DBZ doesn't belong to me— or Vegita would have stayed a butt-kicking villain, beaten Goku, and married Bulma.

This is my first fanfic for Dragonball Z. It's a poem about what it feels like to transform into a Super-sayan. It will work with any of the 4 characters, but its probably best from Vegita or Gohan's POV.

And if you like a soundtracks to listen to while you read, I suggest the song "Push It" by Garbage, turned up very very loud.

~ Rashaka


My eyes bleed and my fingers open
The heat surrounds me
And I can't blink the pain away
My head my heart
The fire's coming
All around me now
Breathe it live it make it burn
The hate the heat its all the same
There's no such thing as cold anger
Not here not now not ever
The world is gold and red
And everything belongs to me
I am the fire
I am the heat
I am the light
I am the truth
And here and now nothing else matters
I'll take the fire and make the world burn