Completed: 1-28-04

Come to Me, Part II

I see you standing there,

Another arrow drawn for me

Kikyo is here

She has come for me

Will she drag me into Hell?

Will she weave her terrible spell?

Will she demand my soul to sell?

Helpless standing now before her

Dangerous with powers pure

Death to be delivered sure

To the dead she must return

Or in hell my heart will burn

Should I?

Can I?

Send her to the grave?

Claws and fangs to drive her down

So by her I won't be bound

So my true love can be found


She has come and she is close

To this place she is drawing near

Though unsure and full of fear

Again I call, so come to me

Come to me and set me free

Or else again I will be bound

Lost again and never found

In darkness deep, in silence complete

Never again to take my feet.

In Stygian sleep, alone, not waking

My lonely heart, free for the taking

Kikyo, a form of clay

A restless soul that comes to stay

Kagome, I reach for you,

Kagome, my only hope.

Author's note (very important):  As with 'Come to Me', everything in this poem is symbolic.  No, I do not plan on killing anyone, especially not the one represented by Kikyo.  That, too, is symbolic.  I wrote this recently because the story that inspired me to write 'Come to Me' has just taken a new and surprising twist, whereas I thought the damn thing was over.  Maybe I'm just paranoid and making too big a deal out of things, but then again, this poem was written the same day it all went down.  I'll probably see things differently in the morning.  For all reading this, I think it's transparent enough to understand the meaning behind it, but if you need clarification, feel free to email me at the address in my profile.