(I don't own any of these characters except for Kylina who I made up towards the end. The others all belong to Marvel and I just borrowed them for the time being. You know the rest so enjoy the story and stop thinking about how this could never be true. I made it true, so ha!)

He glared at them defiantly, as bruised and bloody as he was, there was no way he would surrender without a fight. He was Gambit and he'd never backed down from a challenge or resisted a call of danger. He wasn't hurt too badly considering the number of attackers that they faced. A muscle throbbed painfully in his shoulder, a large gash rent through the leg of his pants into his lower leg, and a few bruises were scattered around his ribs and face was all.

He couldn't blame Jean-Luc and Henri for leaving him. That was one of the rules in their guild. Watch out for its members, put your life under the guild masters, reveal nothing on point of death or risk banishment from everyone in the guild. No excuses and no sob story. They had been able to get away, he had not.

Both Gambit and Henri had the obligation of protecting Jean Luc, not that he really needed it, but he was the Guild Master. Now he had to find a way out of this horrendous predicament. The use of his bo-staff, the weapon he was famous for was no longer an option. Jean-Luc had been in danger, so putting himself at risk Gambit threw the staff to Jean and evened out the odds considerably.

He fell into a crouch and examined the last ten men through long dark lashes. His unusually colored eyes, bright red pupils surrounded by black glowed brighter than usual. These men meant business, evident by their electricity-charged weapons. Just one touch would leave him temporarily powerless and vulnerable to their attack. That he could not allow to happen.

Gambit faced the closest of them with calm determination. He left no room in his mind for 'what ifs' or doubt. A sandy-haired man named Nick closed in, followed by the others. Gambit allowed them to get within an inch of him before he leaped into a back flip and landed behind them. Before they fully realized what had happened, he pushed the nearest into another's weapon. The man flinched once from the electric wave that pulsed through him before he went still. The next guard foolishly tried to tackle him.

Gambit moved lithely out of the way, then with a solid punch he sent the man colliding into his partner. Their heads clashed together and both slumped to the ground unconscious. There were only seven left now. He high- kicked and broke one's neck, while stealthily creeping up behind another and dislocated the shoulder. The pain made the man pass out leaving Gambit to worry only about five.

The rest all stood together and he smiled. He couldn't resist the temptation. They'd ambushed him for some unknown reason, now they would pay. Gambit reached into his long brown trench coat to the stack of cards he knew were there. He pulled out the Ace of Spades, this was his card.

The card of great tragedy and death, none had ever seen it and lived to walk away. He had their attention now, as they wondered what he was doing. Gambit allowed his power to light the card, illuminating it in a hellish red flame. Most of them looked downright afraid, only a couple managed to keep a straight face. He tossed the card into the air before he could change his mind, and watched it land face-up next to a bewildered looking man. A full blast later and none were left standing.

He was unable to detect the leader sneak up behind him and place the weapon near his temple. Pain consumed him, and no matter how hard he battled against it, black oblivion consumed him. The last thing he saw was dark clouds moving over the otherwise radiant sun.