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A Snipers Magic Bullet

~Chapter Ten: The End~

            "How is the plan going Jeremy?"  Jake asked, looking at the monitors that had one shuffle member on each facing different problems.

            "Swiftly sir.  He should have her killed soon."  Jeremy replied.

            "Good." Jake commented as he looked at the particular screen that had Domon Kasshu.  "Domon Kasshu is a feisty one.  Remind me to up the force against him."

            "JAKE! WHAT IN GOD'S NAME ARE YOU DOING?"  He heard a demon yell.  He turned around and saw Dakota coming up in a furry.

            "Getting ready to kill the shuffles. What else."  He replied.

            "Oh is that so." Dakota replied with a smirk. "Well, first of all, you should know that the only one that is going to kill the breed is me."  Dakota got out a saber from his belt and brandished it. "Besides.  Killing the shuffles wouldn't do any good if you don't have a fighter." 

            Jake looked behind Dakota and saw his fighter fall limp on the floor.  "WHY YOU BAS…" Jake was cut short by Dakotas Sword slashing his stomach and impaling him to the hilt.   "Why?"  Was all he asked and fell dead.

            "Because like I said, the only one that will kill the breed is me."  Dakota answered then whipped his sword clean of the blood, sheathed it, and walked away.  No one else in the room dared breath until Dakota left.


            "What ever you do, don't move."  Schwarz whispered to Cloy as he held her tightly in his arms.

            "What why?"  Cloy whispered back as she tried to look over her shoulder.

            "NO don't move."  He loudly whispered to her ear so the man in the window couldn't hear.

            This frightened her but she did as she was told and laid still.  Schwarz kept his eyes on the man and saw him starting to squeeze the trigger.  He quickly moved over so that he was in the way of his line of sight to Cloy.  But it was too late, he squeezed the trigger and Schwarz was hit in the back. 

            He yelled in pain, but recovered quickly and protected Cloy.  The marksmen was quick to leave but then Schwarz heard the familiar sound of a sword slicing flesh and bone and heard a death cry and then silence. 

            Schwarz quickly decided to get up but Cloy was quick to grab him and say "No, your hurt. Wait…" but her plea was cut short because Schwarz just got up and went to the window where he was pulled out by what Cloy knew to be Dakota. 

            "Schwarz!"  She yelled out the window, but he grabbed her as well.  Soon, she found herself hanging by her wrists on a tree.  "oh I hope Schwarz is ok, please let him be ok."  She said to herself before passing out from the pain in her wrists.

            Schwarz awoke to find himself tied to a tree.  Not hanging, but tied to it like an anchor.   His head dizzied and his vision blurred but he was finally able to focus on one thing.  A figure standing before him. 

            But the figure proved to be a foe, for he was slapped in the mouth twice.  His vision reeled for a moment, but then he focused to see the face of Dakota right in his line of sight.

            "Scum, to think you thought you could protect the breed."  Dakota spat in his face.  "Unlike Jake, I will have the last laugh."

            "Jake, who is Jake?"  Schwarz asked, breathing heavily.

            "The man who was set out to kill you and Cloy.  But he is dead now.  I killed him to be sure he wouldn't kill her before I could have the pleasure."  Dakota replied, taking one step back.

            "Speaking of her. Where is she?"  Schwarz asked "Where is she! TELL ME NOW!" 

            All Dakota did was laugh. "Filthy human. Do you think you can save her now?"  He asked.

            "TELL ME WHERE SHE IS!"  Schwarz yelled though gritted teeth.

            "Dieing, right now in agony."  Dakota replied. "In agony and pain, without you."

            Schwarz searched for her far and wide, when he finally found her hanging from a tree by her wrists.  Her wrists were bleeding, and so were her ankles making her bleed out.  "No, my love, hang on for me."  He whispered to her. 

            Cloy looked up and it was like Schwarz was right there with her.  She smiled weakly saying "I will for you my love." 

            Schwarz smiled gently and kept an eye on her.  Mean while, he focused his attention on the problem at hand, Dakota.  Some wolves came by and he saw one that had icy blue eyes, just like Cloy's, and that one bit his ropes.  The other kept Dakota occupied. 

            Schwarz grabbed Dakotas's sword, and before Dakota knew it, Schwarz had impaled him with it.  "So you win Human.  I hope you are… happy with… the bread…."  And Dakota fell over, dead from the sword wound. 

            Schwarz, with the help of the wolves, followed a blood trail that led to Cloy.  He quickly cut her down and carried her home. 

            "Oh Schwarz. I love you."  She whispered in his ear and closed her eyes.

            Schwarz smiled and said "I love you, too."  That, he decided, was the best three words he had ever heard her murmur. 


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