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A Snipers Magic Bullet

~Chapter One: The Fire Wolves~

            "Watch her, men; she is the best I've seen.  Maybe besides Domon Kasshu, or Schwarz Bruder.  But she is good." A dark mysterious man said, while watching a video of a Gundam fighter, a female gundam fight.  That Gundam Fighter was Cloy O'Conall.

            "But what about her sir?"  A man, obviously under the command of the man before him, asked.

            "Well, you know how we've been killing the Gundam fighters that have the best chance to make it to the Battle Royal, right?"  The mysterious man asked.

            "Yes sir, I remember."

            "Well, she is one, out of seven fighters that have the best chance out of all to get there.  And the others are two I have already mentioned: Domon Kasshu and Schwarz Bruder. And then there are four more:  Argo Gulskii, Sai Saici, George De Sand, and last but not least Chibodee Crocket." He said with a slight chuckle "The first of whom I want to see to their death, is this woman: Cloy O'Conall.  I hear she is to be spending some training time with Schwarz Bruder in Neo-England."

            "But Sir, shouldn't we try killing two birds with one stone so to speak?"  Another man asked.

            "Because I only want her to die now.  I hear tell that Schwarz Bruder has this little crush on her.  So if we make him watch her die in front of him, like we made another female friend of his did, it will break him.  Make him easer to kill.  He will be practically begging us to shoot him."  The man replied, "He will be the next to go after her.  Followed by the rest." He laughed manically.

*** (Neo-England)

            "Come on Cloy! You can do better then that!" Schwarz shouted as he dodged Cloy's attacks. "You can't even hit me.  Come on, what are you waiting for, hit me!" 

            "I haven't even shown you my new attack. You'll love it."  Cloy shouted back as she stopped in mid-jump and dropped on the ground.  She turned and ran the other way to get some distance.

            "WHAT IS THIS?! TURNING TAIL?!"  Schwarz shouted to her.

            "Of course not!" she yelled back as she stopped and skidded to a halt while turning back to face him.  She clicked her feet together tightly, and formed a line with her hands in front of her and closed her eyes and began to meditate, as Schwarz thought it was. 

            To see if she was thinking about being attacked when creating this attack, he went to attack her at her most venerable spot: at her side.  But once Schwarz's sword came in contact with her side, it was literally blown away.  It landed on the ground some yards away and Schwarz, then for the first time, saw the ora around her. 

First it was white, then Blue, and then ended in red.  She shot her arms out to either side and around her formed a circle at which he thought was another ora, but turned out to be a small ring of fire.  Then it blew up to a large ring of fire.  She opened her eyes to look at him and when she did her eyes were fiery red.

She smiled and said "This is my new attack: Flaming Wolf Pack."  Then, out of the ring of fire, fire wolves were formed.  They looked fierce and vicious, ready to attack.  But what Schwarz thought was one volley became three. 

            The left side wolves attacked him first, followed by the right side.  When he was weakened, Cloy attacked with her Fire-Wolf Slash, her ultimate attack.  Schwarz bore the brunt of the attack before passing out.

            He began to fall, but when expected to hit the ground.  He hit something soft.  He looked up to see he was in Cloy's lap.  He smiled weakly, but she felt his head and felt nothing but fire.  She quickly started unbuttoning his trench coat in attempt to cool him, and at that moment she knew that she had gone overboard on the attack.  It was her new finishing move and she had just finished Schwarz. 

            Before Schwarz blacked out Cloy said "I'm sorry Schwarz, I shouldn't have attacked so hard, I should have turned the force down a little."

            He said "Don't worry about it, you did just as I expected you to do, you are becoming very powerful.  And that makes me happy.  Please don't be sorry, you did just… fine…" he then closed his eyes in her lap, this concerned Cloy, but she knew he'd need much rest to recover from that attack.

            She quickly called her crew and got them to get Schwarz up on a stretcher and into the hangar they had been sharing during their few months of training.  They got him up to the bed they shared, since there was only one, and Cloy quickly started to care for him.  She thanked god that instead of aiming for his head on the very last attack, she had aimed for his chest.  She quickly stripped him of his trench coat and shirt to check for any burn marks, and was rewarded with a bare, fairly hairless chest, with a burn of a shape of a hand.  Just how she had attacked him. 

            She sighed, and secretly kicked herself for attacking with such force.  Not only was there a burn mark on his clothes, but also on him.  She got out her med-kit that she kept around, and began to treat the burn.  Only ten minuets she finished treating the burn and loosely bandaged it.  She put a blanket around him and kept him warm all night.  For that was when she hoped the fever would break.

            She smiled at how peacefully he was sleeping, and gently stroked his head as she sat and waited to see if he would wake before night came.  She saw how deep of a sleep he was in and knew he wouldn't wake soon enough to be ready for dinner, so she decided that it would be better for him to take his meals in bed for a day or so. 

            She knew she wouldn't mind it, but didn't know how Schwarz would take it.  She knew that he had to rest, she knew that he would take his meals in bed, she knew that he had to stay in bed, but did he know and would he accept it.

            She knew Josh, one of her three crew members, was a wonderful cook and would prepare a tray of food for Schwarz, but would he take it and stay in bed and eat she wondered.  Cloy sighed and knew she had gotten herself in this so she took responsibility over making sure Schwarz was comfortable. 

            Thinking of this all at once took her mind of Schwarz for the moment, and in that moment, he awoke and saw her at his side.  He smiled weakly and tried setting up.  Cloy heard him grunt in pain and turned to see him attempting to get up.  She put her palms against his chest and pushed saying "Schwarz, you shouldn't try getting up yet.  You're still not strong enough yet."

            "I don't care, there are things to do, and we still need to train."  Schwarz protested, in vain mostly.

            "I don't care either, you're wounded and it would do no good to be out wearing yourself out."  She said, this time in her English accent.  Schwarz had noticed over time that if you get her angry or frustrated or anything, she converted to her English accent.

            "You ar' lucky that we got you 'ome."  She said, in a very thick accent. 

            "And if we don't train, we can just kiss the Battle Royal goodbye."  He said, in a slight German accent.

            "And, if you don't rest, you won't even be able to battle."  Cloy countered.

            Josh, Jimmy and Thurman heard the heated conversation just outside the door, "Boy, he's got her using the accent, he must have her angry."  Josh commented.

            "Yeah, and it's the thick accent too.  That's bad."  Jimmy added.

            "Josh, we shouldn't even be here, you should be putting the finishing touches on the dinner you made Schwarz and Cloy." Thurman interrupted.

            Josh nodded and left, followed by Jimmy who decided to help.

            "I can't get better if I don't train."  Schwarz argued.

            "And if you don't rest, you won't get any better.  Either you rest, or I'll chain you to the bed."  Cloy countered, and won.  Once she had calmed down, she went back to her normal accent from her English accent.  "Now, if you are hungry, I have Josh working on some food for us both." 

            He sighed and nodded,   and sat back against the headboard and asked "Why are you so stubborn?"

            "Why are you?" she countered. "If you don't rest, you won't get better.  If you go to train, you'll just get worse."  She simply stated.

            He sighed as he sat back and crossed his arms.  "Why do women win in arguments?" he asked himself as he pouted.  He ignored her moving around. 

            It was only a few moments latter did he notice her carrying a tray over to him, a tray of food.  "Dinner is ready Schwarz."  She said as she sat the try in his lap.

            "I'm not eating my meals in bed like a lazy bum."  He looked up at her defiantly.

            "I don't care if I have to use a funnel and force feed you.  You're eating in bed."  She said, looking back just as defiantly. 

            He sighed as he lifted the domes off the tray, and began to eat.  "'Bout time" she thought as she went to get him some broth to help with his ribs and some juice to drink.  While she was gone, Schwarz got the bright idea of escaping and training.  He headed over to the window slowly and quietly.  When all of a sudden a rope was thrown over his torso and he fell to the ground with a hard thud. 

            He looked up and saw Cloy holding the end of the rope and she pulled him over to the bed and said "get up again, and I'll tie ya' down, clear?"

            "Crystal." He replied and put the tray back in his lap and started eating again.  She sat the broth and juice next to his stuff and left him to eat, confident that he wouldn't try to escape again.


Ok, I decided to write this story before I continue with the little Trilogy I have going for Kyoji and Cloy.  This happens back while Schwarz and Cloy were training.  I hope you like it and all.  This is just the first chapter.  I'll get the next one up soon.  The next chapter will be like three days after this. Ok R+R and tell me how you like it.