother, we are just on patrol, and were near here, so we thought."

Dun let a tight smile across his face and sheathed his sword.

"You thought I'd be here and come to check, right?"

Zhang Liao nodded.

"As astute as always. But we also bring you a message from Lady Zhen Ji."

Dun took the message from Liao, and read it.


"My beloved Dun, please forgive me. I know that this may make me sound hypocritical, but I had to act like a grieving wife, in front of Lord Cao Cao, Cao Ming and Dian Wei. They can not, MUST not find out about the relationship we two shared. I apologise for the longevity since I've been able to contact you, but at the moment, I only trust Zhang Liao and Xiahou Yuan, the two men who delivered this message to you."

"You probably already suspect who it was who orchestrated your downfall. I can confirm it. It was Sima Yi who wanted you gone from Cao Cao's court. With you gone, Cao Cao has turned to Sima Yi for advice, and I can already see Sima Yi planning to usurp the throne of Wei from Cao Cao, for himself."

"Know that I will do my best to find out more information for you, and have it sent to you. However, I will have to be careful as Sima Yi has been watching my every move. I have a feeling something terrible is about to happen. How I wish you were still here, to ensure Sima Yi's plans do not succeed."

"If you are located, near the five fortresses, where the traitor, Guan Yu, used to escape, know that I shall leave a message in the stables of the fourth fortress every month for you. Please be careful Dun, Sima Yi, even though he is busy trying for the throne, he also has spies out searching for you, with orders to kill on sight. You must be careful, find some allies you can depend on and survive. Please."

"One day, we shall be together again beloved, and we can leave all this behind us. Until that time, know that I shall always love you and do everything I can for you."

Your beloved,

Zhen Ji.


Dun reread the message, then folded it and placed it inside his saddlebag. He faced his two friends.

"I thank you for delivering this message. It gives me hope, hope that one day, I shall be back, where I belong."

Xiahou Yuan smiled and handed one of his saddlebags to his brother.

"That's not all brother. Here. Two weeks supplies, well, two weeks for me at least. BWA HA HA HA HA!! But for you, should last about three weeks."

Dun accepted the saddlebag, with a smile.

"My thanks brother."

Zhang Liao handed a bag to Dun as well.

"This is all we could gather, well, all that we and Zhen Ji could gather for you. Hopefully it should be enough."

Dun looked into the bag, and gazed on the gold pieces inside. He bowed to Zhang Liao and his brother.

"My thanks to both of you. When you return, tell Zhen Ji. Tell her she has my thanks and deepest gratitude. Tell her, I wish the same as she does, and one day, we shall make that wish a reality."

Zhang Liao nodded.

"Of course. Be careful, we have reports that three bandit groups are working around here. They'll be no match for you, but still."

Dun smiled.

"I'll be careful."

Yuan yawned.

"We better head back, before that snake's spies alert him to our disappearance." He looked at Dun "Sima Yi has spies in every troop, so we'd better go."

Dun nodded.

"My thanks to both of you and Zhen Ji. Be careful."

Zhang Liao smiled.

"Don't worry about us. We can handle that snake."

Dun watched as his brother and friend rode off. He sighed and turned his horse towards the fourth fort and set off at a slow trot. As he rode, the sky above grew dark, thunder rumbling among the clouds. With the fourth fort in sight, the heavens opened and a torrent of rain assailed the land, as well as the lone rider on a horse.

Dun rode into the fourth fort and made his way towards the last remaining building, a small stable. He rode inside and dismounted, shaking the rain water off of him. He lead his horse over to a stall, and took one of the small troughs, dragging it over to where a small hole in the roof, let water fall into the room.

Dun sat down on a pile of straw, his sword in one hand and a cleaning rag in the other. As he started to clean and polish his sword, he let his thoughts wander back to the last happy moment he had, before his exile.


Dun was sitting on a bench in the sun, a slight smile on his face. His companion sitting next to him, wore a similar smile on her face. She looked at the man next to her.

"What are you thinking about now, Dun?"

Dun faced her.

"Thinking about us of course."

Zhen Ji smiled and leaned close to him.

"Soon, I'll tell Pi how I feel, and then we can be together."

Dun frowned slightly.

"Ji. you know how I feel about you, and I know how you feel for me. However, at this time, I think it would be prudent to wait, bide our time. When this summer's fighting is over, then we can petition Cao Cao to anull your marriage with Pi."

Ji sighed.

"But not until then?"

Dun shook his head.

"No. I think it would be better this way."

Ji nodded slowly, then looked at Dun from the corner of her eye.

"Well, I agree with you Dun. We shall wait until the summer is over." She stood on her feet and faced the one eyed warrior, a seductive smile on her face "But for now, I want to see you, in my bedchambers in ten minutes."

Zhen Ji turned and walked off, leaving Dun sitting on the bench, a look of shocked surprise on his face. He grinned.

"Ok then Ji. I guess I can handle this arrangement of ours."

As soon as Zhen Ji disappeared, Dun waited for a minute, then followed after her.


Dun sighed as he let the rag drop onto the ground, his sword resting next to him on the straw. So long ago, since he last saw her, the only woman who mattered to him. He took her letter out of his saddlebag, and reread it again. He let a small smile creep over his face, as he imagined what Zhen Ji was probably doing at that moment. He placed the letter back in the saddlebag and took some food from the other. After he ate his fill, he gave his horse some food and settled down to get some rest. He had a lot to do in the morning, and he intended to get an early start.

The next morning :

Dun stretched his arms as the sun shone through the doorway. He yawned and walked out into the ruins of the fort, his gaze going over everything. He turned and walked over to one of the remaining walls and scaled it to the top. As he stood there he gazed over the land. The rain had cleansed the land and gave everything a clean, fresh look to it. It was then he noticed something shining on the ground, near the northwest corner of the fort.

"What the?"

Dun leaped down onto one of the crumbling walls, and leaped to the ground. He walked over to where he saw the shining object was a sword hilt, sticking out of the ground. The remnants of a weapon chest scattered about gave Dun cause to pause. He dug his fingers around the object and grasped the hilt of a sword. When his hand had closed around the handle, a surge of fiery power flowed through him, surging through his body. He pulled the sword free of it's prison and gazed at the impressive weapon, a fiery glow surrounded the blade. The writing on the blade itself, identified the sword's name.

"Kirin Fang. This weapon. is this truly the Kirin Fang?"

He hefted the weapon, and swung it a few times. The sword's balance was perfect for him almost as if the sword had been forged specifically for him. He smiled.

"With this blade, I shall avenge myself."

Dun turned and climbed up to the top of the highest battlement, raising the sword high, the sun shining off the blade itself.

"I, Xiahou Dun, swear I will slay you Sima Yi!"


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