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Helping heal

Chapter 1

Snape hated being in the Muggel's world! Not just that he couldn't use magic, he also had to wear those ridiculous clothes! A black jeans and a black shirt - he would have given everything for his robes.

But being here hadn't been exactly his choice. Albus had asked him to go to a friend of his and bring him a magic stone which was too precious and powerful to be sent by an owl. There had been nobody else to do it. It was summer holidays and all the teachers were away from Hogwarts, visiting friends or family, even Hadrig wasn't there. Dumbledore himself was visiting a friend, Nicolas Flamel, who would soon die, just as his wife had a few weeks before. It was probably the last visit and Snape could understand that he didn't want to miss it.

Now he was here in London, he had just left the house of Albus' friend and walked down one of the dark streets. He stopped when he came to a house he knew. Of course he hadn't seen it yet but he had heard of it more than enough. Harry Potter was living there.

Not that it was of any interest for him.

The potion master just wanted to go as he heard a loud scream from inside. It had obviously been Potter's voice. Snape didn't have time to think, he went inside the garden, hissed a spell to open the door and entered the house.

As he came in a fat, blond boy stood in the floor, staring at him in shock. Then he turned around and ran into one of the rooms. "Mum, Dad, there's a man in the house!"

Severus Snape just rolled his eyes, it wasn't that he exactly loved children, but this one was pure horror. After a moment he followed him into the kitchen. What he saw shocked him deeply.

He had seen many bad things already but that was pretty much, even for him. There was a man who was just as fat as his son, at least he thought that it was Mr Dursley. Who else could it be? To the man's feet Potter was lying, looking miserable. There were many dark bruises on his skin, he bled from several cuts. His glasses were broken. Desperately the boy looked up to his teacher.

Dursley came towards him, looking more than angry. His round face was dark red. "What the hell are you doing here?"

Snape just stood there and stared at him coldly. He could hardly control the the rage cooking inside of him, withing minutes several hundret curses ran through his mind. How could that man dare to treat a child like that? Harry was only thirteen after all.

"Professor Snape", Harry whispered and looked up at him, he seemed to be ashamed for only a few moments later he bowed his head again.

The man who was still standing next to him inhaled deeply, then he began to yell: "Professor? So you are one of those crazy people who want to make a wizard out of this boy! Get out of my house!" He furiously gestured towards the door.

"Don't you tell me what to do!"

Harry flinched. Snape had spoken in an almost soft voice, but there was this dangerous look on his face, which was no good sign at all.

The potion master looked down at the boy now. "What happened?"

"Dad!" Dudley screamed in a shrill voice. "Throw him out!"

Harry ignored him and spoke slowly. "I have broken two plates and a cup. It was by accident, really. He punished me for that." Usually he didn't like the teacher, in fact he even hated him, but now he was more than glad that he was there.

"He did this to you because you broke something?" Snape asked and his eyes widened in disbelieve and Harry realized that even he wasn't as bad as his uncle.

"Yes, sir."

For a moment Severus closed his black eyes and forced back the urge to kill this man. He could all too well imagine how Potter must have felt growing up here and even though he had never had such a good relationship to the boy he wanted to help him. Of course he couldn't stay here! Snape knew where this would end.

"Dad! Why don't you do something? I don't like this guy - so throw him out!!!!"

"Shut up!" The professor finally snapped and shot Dudley a sharp look which made him fall silence immediatly. "And you," he looked at his student. "Come with me."

"If you go now," Mr Dursley said in a dangerous voice, "you will never come back!"

"Don't worry, he surely won't." Snape turned around dramatically, as always, and walked towards the door. Harry slowly followed him.

"Where are your things?" Severus asked as they were on the floor. His voice was still cold as ice, he was raging inside.

Harry feared that the anger was towards him and spoke very softly. "In the closet under the stairs."

The potion master walked towards wooden door and opened it with the same spell he had used to get through the front door. There sat Potter's white owl Hedwig in a small cage, obviously she had been there all the time. Next to her there were the other things which were needed in Hogwarts. He took it all and walked towards the exit. When he turned around the boy was standing there, staring back at his uncle and cousin. "What are you waiting for, Potter?" Immediatly Harry turned around and followed him.

"Don't come back, you freak!" Dudley yelled after them and Snape could only guess wether he meant him or the boy behind him. Probably both.

The professor rolled his eyes. "I want him in my lesson, just once", he whispered and sighed.

He had been talking more to himself but Harry smiled slightly as well. That would have been great! Dudley in Snape's class. Probably he wouldn't survive more than five minutes.

"Don't worry", Severus said now. "You won't have to go back to them. But there's also a slight problem." He saw the boy looking up to him fearfully. "You will have to stay with me for a little more than four weeks. There's nobody else in Hogwarts."