Title: Thanks to You

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Summary: Seth and Summer going through ... the motions.

Rating: PG-13

Classification: S/S, S/A, R/M

Genre: romance; angst

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Chapter 6: No Fun, No Fun At All

"Well Summer," Seth started "I ... I guess the deities decided to teach you a lesson." He waited for a giggle to come out of her, but her face only showed sadness. "No jokes. Got it."

Summer stood up and straightened her dress. She combed her hands through her hair and walked towards the door. She couldn't be around him much longer. "I should go. You have to get ready for your date with Anna and it was probably a bad idea, coming here."

Seth rubbed his head, wondering what he could possibly say to make her feel better. He looked at his watch, 4:45. He needed to get ready for his date. "Summer," he stepped closer to her, inhaling the air around the two of them, "I ... We... You and I ... We should talk when um, you know, neither one of us have any plans. We need to figure things out."

"Cohen, you need to figure things out. I think I've talked about this enough. You have fun on your date with Anna." She gave him a little wave before exiting out the door.


"Seth!" Anna giggled loud enough to disturb the surrounding tables. "Stop tickling me! Stop it!" She hit him on the arm hard enough to convince him to stop.

Seth frowned. "You are no fun. Not fun at all." He moved his chair further away from Anna and picked up his fork. "I'm kind of hungry. Let's eat."

The two ate in silence until Anna couldn't handle it anymore. "Seth, why aren't you talking? Is the little Jewish man in you concentrating on your food?"

"I'm actually concentrating on yours. Are you going to have that piece of chicken?" Seth took his fork and got hold of the chicken which went directly to his mouth. "Mmm, so good. No wonder we came here. I love this place. It is like ... the Hungry Jewish Man's Mecca."

Anna giggled, just as she did at everything Seth said that was meant to be remotely funny. For the rest of dinner they ate and talked about everything from 'Why aren't Smurfs yellow?' to 'The Shins are having a concert next month!'. Seth continued to dine off of Anna's plate who just laughed at everything Seth said and did. When they finished, Seth was far too full to do anything except head home.


"Seth, this movie is so boring! Can't we watch something like the Mighty Ducks?" Anna and Seth were sitting in the Cohen's t.v. room watching a Lifetime for Women movie about a woman whose daughter runs away to marry a man twice her age.

"Anna, I need to teach you how to appreciate quality. This, in front of us, my friend, is qua-lee-tee." Seth patted her on the head then threw a pillow at her.

"Seth! I am so going to get you back for that!" Anna threw the pillow right back at him which ensued a pillow fight. After ten minutes of pillow fighting, the two of them grew tired and settled down. As they were catching their breath, Seth's cell phone rang.


"Cohen? It's me, Summer"

"Oh hey, what's up?"

"Nothing. Just watching this movie on Lifetime. Has Anna gone home yet?"

"Nope. Soon though."

"Soon what?"

"Soon, bye-bye to her, soon."

"Why are you talking in codes? Does she not know it's me on the phone? ... Ohhh"

"Yeah. I'll call you later, okay Aunt Hailey?"

Summer laughed. "Good night, Cohen."

"What did your Aunt Hailey want?" Anna asked.

"Oh you know... she likes to check up on my mom every now and then. Their sisterly bond is so strong they can't go for hours without knowing how the other is doing. It's kind of like Batman and Robin except they're not brothers ... and my mom and Aunt Hailey don't wear spandex tights. ... So this movie is going to be over soon, what do you say we call it a night?"

Anna looked perplexed, it was only ten o'clock and Seth wanted to end the night. "Don't you want to cuddle? Or ... you know ... discuss Antarctica's politics?"

"You know, I heard Antartica was going to become a monarchy of king penguins. That isn't so interesting." He gave her a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the head and waited for her to stand up and gather her things.

Anna slowly got up and put on her jacket. "Well, I ... I guess I'll call you when I get home?"

"Oh, you don't need to do that. I'm really tired so I'll probably go to bed after you leave. I need my sleep. It just hasn't been the same ever since my humidifier broke." Seth walked Anna to the door and gave her a hug. "Good night. Tonight was ... fun. We'll have to do it again some other time."

Anna nodded, "Yeah. Definitely. Good night, Seth." And with a kiss on his lips, she left.


When Seth finished preparing himself for bed, he called Summer.


"Hey Sum, it's me."

"Hey. How was the date?"

"Same as always. So I was thinking, we should get together tomorrow. Talk. About us –not my date with Anna."

"Hah, yeah. You can come over around one."

"Sounds good. Good night my ... Good night Summer."

- - - - -

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