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"Sasuke-kun…" Sakura whispered as she walked through the small forest that was around her parent's house. Today had been her 13th birthday, with a party celebration and all. But the only one person she really wanted to come hadn't shown or even called. Why he didn't come, she only had a vague idea in which she certainly hoped wasn't the case.

Sakura was half tempted to knock on Sasuke's door and asked why he hadn't called to tell her that he couldn't make it, even if he was lying and probably training or something to the likes of it. But she knew he wouldn't even open the door, he would simply ignore her as he did everyone but Kakashi and Naruto.

Was he… gay?

Sakura certainly hoped not, but as such would be her luck, seeing as she had none when it came to Sasuke, her crush. Maybe it was because he just hadn't matured in that area, in physical attraction. Boy wouldn't he be pissed if he knew that Naruto had matured in that department, if that was indeed the case. But then again, Naruto was also immature and a big pervert.

So here she was, walking around a forest that seemed to lead to everything in Konoha except to the clothing department, and that was further down the other way. Sakura peered through the dark leaves of the old oak and mahogany trees and spotted a crescent moon hanging in the sky just barely visible, being almost completely hidden by dark massive clouds that meant it was going to rain very soon.

"Pretty…" Sakura admired and thought that the scene above her could possible be viewed as a romantic one if you found a nice clearing. But it was only romantic if there was someone to share it with, which Sakura had none.


Something to her far right snapped in the silence that was the forest. Sakura changed her direction to investigate what had disturbed the forests natural silence. Sakura didn't get far before she saw two dark silhouettes close to each other.

Who were they and what were they doing in the middle of the night when a storm was about to begin?

She didn't know, but she moved in closer to get a better look. It was basically an easy task, but the only thing that was blocking her view of the couple, who she now realized where kissing, was a very thick thorn bush. And then came the cold chilling rain. It was bone chilling even though it wasn't exactly a downpour. But apparently, the two people didn't seem to mind either.

Sakura tried gently to move the offending bush to allow her access of to see the couple's faces and not just an unclear version of who they where. But it was an unbeatable feat, so without being gentle at all, she took a kunai and sawed away a tiny portion of thorn bush. And what she saw shocked her.


And Sasuke… kissing!

"H-how?" Sakura gasped, and stood up noiselessly. But unfortunately, with her sudden spring upward, the thorn bush had its evil revenge for being moved and cut from it's natural position. A long cut was made by a single thorn right above her right eye, along with several other additional wounds made by the thorns, some just barely grazing soaked flesh, and others dug deeply into skin, tearing and leaving a bloody trail.

But Sakura didn't feel any pain whatsoever, she was just numbly aware that she couldn't feel anything at all. Not one single emotion could be felt, which was strangely surprising. And then with a sudden sickening feeling, Sakura's heart lurched hard. And it hurt, a lot.

Having being able to finally turn away from the love scene she felt she had been intruding upon, Sakura spun on her heel faster than she thought capable. So fast in fact, that force and gravity made her wet long hair smack right into her face, stinging on impact.


The sound of a twig snapping that was under Sakura's foot seemed to echo throughout the trees, where silence had been once almost eerie. Just her luck really, that she would be heard and then make fun of her for being caught spying. Just typical! And the non-stop rain didn't make it any better, she thought bitterly. Quickly gathering charka into Sakura's feet, she dashed off ignoring everything around her.

She just had to get away fast.

Sakura was almost in the safety distance of her house when someone roughly seized her arm from her high speed dash, and thus ceasing her ability to run away from the horrors she had seen only moments before. Not knowing exactly who had grabbed her arm, she took a kunai out of her kunai pouch that rested on her leg and swung with all her might at her would-be-attacker.

"Hey!" a gruff voice yelled before ducking away from Sakura's fury swipe, and efficiently let go of her arm.

Sakura then noticed that the person who had grabbed her arm was none other than Sasuke. Oh, how she really didn't want to see him at this moment of betrayal. Sakura scoffed at that thought, Sasuke didn't betray her, for Sasuke and herself were never together to begin with. But then again, she just couldn't help what she felt.

Well, not wanting to appear any weaker than she probably already looked right now, she wouldn't give him the satisfaction that he had hurt her so deeply. Sakura was going to play it cool even thought she was already freezing she briefly wondered if her hair had became frozen.

"Ohayo Sasuke-kun!" she exclaimed with a bright smile even though it felt crooked to her.

"Sakura?" Sasuke's voice seemed unsure, for what, Sakura couldn't figure out nor did she have any desire to do so at that exact moment.

"Sasuke-kun, couldn't this wait till tomorrow? It's raining and freezing out here!" Sakura questioned cheerfully, shrugging while moving her arms as if to show him that it was raining outside for the first time.

Sasuke seemed to look Sakura up an down, debating to question whether she was ok or not, because he knew she had seen Ino kiss him. But she had it all wrong, she kissed him, and truthfully, shocked the hell out of him. But after seeing Sakura's face still happy, he thought that maybe she was ok, but deep down he knew better.

"Aa." He nodded and then turned away slowly, just incase he thought of something else to say.

Sakura turned around also, not bothering to look back at Sasuke's reseeding from. And once inside her house she sneaked into the living room, which was right next to the front door. Sakura hated that the family room was by the only exit in the entire house, except her bedroom window. Whenever she decided to sneak out, her dad would usually wait on the couch so he could lecture her when she walked through the door.

But nobody was waiting for her on the old red couch. But there was a note sitting upright on the pillow facing the door.

'Dear Sakura,

Your father and I don't appreciate you sneaking off right after your party young lady, but your father convinced me that it was ok every once in a while to just get away and to collect your thoughts. Remember that mission we were supposed to go on? And how it was supposed to be three weeks? Well the situation seems to be more critical than Hokage-sama had originally thought; we'll be gone for the least, two months. Sorry honey, we love you.


Mom and Dad'

Sakura sighed; they were always leaving her to go on missions. And she was always alone too. And right now she didn't particularly want to be alone, with her emotions and bad thoughts in her head.

Now had Sakura's mother had known that she was having these types of problems, she would have done something to make Sakura feel better, but no one was here.

And then, for the first time that whole day, Sakura cried. After locking the door, she collapsed on her father's favorite couch and covered up with a blanket to keep her from getting hypothermia even thought she was still wearing wet clothes, it lessened her chances of getting it.

And that's how she fell asleep, crying. But with the promise of tomorrow would be different.

"Everything will change."

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"Oh Susuke-kun, where are you?" Sakura desperately asked, looking all over for her beloved Susuke-kun.

Today was Sakura's 13th birthday everyone had left the party that her parents had thrown. She ran through the forest, and jumped through the trees. Sakura was determined to get Sasuke to go out with her tonight, she somehow felt lucky.

There was a rustling to Sakura's right. Thinking that it could have been anything dangerous, she ducked down. The rustling still continued, so Sakura doubted that there was anything dangerous in the forest this time of night. She almost could see, but there was a stupid bush in her way. She pushed the bush away.

The bad thing, she discovered that the bush was a thorn bush; which had cut her arms and hands. 'Stupid thorn bush!' Sakura thought, while inner Sakura thought, 'DAMN YOU THORN BUSH! DIE!'.

Sakura's body went numb at the sight in front of her. There, in the clearing was Sasuke and. . . and. . . . INO? And that's not what made Sakura's eyes water, it was that Sasuke's and Ino's lips were touching. And they're tight embrace.

"Sa. . . . suke?" Sakura whispered lightly enough that Sasuke and Ino both heard her.

Sasuke quickly broke the kiss. And Sakura quickly stood up, not bothering to acknowledge the cuts from the thorn bush, or the blood that gushed from her violent spring upwards. Sasuke looked as if he wanted to say something. But. . .

"Hahahahaha! I got to kiss Sasuke-kun and you didn't you stupid big forehead girl!" Ino stuck out her tongue.

Sakura forced a smile, " Ahaha. . . I guess you're right." Sakura walked backwards and away from their sight.

Sasuke looked back at Ino and ran off, leaving Ino alone.

Sakura walked through the forest, she could barely see do to the fact that her eyes were watered, and that her tears streaked down her cheek. Sakura's mind was numb and hurt, but inner Sakura had something different than a numbed mind. 'WHY INO OVER ME!' inner Sakura broke into tears and collapsed onto the ground, or to her what resembled ground.

It was so hard to see, that she didn't even the ditch in the main dirt path leading towards her house. She fell wit a light 'thump'. Sakura, now angry at everything, whipped her tears away. But the redness was proof that she had been crying. There, once again was a rustling noise behind her. Instantly Sakura was up on her feet with a kunai in one hand. Her facial expression went from attacking mode to blank.

"S-Sakura. . . I didn't. . .You got to believe me. . ." Sasuke said trying to explain, his voice held little nervousness, but it was still there.

"Ohayo Sasuke-kun!" Sakura exclaimed with a bright smile. Outwardly she was smiling, but inwardly she was screaming for him to go away and that'd he'd only make it worse.

"Sakura?" Sasuke asked bewildered. Just a moment ago she was tearing up and now she was smiling at him? Could she really be okay after what she saw? Hn, knowing her, probably not.

"Yes Sasuke-kun? What? It's getting kinda late and all, I should get going." Sakura looked at Sasuke; he was trying to read her face again. To see what she was thinking, as she looked at him, she avoided eye contact, because eyes were the gateway to your soul and to your inner feelings. And she didn't want him to see her most inner feelings.

"Are you alright?" Sasuke inquired not noticing that she wouldn't look him in the eye.

"Yes Sasuke-kun! I've never been better!" Sakura answered with absolute happiness in her voice. 'And never been hurting so much!' Sakura thought sadly. The place were her heart was ached so bad, it took all of her strength not to put her hand there and try to ease the pain.

Sasuke looked at her questionably, but didn't press further on the subject. Sakura smiled at him again, and turned her back towards him; and started to walk to her house. Sasuke noted that she didn't ask him to walk her home tonight, she did every night in the past. Sasuke confirmed only one thing, Sakura was acting strangely.

When Sakura reached her home, she found it empty. And spotless, there was a note on the table nearest her. Sakura's eyes read over each letter carefully.

' Dear Sakura,

Sorry, we were sent out on a mission, and. . . It may take longer than expected, about 2 months. I know it seems like a lot, but we will hurry back home as soon as we can!

Your Mother and Father
P.S. Happy birthday!'

The note was finished. 'Mom must have written it while Dad packed their things.' Sakura thought. A question formed in her head. How long had she been gone? She shook her head. Everyone was gone and was at home. The only bad thing was, Sakura wanted someone to comfort her. To tell her that everything would be okay. Or that there were more fish in the sea. But no one was here.

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Sakura sighed heavily, her parents promised that they didn't have any missions today. But they were always on missions. "I'm all alone." Sakura whispered as she walked upstairs to her room. She exhaled as she flopped down on her bed and instantly fell a sleep.

'Tomorrow', she thought before she was completely a sleep, 'Everything will change', and drifted to sleep.