I don't usually write HP fanfic. After reading several authors I'm a little scared because of the talent I've seen. I will say now that I'm a SS/HG shipper all the way.Just to make that clear now.Hope you enjoy!

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Chapter one.

Hermione was having a bad day. Not just a bad day, this was much, much worse. It started with Peeves throwing a water balloon at her and soaking her head to toe after leaving the great hall after breakfast. After rushing to change clothes, she was running down the stairs to transfigurations when Draco Malfoy charmed all her books to go flying. After she used a summoning spell to return her books to her bag she entered class 10 minutes late. Then she realized she had lost her homework assignment. By the smirk on Malfoys face he had stolen it during her rush to regain her property.

To make things worse, Harry and Ron were arguing all during lunch and by the time the plates cleared themselves, weren't speaking. Hermione, not being able to deal with their issues, walked slowly to Advanced Potions with Neville who kept shooting her worried looks after she hollered at a group of first years for giggling too loudly. Neville and Hermione had become closer friends after the last fight with Voldemort. When Hermione was injured it had been Neville that showed up everyday in the hospital wing and practically had to be thrown out by Madam Pomfrey. With Harry grieving over losing Sirius, and Ron trying to help him, it left Hermione and Neville with a lot of bonding time. Neville had surprisingly done well enough on his O.W.L.S to get into Advanced Potions. When asked why he would want to be near Snape who terrified him, he confided to Hermione that he wanted to find a way to restore his parents minds someday and the only way would be through potions.

After entering the Potions classroom. Hermione and Neville sat together and waited for the entrance of Professor Snape. He swept in, cloak billowing, a few seconds later. Hermione whispered to Neville that she could swear he charmed his clothes to do that. She was rewarded by a smile from Neville. Neville smiling in a Potions class was so rare that Snape even stopped and watched the two silently for a moment. In a soft voice laced with cruelty Snape informed the class

"Today we will be making a potion for increasing the bodies responses that can be used to revive unconscious, or comatose, victims. Well some of us will, others will undoubtedly blunder and strive to receive the lowest grade possible"

He smiled nastily at Neville and the rest of the Griffindors. With am impatient wave of his wand the directions appeared on the blackboard and the class began to prepare their potion. It was a difficult one. Snape didn't help as he was prowling the aisle and breathing down everyone necks. When he came up on Hermione's and Neville's he sneered at Neville who was trying to add enough wormwood to make his turn from sickening green to the light pink it was supposed to be. Hermione, still fed up with her day, turned a challenging glance to the Potions Master. Snape, annoyed at her lack of visible nervousness started to make a sneering comment to her when a loud bang issued from Neville's cauldron. The potion started spraying Hermione covering her in the stuff.

"Perfect." Hermione sighed to herself. "Just perfect"

"Idiot boy!" Snape yelled "It clearly says to NOT add the Mandrake until AFTER the potion cools"

Hermione, covered in the goo, yelled back at him

"Leave him alone! Instead of intimidating him why didn't you try to help him"

The rest of the class was coughing as green smoke started to fill the room.

"OUT!" Snape yelled "get out and go to the hospital wing NOW"

Hermione lost in the fog and realizing she couldn't see the exit started to panic as a strange feeling started to pulse through her body. Snape, seeing her dilemma, pulled her out of the classroom and into a safety closet where she collapsed, gasping and coughing.

"Well Miss Granger, would you like to repeat your statement now?" Snape purred at her.

Hermione didn't hear him, she was staring at the floor and struggling to sit up.

"Miss Granger?" Snape asked with a touch of concern.

Hermione heard him this time over the pounding of her heart. She looked up into his eyes and was hit with a wave of heat that spread all through her body and made her moan. Her hands traveled up to his face and she softly ran her fingers over his lips and cheekbones. The look on his face was one that Hermione swore to remember for the rest of her life. She had never seen such a look of shock on his face and she almost giggled until she felt another wave of heat just from the contact with his skin.

"Miss Granger what is wrong with you?" Snape asked worriedly. He knew the little know-it-all would never dare touch him and he was worried at the glazed look in her eyes.

"I don't know" she said in a breathy voice "I'm not hurt I don't think, but these robes are itching me and I'm..."

When she stopped talking he prompted her

"Your what, Miss Granger"

"Hot" she whispered.

Severus's mind was racing to put together what Neville's potion could have possibly done to Hermione to make this reaction in her when he was suddenly assaulted by her lips on his, and in his surprise, her tongue entered his mouth and tasted him. For a moment he went along, caught up in long supressed lustful feelings untill his mind started screaming

"She's a student! And a Griffindor at that! What are you doing"

With a gasp he pulled away from her kiss. Hermione let out a moan of disappointment.

"Miss Granger, you are suffering from some sort of lust induced effects from Neville's potion."

She just stared at him and licked her lips before pulling her robes, covered in the goo, off her body and throwing them away from her.

"So what?" she asked him trying to stand but failing as her body was throbbing with need.

"So I have to find a way to reverse the effects quickly" Professor Snape said with as much dignity as possible while not looking at her newly revealed body.

"Fine" Hermione said irritably "Wander out into the fog of it and do that. I'm sure it will work wonders"

"Need I remind you MISS Granger, who is the authority figure here?" Snape replied cuttingly.

Hermione didn't answer. She gasped and fell prone to her back as the feeling kept getting stronger. She was crying with need and practically screaming her frustration until Severus began to run his hands over her exposed limbs. A soft sound, almost like a purr, issued out of her. Severus realized the only way to keep her calm was to satisfy her needs for contact.

"I'm going to kill Longbottom" Snape whispered