Winter Wonderland

Chapter One: Thanksgiving in Domino?

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Chapter One: Thanksgiving in Domino?

It was a sunny, yet chilly, day in Domino, Japan, when Yugi Mouto and his friends walked down the street toward the Game Shop after school. Yugi shivered slightly as a strong wind blew by, rustling the few remaining brown leaves in the otherwise bare trees.

"So, is everyone thinking about Christmas?" Yugi asked, looking over at his friends, his teeth chattering.

Joey Wheeler nodded with a grin.

"You bet!" he declared. "Christmas is my favorite holiday of the whole year!"

Amber Johnson raised an eyebrow, looking over at Joey suspiciously.

"Your absolute favorite?" she inquired, looking surprised. "Gee, I would have thought you'd like Thanksgiving, with all the food and all..."

She trailed off as he friends all gave her queer looks. Amber bit her lip, looking nervous.

"Um...did I say something wrong?" she asked, looking at them.

Duke laughed, his breath turning into wisps of smoke in the crispy cold air as he did so.

"No," he chuckled. "It's just that we don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here. Why would we?"

Taerro nodded.

Amber blushed, feeling silly.

"Oh yeah, this is Japan," she murmured, grinning with embarrassment. "I've never gone without celebrating Thanksgiving though."

Bakura smiled, carrying his bag in his right hand, his left arm still in a cast from the battle a week ago against the evil spirit of the Millennium Ring. He'd gotten a little roughed up during the last attack, but wasn't upset about it much. At least, he thought with relief, I'm rid of that evil spirit.

Since Yami Bakura lost the battle, Yugi took custody of the Millennium Ring, Bakura only too glad to give it up. Now, Yugi thought, Yami was one step closer to retrieving his lost memory.

"What do you do on Thanksgiving anyway?" Bakura asked, looking interested.

Amber put a finger to her chin thoughtfully.

" just think about everything you're thankful for and stuff like that, and there's this big dinner..." she began, but was cut off by a shout from Joey.

"Did you say...big dinner?!" he cried, looking hungrily at her.

Amber looked taken aback.

"Yeah..." she replied, nodding. "And everybody eats the dinner," she finished.

Joey's mouth watered.

"Too bad we don't have that kind of holiday!" he sighed, his head drooping.

Tristan Taylor chuckled, prodding Joey's arm.

"You just want it cause of all the food," he accused Joey, playfully.

Joey narrowed his eyes at Tristan.

"So what?! It sounds great!" he shouted in reply.

Tea Gardner rolled her eyes.

"You guys," she muttered with a smile.

Taerro was looking through a large book as he voiced his opinion on the matter.

"It would be quite interesting to celebrate a foreign holiday," he mused, looking around at the others.

Amber, however, was deep in thought. Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she smiled at the others.

"I know!" she cried, looking around happily. "We could celebrate it anyway! I could help set up and tell you guys what to have."

Duke grinned at the suggestion.

"Yeah!" he agreed, smiling. "We can have the dinner at my place."

Yugi smiled as well, everyone else nodding in agreement, Joey looking thrilled at the suggestion.

"Okay!" Yugi agreed, grinning as they approached the Game Shop. "When is Thanksgiving, anyway?" he asked Amber, looking curiously over at her.

Amber bit her lip, thinking.

"The 27th of November..." she murmured. "Anybody know what day that is?"

Duke gulped, looking slightly nervous for the first time since the suggestion was made.

"Well...tomorrow," he admitted, looking over at Amber cautiously.

Amber, however, didn't look discouraged. Instead, she looked more determined than ever.

"Then Duke!" she declared, grabbing his arm as Yugi walked up the stairs to the Game Shop door. "Let's go shopping!"

Yugi laughed.

"Okay guys!" he called, waving. "See you tomorrow!"

Duke nodded as he and Amber hurried off down the street, toward the grocery store.

" at my place by 6:00 tomorrow evening!" Duke called, hoping that Amber and he would be able to pull off this meal by then.

Bakura smiled as Yugi looked at the rest of them.

"Well Yugi, I guess I'm going to go on home," he said, waving with his good arm. "See you tomorrow!"

"Bye Bakura!" Yugi called, waving, as Taerro headed on home after his friend.

Joey looked as though he were in a daze, a dreamy look plastered over his face as he smiled.

"Yeah...big feast!" he murmured hungrily, licking his lips.

Tristan rolled his eyes and took Joey by his arm, starting to drag him off down the street.

"Come on, Joey," he sighed, pulling Joey along with him. "Later guys!" Tristan called back to Yugi and Tea, who waved after them.

Tea giggled, looking up at Yugi.

"Well Yugi, I'd like to stick around, but I've got to get going," she admitted, stepping down the stairs. "Kiki said she'd teach me a little Irish dancing after school in the gym, so I'd better get going."

Kisara, who preferred to go by Kiki, was an Irish dancer who was currently visiting Japan and was a victim of Yami Bakura's evil plot and ended up missing her big performance. Now, however, she was doing different things all over Domino with her group of dancers.

Yugi smiled at Tea, happy for her. Tea jumped on any opportunity to learn more about dancing, and Yugi knew this was a big thing for her.

"Okay, no problem," Yugi told her with a smile. "Have fun!"

Tea smiled at Yugi as she ran off down the street.

"See you, Yugi!" she called, waving.

Yugi waved back until Tea was out of sight, then, shivering, he walked happily into the warmth of his house.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, across town, Seto Kaiba was busy at work on his latest project at Kaiba Corporation's main building. Up on the top floor, he was typing away, perfecting the codes and every once in a while, checking his e-mail.

His train of thoughts on his game, however, were interrupted as Mokuba, his younger brother, came running into the room, his cheeks pink from the wind outside.

"Niisama!" he cried, grinning broadly as he took off his damp scarf. "It's snowing outside!"

Seto looked up from his work, and smiled quickly over at Mokuba before looking outside the window behind him for himself. It was true, he thought as he watched the little white flakes of snow falling toward the city of Domino below. It was snowing.

"You're right," Seto said, turning around and facing his eager little brother again. "It is."

Mokuba grinned excitedly.

"Maybe it'll be a really big snowfall!" he exclaimed, thinking dreamily of the ground all covered in white, powdery snow. "Then I can make a snowman and stuff!"

Seto nodded, glad Mokuba was so enthusiastic about the snow. To Seto, however, snow had lost it's great appeal since it made getting around outside difficult, and it meant snow boots and jackets and things that he'd rather not be bothered with.

Still, Seto thought to himself, it's still nice to look at, I suppose.

"Maybe by tomorrow you'll have your wish, Mokuba," Seto commented, watching the snowfall increase. "It's really starting to come down out there."

Mokuba's grin widened.

"You think so?" he asked as Priest Seto floated through the walls and into the office, looking rather surprised.

"I hate to sound ridiculous, but what IS all that white stuff falling from the sky outside?" he asked, looking confused.

Mokuba started laughing.

"The snow?" he asked, still giggling.

Priest Seto looked embarrassed.

"If that is what you call it," he replied, still confused. "But what IS it?"

Seto sighed, smirking.

"It's like frozen rain," he explained, saving his work on the computer screen. "It piles up on the ground like powder if enough falls, and then people like Mokuba can play in it."

Priest Seto blinked.

"Strange," he remarked, gazing out the window at the falling flakes. "I never saw any of this snow during my life..."

Mokuba rolled his eyes with a smile.

"That's because you lived in Egypt," he reminded him. "It doesn't snow in Egypt; it's not cold enough there to snow."

Priest Seto nodded, still confused, but pretending he understood.

"I...see..." he replied, casting one more glance out the window.

Seto sighed, looking at his watch.

"I've got about another hour's worth of work to do, Mokuba," he explained to his younger brother. "Do you want to call the house and ask for someone to come pick you up?"

Mokuba smiled and shook his head.

"No, that's okay," he replied happily. "I'll just hang out around here with the priest."

Seto shrugged.

"All right, but don't be too noisy, okay?" he reminded Mokuba as he started to walk toward the door, Priest Seto following. "People are still working."

Mokuba winked.

"No problem, niisama," he replied, walking out the door, the priest behind him. "See you in a little while!"

Seto nodded, returning to his work.

"All right," he relied as the door closed with a small snap.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, Amber and Duke were walking through the grocery store, Duke carrying a basket that Amber had already nearly filled to the brim with most of the essentials to the Thanksgiving meal.

"Um...let's see..." she murmured, scanning the contents of the basket. "We still need the most important thing!"

Duke tilted his head.

"The drinks?" he inquired, wondering what else they could need.

Amber giggled.

"No, not drinks," she replied rolling her eyes with a smile. "The turkey of course!"

Duke blinked.

"You need a turkey?" he asked, tilting his head to the side.

Amber looked at him like he was crazy.

"Of COURSE you need a turkey, Duke!" she exclaimed, looking down the frozen isle. "That's one of the most important things of the Thanksgiving meal, even though I really don't even LIKE turkey that much, it's essential to Thanksgiving."

Duke bit his lip as Amber searched through the frozen foods, trying to find a turkey.

"!" she murmured, inspecting the foods for a turkey, to no avail. "No turkey here at all!"

Duke looked uncomfortable.

"Well...could we do the Thanksgiving dinner WITHOUT a turkey?" he asked, smiling nervously.

Amber sighed, looking defeated.

"Okay...I guess if we got a decent replacement," she admitted, looking around, glaring at the fish. "But is fish all that's around here?"

Duke shrugged, still grinning uncomfortably.

"Everybody likes fish," he said optimistically, smiling.

Amber narrowed her eyes with a sigh.

"A Thanksgiving fish?" she said, uncertain.

Even the way that came out sounded ridiculous, she thought to herself. But there isn't anything else good here for a replacement. I guess I'm stuck with it...

"Well..." she began, Duke cutting her off, obviously trying to defend the fish.

"I'm sure that the Pilgrims went fishing too," he put in, smiling.

Amber smirked back, picking up a large fish and putting in the basket with all the other items.

"I guess it'll do," she admitted, walking toward the checkout line. "Come on! We've got a lot to do before tomorrow!"

Duke nodded, hurrying after her with the basket.

"I hear you!" he called with a laugh, hoping that their modified Thanksgiving wasn't going to turn into another disaster.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, Yugi sat down with a sigh in the chair beside the computer, and he jiggled the mouse to turn off the screensaver.

"I guess I'll check my e-mail..." he murmured to himself, double-clicking on the mail icon and opening his mailbox.

He scanned his mailbox quickly for anything of interest, and amidst the truckload of spam-mail, there was one letter that caught his eye. The subject was Winter Holiday, and the sender was

Yugi's eyes widened at the sender.

"Could it be...?" he murmured, double-clicking on the piece of mail and opening it up.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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