A/N: This is a personal poem about a girl I once knew, and my dreams for the future.  This is not a poem about Inuyasha, yet I wrote it because he and I have very similar love lives.  Keep in mind that all references to the series are symbolic of my own life.

The pain of loss,

Kikyo has left me,

She has gone South,

I am alone.

My limbs are free,

Yet my heart is pierced still

Not one arrow, but many

Pain one-hundred-fold

My body is free,

Yet my heart is on the Tree


Waiting for the Dawn

Waiting for Release

Waiting for the fifty years to end

Waiting for You.


I need you,

Set me free.

The Well is not far,

Come to me.

Your hand can free my heart.

Your love can free my soul.


Come to me…

I want you.

I need you.

I love you.

Come to me.

Set me free.

Wait not another day.